so you want to avenge their

July 09 [Tue], 2013, 17:18
> " What is the relationship with you ? ' " fratricidal is your family's tradition of poison it work ? Could it be that he is you kill ? "toxic industrial crane implicit moment, then sneer : " We do not need home others to ** hand . wWw, QuANBEn, Com "" he is the master of cinnabar , even if she was sorry ,Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Sale, ( updated fastest I have managed , can not let her jump sent ** life . " " you'd pipe yourself ! "This change of Wei sneer . Then I saw him turn back to look behind those recruited , smiling , said: "Your brother has just what you have seen ? " He remark one , behind all those recruited face the loss but see also he smiled and said: "Remember, a disciple of the past few years we have been poisoned Red Door event , on behalf of the main fact is that the top tube , Akagi Tangzhu is an accomplice , nine years ago, the same poison workers Hetong cooperation , two years ago, is the cooperation with the Miss Zhu Sha , so you want to avenge their brethren church , then on the right, the head of the customs will not blame you on impulse , on the contrary , will greatly Members appreciated the courage to do ? "" So ,Oakley Active Sunglasses, you give them served ...... " but before Shangguan clouds finished, the group has just recruited form of God who turned stiff wind from the guard behind a pro out, up official clouds siege over. Shangguan clouds that bad, hurried to cinnabar pushed to Wei 's arms , whispered : "Quick take her out of here, I will be able to meet a man ." "Boss ...... " five bats would like to say something but Shangguan clouds have blocked in front of him , again growled : "Come on, she would only get in the way here , you can go out six hard they called ." Although the red door in the clouds of Shangguan martial arts master behind his Stuart Xinghai , but recruited by Red Gate in the selection is the cream of the crop Red Gate . Shangguan clouds alone may not be the opponent, but if it is surrounded ,Oakley Active Sunglasses, but it can not hurt them, sit real Wei argument, so inevitably tied hand and foot , so now the best way is to capture them . <
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