themselves have guilt and regret

August 28 [Wed], 2013, 17:04
The forty-seventh chapter a false alarm while; fall a bit miserable, but Li Yan escaped with golden eagles attack, but the crowd is not clear at Langford Parka Men this point, they just to the blue eyed Eagle Claw caught Li Yan's head, and then Li Yan fell down, as he fell down, or blue eyed eagle to caught after the fall, it is not clear. [text first book the Qing just moment people only from Li Yan's recent O Kleiman, but he is clear to Li Yan in the blue eyed Eagle claws to catch head jerked backwards, extremely dangerous but extremely lucky escaped the robbery. But the blue eyed eagle in pay attention to air, due to unstable center of gravity, Li Yan also control the soft water to hold around him and fell to the ground. The bang of a muffled, blue eyed Eagle fell on the ground, and due to the inertia of existence, it moved out of 10 meters to control body. The blue eyed golden eagles, covered with dust, already not was glittering majestic-looking like gray, seems to be just in the mud like a roll. Although it has been stopped, but the blue eyed Eagle at this time also some fainted, but from the sky dive catch prey, dive speed was very fast, and later by O Kleiman hit two, although the rivalry process in and Li Yan's speed has been slow down a lot, but this fell by on the ground the impact is really not light. If not using his feathers and defensive ability is very prominent, and perhaps it already fell badly bruised from flogging. Bones broken. But even if is such a, blue eyed Eagle condition is very bad, it can only lie there motionless, take it easy to adjust their own state. Wait until the body discomfort disappeared, it will have the strength to take off, again soar in the sky. But this time is obviously not in a daze, O Kleiman in Li Yan fine, had to be thrown into a panic when the blue eyed Eagle rushed past. Li Yan risked so much the blue eyed eagle to pull down the floor, if finally let it get away, the oak Freeman is really shameful, now he can only kill jade eagle way to relieve themselves have guilt and regret mood. But in the process towards the blue eyed golden eagles, O Kleiman did not forget the mercenary command star. In accordance with just formation continues to capture the rhinoceros horn beast! Melinda, your past Li Yan! On hearing the Aokeliman words, all the people wake up Canada Goose PBI Chilliwack Bomber Men like recovered earlier action, only Lin Na did not capture the rhinoceros horn beast thing, feel Elmar released her grip on his hand, she quickly rushed to Li Yan, want to Li Yan for the first time the situation. Li Yan this fall, more than 10 forward and blue eyed eagle that was nothing compared, but he is Canada Goose Vest Men Sale after all a body not how strong the magician, is also the head on the ground, for he had a little light. Until Lin Na had come to him, he gave in his arms, Li Yan head also some buzz, but he now had to react, thought of a dangerous situation just now. Now in retrospect, Li Yanzhen doesn't know what's going on,!
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