seems that Indra Lake must

August 22 [Thu], 2013, 11:34
Jiang Fan (;) open the eye point perspective, he found not far away in front of a violet se disease gas, but also surprised to find a purple se plant sand, it's too strange so dry place can grow plants! I see a purple se disease gas front, Langford and in front of the sand has long purple se plant! Peter was slowly. Violet se disease gas that have the virus in front, the violet se plant is what appearance? Asked Sun Haijian road. Violet se plants like cockscomb, leaves are purple se, like cockscomb Canada Goose CG55 Kensington shaped, a total of nine leaves, did not see the fruit. Jiang Fan road. What is the plant? Never heard of it! Sun Haijian shook his head. Wait, you say leaves are purple se shape, cockscomb shape? A total of nine leaves? Xiang Guanhua exclaimed. Yes, to teach you know what is the plant? Jiang Fan exclaimed. There are nine purple comb Qin? Xiang Guanhua mused, he took out an old book from his pocket, tongue licking the hands, fast flip. Suddenly the Guanhua stopped reading, Jiang the doctor, you see, what you see is it right? This plant? Jiang Fan immediately went over to look, the hands of Guanhua book, a book with a picture of the plant and see for yourself the plant basically, nodded: Yes, is this plant! Oh! Nine purple comb qin! Did not expect the legend of Gandhara lakes in the plant appeared really! Xiang Guanhua glad way. What nine purple comb Qin? Sun Haijian was puzzled. This is Indra Lake legendary evil incarnation of God, no matter who just met nine purple comb Qin will be lost mind, become the devil! Road to the crown. This nine purple comb Qin too weird, it can North Face Pink Ribbon grow in such a dry sand, more powerful than the cactus vitality! Li Shiben surprised, he was devoted to the study of herbs, also very understanding of various plants, but the nine purple comb Qin first met. It seems that Indra Lake must be met nine purple comb Qin, be it a virus infection, so they don't go back! Sun Haijian analysis. Well, should be such, that the father may have been the nine purple comb Qin infection! Kema dad nodded. Yeah, just be not river, the timely discovery, a few of us must come into contact with the nine purple comb Qin, that we can be infected by the virus! Sun Haijian was lucky se. Looks like we're going to be a detour, we still go to the right, maybe there was no nine purple comb qin! Kema Torre road. They were immediately with father go to the right, around the Gandhara Lake vortex walk, walk about ten minutes, Kema Torre paused, Jiang the doctor, you have a look there are nine purple comb Qin blocking the road? Kema Torre road. Jiang Fan immediately open the eye point perspective, found not far below purple se disease gas, sand also has nine purple comb Qin, can not help but wonder: Nine purple comb Qin front! Oh, do we have to bypass! Kema Torre sweating road. I don't have a detour around the lake, the tantric must everywhere nine purple comb Qin, no matter how walk will encounter nine purple comb block of qin! Peter was speculated. So what do we do? Don't rush straight? Dad looked at people from. Oh, certainly not hard in the past, we have done otherwise!!
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