E-sports: capital chasing new industry

July 06 [Wed], 2016, 17:31

Recently, the music video sports Athletics (hereinafter "esports") industry plan release and music video sports WCA (World Cyber Arena, the world e-sports competition) S shape membrane keyboard with decorated numeric zone strategic partnership ceremony held in Beijing, competing once again a capital hotspot.

2014 by Ningxia's yinchuan City Government for hosting the WCA event, fill the more influential in the world of esports WCG competition upon closure of the gap in the market. Depending on the layout before and after competing, Tencent, NetEase, perfect, Blizzard bosses also have put race on the agenda, attract capital chasing seems to have become a big business.

WCA after two years of development, will be what look like? Which of the competing domestic industry came to the step? Its development and future prospects and how? San Diego reporter interviewed the WCA operator – yinchuan international investment limited, Li Yanfei, Deputy.

Yinchuan, relying on the WCA building "competing"

From 2014, the WCA has undergone two years of baptism, in its drive, yinchuan industry cluster effect in the industry, and "competing" has become a new city of yinchuan.

Li Yanfei, the "WCA2016" the total prize money amounted to 200 million Yuan for the year, far exceeding the domestic competitions. Meanwhile, Government of yinchuan to WCA won the gold of CCTV's advertising. Yinchuan as permanent host of the WCA world finals, the WCA provides more than 8000 square meters of special event venues, in addition to the esports Hall of Fame, Museum and other venues under construction, the WCA will be developed into a global great power competition provides a solid foundation.

According to reports, the career game was the most-watched in the WCA event and look forward to. In addition, the WCA has established open, College games, continued throughout the Internet game, as well as national events such as the Carnival, and in this way to allow competition and quickly spread to the masses. Through years of accumulation of events, WCA appear offline to online, professional people, domestic to international developments.

Facing ever more popular users, online is a good platform and channels. Therefore, the WCA this year developed online games, also started online training program. "Our WCA events dimension is fully expanded, from domestic competitions take root gradually to expand overseas. "Li Yanfei. In addition, this year not only for the global professional player career game, more College-oriented young audiences and popular college tournament of the amateur players and the China open, fully meet the needs of players at different levels, competing charm to the masses.

In the most closely watched career stage, game mode for the year "+ 3 season 1 finals", 182-day professionally, 72-day races, live up to 284 days, forming a rich content of stable and high quality events camps. According to Li Yanfei introduced, as of now, previous WCA events adopted 30 live platform of cooperation reached 280 million visits to watch. This has become a huge event market.

Race about how long he could hold, influencing how big determining factor is behind the capital's strength. It is reported that with the growing influence of WCA, yinchuan, relying on the gaming industry to create the "esports" prototype has been creeping in. In 2014, the WCA, financial investment of 60 million Yuan, has been an instant hit, 2015 WCA events further expansion, the bonuses will only directly over 4 times times, reaching 100 million Yuan. Last year, then completed a series of capital operation in yinchuan city, which contains the CIC (yinchuan) gaming industry 1 billion merger Fund registration. Yinchuan will fund capital works, such as the introduction of game giant, surrounding the WCA development of gaming industry, with a view to address the problem of soil lacking in game industry in yinchuan.

So far, yinchuan to create "esports" industry, venture capital, training and funding for new media services such as multiple capital guarantee.

Electro-industrial ecological system

While competing consumer-end part of the game industry, but in 2015 competing users in China had reached 124 million total of 26.91 billion yuan. Outbreak of the development trend of the industry as a whole, and to gradually shape the race as the Center, content licensing, production, production, distribution and raw materials industry structure, while creating software development, technical support, events, performing arts, live platform, such as format, for the certain economic, cultural pulling power.

Li Yanfei said that in recent years, more and more attention to the development of cultural sports industry, has issued a series of support policies and culture become the embodiment of urban comprehensive competitiveness of sports industry. In 2011, the State General Administration of sport will change the batch number for the 78th formal sport competition. In 2012, competing to be nominated the 2020 Olympic Games events, including Warcraft, dota, DOTA2, lol, CS, Star Trek and other series of esports, games, saw the prospect of industrialization.

Contemporary electro biosphere is there something missing? Li Yanfei think esports now has no shortage of heat, interest and capital, is the industry norm, specialization, talent shortages. So, in the ecological chain, WCA events part of the esports industry will be the most basic, and on that basis for further improvement.

Game fairness, justice and other issues, taking into account the referees in professional and language issues, WCA will pass, with the international training institutions this year the common guidance, while the use of multi-national referee Executive Conference. In addition, the WCA2016 S1 qualifying floor finals this year using professional referees, the WCA established through the International League of esports esports University to carry out the first phase of the training. Next, the training also for competing hosting, commentary, club management, competition and marketing and other parts of the Organization, to continue to feed the esports industry.

This year, the WCA himself 3 goals: one is the universal, to allow competition into public life, which is an important link building electro biosphere; the second is to improve the level of esports, including professionalism, internationalization, and promote esports as Olympic events. In July, they will work with IESF (International e-Sports Federation) Organization of 2016 global competition Forum, invite IESF43 esports Association of representatives of Member States as well as the world's leading games manufacturers, media, sports associations, discuss future development trend of competing in the world.

In November 2008, Korea established in Seoul IESF is well-known in the world of race organizations and regulatory bodies, have been held for 7 international e-Sports Federation contest. IESF is one of the important functions enhance the status of e-sports in the world, including the integration of competing to join the Olympic Games projects. WCA international influence with IESF esports organization, have unique resources and expertise, the full cooperation and complementarity between them, will burst the esports industry greater energy, also provides support for competing among the Olympic projects.

"In terms of internationalization, not only professional gymnasts, in September of this year we will organize the global University League League of legends, by competing in a special manner to open international exchanges between universities. "Li Yanfei said. Apart from the IESF, Le Sport is WCA's domestic partner. They are constantly exploring the eco-system of sports industry, whose powerful alliances for the esports industry in China, including the WCA provides resources to develop the power of capital power.

Stars strategy and pattern of excessive entertainment

Entertainment is key to esports into popular culture since childhood. From the WCA2015 agency Angelababy as spokesmen from WCA2016 again signed up Zhang Yuqi as spokesmen in the future will continue to carry out a star-studded entertainment strategy.

Li Yanfei think, now increasingly more of capital into China electric competing market, Wang Sicong, and Jay, and Angelababy, Light Strike Mechanical Keyboard and Zhang Yuqi, increasingly more of Star joined electric competing circle, Li Xiaofeng, and Alex, and small t, a career players, and electric competing presided over star by young sought after, and "T-REX electric competing" such of to professional star brokers, and pan entertainment content making for core of enterprise of rise, on electric competing project of promotion and domestic electric competing culture of formed, are has powerful of promoted role, Also verified outside and the capital's enthusiasm for competing industries.

In fact, the path of development of entertainment has been competing and game power Korea verified. Regardless of popular international game, Korea SKT1 Club in the esports industry is "God-like". Korea exports to the entire culture of the game, "Korean wave" of 50%, its success due to the top-down national effect, Government support and continuous improvement of business chain. Early in the last century, Korea – professional video game players is given a new identity campaign, and to package them to create a star way. Through competition, young people acquire an alternative stage. At home, the professionalism and the traditional concept of change is far from enough.

Li Yanfei believes that e-sports as a new industry, it could also give impetus to development of electronic hardware, software, telecommunications and entertainment industries. Based on the "competing" position at present in yinchuan is the WCA and innovative cultural and entertainment industries combined, bars, coffee shops and other urban elements combined with competing, to create a richer biosphere.