they know the Wang Pan orchard

August 29 [Thu], 2013, 17:12
; today the weather is good, bright, slightly river wind blowing through the yard, let a few people are sitting there and Yu sleep, a little after Lin Lei and Yang Yun two people fell asleep on Wang Pan's shoulder, also don't know is they really tired, really want to hold Wang Pan arm rest. Anyway, not for a moment Wang Pan found that just two people talking and he hugged his arm was asleep. Wang Pan wants to move can not, for fear of waking them. Wang Pan knew many owed them, but some things can not be said, if the rise of two, Wang Pan will tell them, because at that time Wang Pan was not afraid of other people, but now Wang Pan also do not want a country to do, although he now says it is a Whistler Parka UK superman, but Wang Pan also didn't think he would really challenge the state machine. Wang Pan's hand was Lin Lei and Yang Yun hold, there is no way to move, so also lie on the bed, thinking about their future plan. Now it seems, at present the biggest thing or upgrade is the most important, other things are not interested in Wang Pan, let him do it. Wang Pan would rather sleep at home will not go to, the kind that is hard and hypocritical effort Wang Pancai doesn't want to do, go to work to others, although do not have their own fee brain, but not "since" by, everywhere with it, since Wang Pan automatically get this space swear must themselves, don't let others to go over his head, so working for others, since Wang Pan has never thought of space. So Wang Pan every day at home by RI, have nothing to do, make people in the village all think he is lazy, also do not know what to do in the outside earned a sum of money back to the so packet, and rent a mountain, and repair villa, and also bought a few cars there to show off. They are not seeing Wang Pan, they fear their children by Wang Pan astray, so although Wang Pan here in good repair, but the village play are really not much, of course. This also is they don't know Wang Pan's income will be like this, they now believe that Wang Pan is a day to eat only idle about people, if they know the Wang Pan orchard of income, I am afraid that Wang Pan is not here now. I am afraid that when Wang Pan's house guests will not break. Rural people like to judge Canada Goose Montebello Parka CG55 subjective, they will take the first impression to see a person, if the first impression is not good, they will think this man. In a very long Hybridge Lite Vest Women Sale time, unless otherwise what did he do to change the perception of things, I'm afraid, this a bad impression may be in their hearts to remember for a lifetime. Such things Wang pan but see more. For now you here so quiet. Not a few villagers come, don't care for this Wang Pan point, Wang Pan also too lazy to greet them, now less than a day so quietly, bubble tea, to enjoy it, if their here like a vegetable market that Wang Pan is really depressed to the. This is the reason why don't Wang Pan told people in the village own fruit "really" real situation, he did not want to let the villagers ran to ask him. Say someone to ask Wang Pan also really don't know what to say, don't tell.
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