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October 27 [Sat], 2012, 16:16
Liu Yaoben mumbled station in Yongning County gates upstairs ,looking down at a branch into the city from outside the grain car team ,hung up towards the East look .This time the police came ,Xiao Tianjian once again let his teachings camp placed behind ,responsible for guarding the Yongning County ,is also responsible for some of the city had been broken in the village of fort of food transported back to Yongning County reserve ,for this arrangement ,Liu Yao complained .
Battalion commander. Do not know the general rate of man played with us how to hear this ,but progenitor wide closing peaceful army ,you say the general can not beat them ? One of Liu Yaoben whispered to Liu Yaoben asked .
Liu Yao the don younger ,but taught in the camps has been his hands ,the young officers were convinced he was ,so there is some to the authority ,after listening to his question, he stared scolds: asshole !General when we lost a battle ?Is the progenitor wide Guan Ning army ?With our general, still have also been hits hard !Without the word of faith ,are you still here ?Just off this penalty was uniform ,to get a piece of land for farming down ! This is called men will also not take it seriously ,repeatedly nodded: the battalion commander is scolded ,its just heard this progenitor wide Guan Ningjun in Henan to deal with the various rebel ,from one defeat them ,nor good crop, so somewhat worried about it ,but not to US generals have no confidence !Just a little feel pity, this time we had been left in charge of the posterior approach, when will we teach general camp on the front, with several other war camp.
The use ah ! Liu Yao turned up her eyes ,the cold scolded : the general said ,in our time ,naturally with us !The police this strikes, we have to extract the main challenges to the East ,now Yongning County there are many places not captured ,the general also had to be careful with these forces took the opportunity to attack ,we must hold for general posterior ,cannot let the county is a problem, you have less to do with me here later ,do we do ,don give the general trouble on the line !The fight did not know how long ,want to be transported toward the front ,you are up ,give me to go on patrol ,who where if a problem ,don blame me for your welcome, if the loss of words ,not to mention you ,even I have to be myself tied myself, to be general ! Several of his men young officers listen ,do not say anything ,immediately after the order ,each under the city to inspect up at the gates ,each team in turn food back team ,they have a check ,just in the city, so the city gate ,also squeeze many of the grain car and porters .
Because I heard that the police to come, who just hold God refugees once again began to be on tenterhooks up ,they managed to get here ,didn hope ,the police would kill over,Canada Goose Trillium Parka, this world is not a place to let them go ?Some people fear of punishment was to stop such ,want to leave here, continue in other places of refuge ,but was reluctant to Yong Ning County outside of the soup kitchen ,and possible future access to land, so these refugees with restless mood ,collected in Yong Ning county .
These converge to refugees ,as in the past of my army has been given considerable care ,while someone outside the city built the shed to the refugees porridge soup kitchens ,so they can in such a cold winter and hot food to eat ,live ,while also organizing these refugees outside the city to build a temporary hut shelters, strive to save more refugees, lest they outside the city night is alive .
So in my army captured Yongning County after ,a large number of refugees are beginning to converge in the county outside, to accept the punishment was relief ,outside the city formed a large camps ,seem a bit messy .
While Liu Yaoben was in town ,the responsibility on the shoulders are not trivial ,recently received large quantities of food and goods ,are now in the store ,there is a moment when the words ,then the sentence was the next step ,is disastrous consequences ,may directly destroy to Xing Tianjun the next step in Henan action .
So although it is not willing to accept the task ,but Liu Yaoben was aware of the burden on his shoulder ,Canada Goose Parka Cheap,but also not so careless point ,personally at the gates at the tour ,arrange force rotating ,to prevent accidents .
This time a team from the county line to the West slowly ,looking towards the city with other country team is no difference ,just look these follow the fleet turn more robust point it, some people is low head ,hide the scars ,so slow, near to Yongning County Simon ,and had been waiting here on some of the fleet in turn mixed together .
And no one pays too much attention to their team transport team ,and even some people also active with these newcomers to chat up ,and these people are smiling, along with the other who is my army to induct turn laughing and talking together ,slowly towards the gate office brought together .
A squad in the gate outside interrogation punishment Army soldiers to see a man up towards them near here, one of the young army officer was keenly felt by the people movement seems to be not normal, so he put out his hand to the man exclaimed : you !You the man ,don stay in your car waiting for inspection ,came to do? Walk to !What are you back ?To let me have a look ! That are trying to close to the gates of man face stiff ,but quickly forced a smile bow replied: hero ,I was curious ,not previously heard of your punishment was the name ,to see your power and prestige !My back is a bedroll ,you know ,now very cold ,come all this way to wrap up ,evening ,or else too cold ! The speech, he slowly came to the small officer before, face a face of human and animal sound .
But the young decurion didn let him, still insisted : no matter what ,open and let me have a look !There are so called blanket roll ? He was going to pull the man behind this roll .
But just at this time ,the stocky man suddenly from behind this volume rag taking a bright sword ,not to be the young decurion react, and knives after his neck ,Michael Kors Kingsbury Tote Sale.The young decurion although aware, but action without him quickly, only to feel neck pain ,the man want to smoke again ,but a bloody arrow from his neck immediately jetted out ,his hand over his neck wound ,want to shout the enemy attack ,but his trachea was already is that guy a knife cutting ,can only send ha ha of air leakage ,body shake is dropped onto the ground .
But the man of action or on the surrounding is checking into the city vehicle punishment military soldier even when somebody exclamations up : the enemy attack !... ... Some soldiers with even drawing knife and gun towards the boom and wounding the man rush past ,while at the same time in the nearby and there are dozens of men are suddenly from the body or grain car out of the club ,in a face scar man lead straight at the gates .
While the face scar men holding a shield in one hand holding a knife ,big growl : no pass !To kill !Seize the gate ,Kiwa Ko supply was killed here !Inside the city of silver is, twat is endless !The brothers make force ,towards the inside ! But as his dozens of men ,apparently are handpicked his generation ,heard the roar ,also scream up ,a waving arms, no matter who is in front of them ,is a sword cut over ,rushing toward the gate rush to .
Come unexpectedly changes that is fired into the city gates wait for many of the present are shocked ,God to us immediately cry heart out of the scattered up ,more people want to flee into the city seeking asylum in a suspension bridge ,one not careful, he pushed on protective moat ,issued a call and the screaming sound .
Responsible for guarding the west is to teach camp four ,now responsible for rotating only two less than 100 number ,part of which are dispersed in the wall above, responsible for monitoring the situation outside the city ,in front of only two teams ,with the dozens of large Chinese Jump City ,come unexpectedly changes made they are a bit was shocked, slightly between God ,the dozens of Han flew at the gates ,at that time the city gate is responsible for inspection of vehicle soldiers have to react ,hurried towards the Shing Mun together ,want to stop these people from the door .
But the dozens of Han are some desperado ,although no armor ,but action is quite flexible, kill method is also very hard, in their impact, this is less than twenty individuals in the two group headquarters of the punishment ,not their opponents ,for a moment ,then they killed more than casual ,the individual was soon they cut down ,down in a pool of blood .
City on the pawn at this time to react ,sent a exclamation sound ,they had no thought of people dressed as country in turn ,to the gates ,so in the city on a team will immediately commanded his small firelock hand they quickly loaded ejection kill these fiends .
Because there is no preparation, firelock hand loading also need time ,and the penalty was also not column mounted archers ,was in such an emergency ,showing my arms gun has disadvantages ,so a delay time ,the Han and whirlwind general looting on the suspension bridge ,one will squeeze in bridge on the turn off turn on turn off ,trying to bridge, into the gate hole .
This time gates within a team will also realized the bad event ,immediately gave a loud roar ,side to send down quickly inform their company commander was over reinforcement ,while focused on the gate brother ,immediately in cave junction array to hold the gate into the gates of maniac .
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