not the family name king .

November 06 [Tue], 2012, 17:41
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult What cheap street at night ,dark ,walked introgression, before paragraph time and off duty middle-aged woman was robbed ,heard that day just to pay ,who have little money was robbed ,estimated that this month problems ,the heart unwilling shouted for help ,the results stimulated the robber ,even stabbed several knives ,almost have been killed .
From that time many people have moved away, oh Tularosa Route Cable UGGs Boots,to tell you the truth ,I also want to move, or I won tell you these . Chat will ,thanks boss Wang Fan two back .Xiao Shuya wondered : ask Wang Fan how do you pay attention from this neighborhood? No Canada Goose D'Alpago Cheap,I want to settle down in the city ,want to buy a house ,but the money in hand is not much .
It goes in here, this is almost deserted . I believe that all things are a blessing or a curse cycle , .Go to the range when it is good sign .Your business is not about :I pick up what others discard.
,seek profit the biggest change ? do business ,our sisters have also is mixed time ,dawdle .But today Canada Goose Mountaineer, to hear you say to do publicity thinking over ,was very clear ,I see you are business people ,when will you help me book planning ? Yes ,but these are particular day ,the opportunity is right .
That I wait . Back on the road Tall Sheepskin Cuff UGG Boot, has several real estate intermediary ,Wang Fanshun entered asked ,the staff is a Hefu district even talk about enthusiasm has gone .Seem look more, understand the situation will beat a retreat .
Saw Jiang Kun green cruiser stopped in Yi Ya house door ,Jiang Kun stood by the roadside to talking on the phone ,look excited ,also paced back and forth .In the house ,Kaga was photographed ,Xiao Shuya also not too sticky Wang Fan ,wants to find her sister talking to .
Have nothing to do a lap back Wang Fan Akira Xiaoya ,elegant room Jiang Kun is a mouthful of pouring tea . Kun brother ,what are you drink it, or tea ? Coach Wang Fan said .Jiang Kun is a lovely smile ,no answer ,Wang Fan poured a cup of tea to pass .
In fact, after the last meeting with Jiang Kun, Wang Fan Jiang Kun is still quite good, simple yet clever ,brotherhood .Jiang Kun was from a given half a pot of tea into the belly ,then sighed ,Wang Fandi and smoke ,himself a long ,spitting smoke : I don see the brothers ah ,don me like that ?You and my sister have like ,listen to my wife that I really care about your sister but yo .
In fact, Jiang Kun think feel awkward ,it looks like Wang Fan than even several years ,but you cannot get it right into the brother-in-law ,it messy . friend ,the other had not thought .
My sister is bigger than you ,but is a good girl ,well ... Kun brother ,today let say these ,each of us on the .Just at the door to see you talking on the phone ,feeling very excited ,what what happened ? In order to as East ,Wang Fan changed the subject .
Jiang Kun was silent for a minute , you know I was engaged in financial convoy ,a few days ago received a single business, help a jewelry company to sunshine city to detain a stone back ,a freight yard near each other in the local county road ,is a local transport company the seven or eight car containment .
Come, said to be in their border business to be done by them ,we call get outside of it ,should we withdraw, now confrontation on the road, I have no fighting, both sides have a practical impact on the big gun .
You said transport company is the equivalent of the ancient detains the dart ,this is undoubtedly the bandits ?We just set up soon ,lost a single business small business ,reputation had lost also how to mix ?There are these brothers are just demobilized from the army and not the people to gather ,improper handling brothers cold heart ,this team did not take .
Jiang Kun brows tightly screwed . What deal? I have told my manager to rush to the scene ,hoping to settle amicably ,but have no bottom .There is the manager of civilian origin, this time in the past and can too many people in the past, we fight hotshot and task ,there is no one around .
And with each other face to face heavy pressure in the manager who, I am worried about momentum pressure but each other, then negotiation will be very passive . Said, Jiang Kun stared straight at Wang Fan .
Elder brother Chrystie UGGs Boots,you see what I mean ?You want me to go ? I don believe in six saying ,that two guy is a group of people were seriously wounded .I also learned to fight ,a noninvasive and repeatedly to record or to distinguish .
You will be able to hurt like this the man that never general ability . Elder brother mean ? Your kid is talented men still remained in concealment . Wang Fanbie flat mouth smiled, did not admit ,not deny .
Brother ,brother to help you . Jiang Kun asked . I guess your simple negotiations with each other also won effect ,after all, is not who escort company wants to open opens the . I have talked with the Provincial Public Security Bureau ,Provincial Armed Police Corps contacted ,and the communication .
Our escort company behind the security company also is not a simple background . This I believe ,okay ,I will accompany you to go to . Jiang Kun shows smile you may rest assured ,I will not dig a hole to you jump ,you if there I married the sisters life don I have good .
Jiang Kun picks up the phone and arrange it, he turned to Wang Fan and said they to arrive in half an hour . The first I to fragrant say . Got up and left the rooms .Xiao Yiya never received any stimulation ,a special attention to this activity ,all Qinliqinwei ,changed before simply dispensers do .
In order to give sweet pictures, specialized support relation looks for a few pieces of Movie Costume costumes ,make-up artist ,photographer looking for that is the top is also the industry enjoyed a reputation .
Trying on clothes ,makeup from follow with out ,pour into fragrant star assistant like .Until the start of filming ,I have time to sit down and have a rest .Xiao Shuya is tired of her ,give her a tea ; how are you today so hard ?Before you on business at the store is never ignored .
From time to time with the little girl, Wang Fan asked the store, she earned a performance like off the reel ,so the real boss became furnishings . Oh ,it really is stimulated ,so good employee you are blessed .
This I know ,but I can not lag behind ?However ,the song is sweet, you see her today selected the blue skirt ,with the costume hair, is simply not the worldfairy Helen of troy .
I see love ,you just know the sure fire . Xiao Yiya squinting very satisfied appreciate their own works .Suddenly thought of what ,Xiao Yiya put the head affixed to the sister ears but I see today in the surname Chen Xiang ,not the family name king .
She and Wang Fan are brother and sister ?Attack by innuendo I asked ,she didn me . Yeah, I first met her when, she also said that she ,but I was not aware . Today I saw Wang Fan on the fragrant well even I envy .
When Fanny is also on the side, then I see the look when Fanny Wang Fan eyes straight risk star .Sister ,you catch myself ,don robbed hu . Xiao Shuya angry hammer gave his sister shoulder ,the heart is sweet .
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