the soul crystal flower

July 06 [Sat], 2013, 18:48
> I do not know why, see the rain heart sister are now, Lee was a little ...... turquoise also feel a little strange indescribable feeling. wwW, QUanbEN, coM is a pity? Is guilty? Is like? Embarrassing? Are also not. Gomi Chen complex, can not tell. Is ...... This is because the book of life and death on the record, he would marry her sister's heart because it rain? It is said that those who set out in the book of life and death on the marriage, they had all had a vow before Sansei stone, will be noted. So even the god of marriage marriage book, also made the list. "Do not, I told my sister in a past life mind the rain, I really agree with what? Could, I told her before, really a bit what?" Thinking, my mind can not but recall the time along with the case of rain heart sister, Lee turquoise suddenly dismayed to find his sister on his mind ...... the rain, it seems not only confined to her sister on her brother's feelings ah. Could ...... "She fell in love with me?" Lee turquoise thought, mind suddenly. At this time, gentlemen, flower fairies walked. Twilight asagao flower fairy who likes to gossip asked about just the thing, the original Green put the whole story to say. Daughters feel a little strange. Book of life and death, will actually remember? Unless ...... unless someone had helped Li turquoise Guards to change it. This may be vaguely guessed her daughters heart, but heart in the next rainy season, but also did not say it, for fear makes her unhappy. Ah, the reasons are simple, if it is that Lee's life was changed turquoise, turquoise that Lee is her husband, is entirely owned by a person belonging to her husband. But now ...... her stone peony sister brother first, followed by a wandering sister, back may also have other sisters appear. And she ...... thought, rainy heart hearts a little bitter. Even if it is no longer sensitive to her daughters, but also can find her look wrong, then they did not dare to say much more. Only Xiezi Xuan still fondly smiling, holding hands rainy heart, took her aside quietly open solutions go. The White Peony In order to change this strange dull atmosphere, then change the subject, said: "Yes, just Big Brother HL industry burned out to the soul of the cow had dropped a red thing, I do not know what we see Look? "So, daughters together with Lee turquoise water, to just drop the red matter where the pick will come. It was a little fist-sized red crystals, was the dodecahedron, translucent,Coach Coin, like the red crystal. Take a closer look, there Jingsi red mist flowing in very slowly. And even more strange is that this crystal at one end, having a crystal-like flowers. That flower has four, each petal radiate curved crescent-shaped, four together, actually only the sunflower kernel so big, very conspicuous. What is this? Daughters were a little strange. White Peony seems to recognize: "This seems to block blood of the soul and the soul crystal crystal flower." "Blood Soul Crystal?" "I used to listen green capsule sister talked about her sister HL Mann Chinese fire industry, she said, there are some special soul, if the fire of HL industry, it will form a blood soul crystal. Such crystals, allowing the human soul becomes more powerful. Unfortunately, to refining the soul crystal bleeding soul, not necessarily strong, but also is not necessarily weak, they usually seem no different from other soul, so the soul crystal produces blood, always rely happen. kind of thing,Christian Louboutin Sale, has become very valuable. "daughters some clear understanding. Unexpectedly, Li turquoise readily released Bana aura, that cow's soul will burn you able to get one, which is also very good luck. "That, soul crystal tweed?" Asked the green next to the original. White Peony: "The soul crystal flower, is said to itself is not life, this is not a real flower, but because with flowers similar, so until somebody called 'flower'. Moreover, this flower only from grain grown on the blood of the soul out of one hundred crystals in the blood of the soul, the soul can have up to a crystal breeds a kind of flower at the same time, these soul crystal must also be buried in a place with plenty of Reiki over a hundred years time, only the soul crystal peanuts out, so Because rare, this spent very old age, had already disappeared ...... ah, did not think, just big brother readily released Reiki, actually able to send reminders blood of the soul soul crystal crystal flowers ...... "daughters speechless. Lee turquoise this luck, but also is too Guards right? ! ! Simply incredible, this is handy, can these two things Hanshi deceives out. Moreover, the soul crystal flower itself is simply not true flowers, right? It can also be precipitated by relying Flowers Reiki? His aura is fused with what variation you? "Well, what is the use crystal flower soul?" Lee turquoise asked. White Peony shook his head: "heard sisters say ...... Perhaps, etc. Man Wah sister came back and asked her, should know that." But, this two days over Halloween, Man Wah sister something to the river Lethe, not at home, to ask her, had two days down. Thus, several flower fairies went back to spend their body to rest, Lee also rainy turquoise heart go back to sleep. Woke up the next morning, my sister served by the wandering alone washed her face ...... have to say, the human habit is really a very easy life. The original feel outdated, but wandering sister insisted that Lee who actually fallen so. Now, every morning, sit up straight, so let ridden sister to help him wipe her face, enjoying, it has also started up a little peace of mind. Fortunately, or out on my own teeth ah. Falling sister eaten breakfast prepared was about to go around, but found, Mann Chinese sister actually came back from the grave. She brought back a body Bana flower body. It flowers to the mortal, do not open, but still sojourn. This time on the kind of place in the back garden, flower itself with you sister body get together. Moreover, the rain heart sister decided to also be able to breed if pansy flower body to body, but also to a sibling species with you. Of course, Li Ling turquoise blood no less. To see what would happen. However, that is what happened after. Said, Man Wah Lee turquoise renowned sister, you and he went off to talk alone. Man Wah sister wore that hit today as if fiery red clothes outside Hongsha completely unstoppable inside Xieyi. So red clothes, is not no one Ganchuan. If it were not for their looks have absolute confidence, if not the United States to a certain extent, ordinary girls wear them, just look tacky. However, if the person is really beautiful, wearing a large red dress, but people seem more tender and beautiful, even more beautiful. Moreover,Fashion Show Collections Clearance, flower fairies body spotless, that Shayi have been as good as new, has been so red. Therefore, Mann Chinese sister these clothes wear out, but more are charming look even more beautiful. But, if you first meet her eyebrows when still like that, do not loose kind of melancholy, pupil of the eye, that there is still a faint gentle. Looking at her, it felt like she likes to use his own tolerance, help people to carry all the sadness of the girl. I do not know who she is not the kind of momentum, it is more accessible. Renowned for her, Lee turquoise hearts always kind of a slight tingling sensation, like in pity. At this point, walked side by side, as much kind of can not help but want to care for her in his arms, wiped it for her eyebrows melancholy feeling. ! ~! . . <
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