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July 26 [Fri], 2013, 10:27

When the dust settled, Chandler-Parsons nike free 3.0 sklep was finally able to admit, Howard finally chose rocket, itself does for Houston State has achieved. He never tired of persuasion, lobbying, Warcraft only made up his mind. Recently, Parsons was Las Vegas United States men's basketball team mini camp training, though several days later, but reporters are still asking questions about Howard. "I think I played a very important role," Parsons also call a spade a spade, he certainly has reason to say, "first of all, he said at a news conference, ' you should thank Chandler-Parsons, he is the reason I came here (in Houston) important reason '. ”

This off-season, has been top of the League after Center Dwight-Howard, rockets can naturally count as a big winner. In fact, Thunder also face a lot of problems. After the loss of Kevin-Martin, Jeremy-rum, St Orlando summer League MVP, can fill vacancies? Reggie Jackson can get out of the playoffs last season, filling in for Russell-Westminster standards when Brooke? Scott Brooks, this is a question for his answer. However, the Thunder last season averaged 9.2 points, Union first, shows overall strength, they also will be the first in the West. Was Howard, the rockets also nike free 4.0 v3 damskie lost the core players, was supported by a significant improvement on strength. Now, together with James-already harden, rocket already has a very good combination inside and outside, with a jump of Foundation. The new season, they are the main problem to be solved is the big striker, what is Ou Mo-Arsic take, or let the Terence Jones and Donatas-mengtieyounasi turns up? If the problem can be solved, rocket rankings can rise.

Lin Shuhao although it is not as crazy as 2011-12 season, but he's a glimpse really inspired countless people. Sources said the other day, his documentary the forest of crazy will be released on October 4 this year. The documentary directed by Evan-Jackson-beam, the film records of Lin Shuhao in life, including his childhood in California, and magic in New York years, which of course includes a number of things he does not usually known, such as losing a talent, Alliance for the development of war, as well as some fragments of life at Harvard University. This documentary Lin Shuhao had played on in January of this year's Sundance Film Festival, was well received. In October this year, the film will be in Boston, New York, 10 to 15 cities such as San Francisco synchronized release, sources say, America will be synchronized in 20 cities released this film.
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