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> "Cao Dong, I am here today and not malicious, and you just want to say a few words only, I believe that you should not refuse me?" Tang Feng laughed, and always pull out a gun that he did not see a bodyguard. Www, quanBEn, cOM CAO Gang Tang Feng staring glances, and then said: "Of course not refuse, your company helped us so much busy, I'm only too grateful to Jo, please." Sitting in his study of sofa, Tang Feng said: "Today trespassing villa, I apologize in advance, but I have not the slightest malice, here I only have one favor to ask." "If I can do Jo sure this favor." Cao Gang said. "This matter Cao Dong is very simple and requires only that you do not say that thing is our 'brilliant' to you on the line." Tang Feng now is quite upset, if CAO Gang will be 'brilliant' put things leaked to him things that Tang Feng made before everything will be in vain, that organization will definitely suspected person to the 'brilliant' head, that time is now the organization's brilliant revenge can not afford . Heard the words of Tang Feng, CAO Gang said: "Why?", "Cao Dong is rhetorical, and snatch something like that kind of power, we can not afford to offend simply brilliant, now I have to shift our attention to the other side, as long as Cao Dong can promise not to say these things, it should not matter brilliant if Cao Dong leaked this thing, and that the other party's revenge is not a 'brilliant' can afford if Cao Dong able to help this busy, we will glory in the future repay. "Tang Feng said. Tang Feng said these words mean is very clear, if you help this busy, that glory will be grateful to repay you, if something brilliant, I will not let hello too. This layer of meaning, Tang Feng trust each other understand. CAO laughed: "What kind of busy, I promise that, rest assured that doing business with business rules, before me and who will not divulge SH half points." In fact, it does not come even if Tang Feng looking for him, he would not boring to mention this, not to mention he was not familiar with that organization, where it would be to say such a thing. Cao Gang promised so readily course there are other reasons, one to his skill Tang Feng little fear, and secondly, today he promised, undoubtedly owe each other gave him a favor, you know, let this master owed favors are very rare. See each other so readily agreed, Tang Feng nodded slightly, "Thank you, after what you can do to help brilliant place to come to us, yes, I took the liberty of asking one, do not you afraid of each other come here to steal your stuff? "absolute master of that organization, he went into the house to come, of course, that organization who can come in, do not afraid to do the other side, to get such an important thing dare come to villa. "Oh, although I kind of power is not very understanding, but also know how many points, the other is afraid to come to Capitol wildly, too many departments are investigating house them, and they are afraid to take the risk to the Capitol, and indeed the Jinghua, I Jo is not so good mess. "Cao Gang Road. Tang Feng Hsin Tao, the original is the case, then said: "Well, I will not bother Cao Dong, say good-bye." "Wait a minute!" Sitting beside Ye Ming suddenly said: "Can you tell me,Oakley Sunglasses Polarized Cheap, how did you The catch here? "He just came back when he did not find someone tracking, he is very confident on this point. Tang Feng said: "Right behind your pants pocket." Finished, Tang Feng directly went out. Ye Ming immediately touched, and then come up with something the size of a coin. Saw this thing, Ye Ming suddenly startled, "tracker!!!" He was not surprised tracker, but the other side will put a tracking device in his pocket, he has not the slightest perception. See Tang Feng left, Ye Ming said: "Boss, so let him go?" Gang Cao smiled and nodded, "Of course, let him go, we have no enmity with him, just that I have a personal very mysterious feeling, let the other party owes a favor why not? "walk in the road outside Howlin century, Tang Feng heart slightly relieved point. But he can not be taken lightly because here, before coming here today, he would have put all things and Hou Tiejun said, let him do thorough preparation, and informed him after all this business do not pick up. Things must have a process, dry preservation of this line, it is difficult to avoid offending people, but not to offend too many people better than they are, then the business before it, Tang Feng can only take into account the task, without considering to their ability to withstand the opponent's retaliation, the answer is affirmative, it's brilliant today simply can not afford the kind encountered on the high-speed rail level master revenge. And through that person dying, then you can determine, there is absolutely in that organization stronger than he, and this is the most worried about Tang Feng. This is the greatest difficulty he encountered, he felt his heart heavy, a move is wrong, loser, but did not regret the world of medicine, he did not have too much to regret, he need to do now is to try to saved. Made a big mistake in this after the Tang Fengcheng long, his heart becomes more calm, encountered when he wants something more comprehensive, he did not make the same mistake. Mission is complete, but for glory, it is losing money in the deal entirely, already do not pay the compensation, the original Tang Feng also want to take this business to expand 'brilliant' fame, and now he was going to go seek out others do not say it, but also almost got into a mysterious organization, with his original idea is completely different. A whole night, Tang Feng reflection in the room, he must learn the wrong lessons. Because things before it was too smooth for Tang Feng, whether it is to help the tiger domination, or to help get rid of the knife and the eagle help are relatively smooth, it also allows the development of Tang Feng subconsciously think 'brilliant' is not a difficult task, so He wants to put all the things overly idealistic, think too simple, did not recognize the shortcomings of their thinking. The more the kind of Mentality prompted him to make mistakes. The next morning, Tang Feng did not choose to go back, but decided to go alone to the Great Wall, he wanted to relax yourself. During the National Day, do not want to know, that so many people visit the Great Wall, just a little late, people will be very much to the Great Wall climbs up to the time that is side by side, it is difficult to accept, so dawn, Tang Feng set off. Great when it reaches more than six. Half past six, the Great Wall is open,Oakley Juliet Sale, because come early, and now is not a lot of people. On the Great Wall, the Tang Feng pulling away far behind, alone quickly toward the top of the Great Wall. Standing on top of the Great Wall, overlooking this magnificent scenery, Tang Feng seems to be infected by this scene, like heart could not help produce a heroic feelings, mind remaining haze that point also will be dissipated. Ten minutes later, there are also several in succession to tourists appeared in the Tang Feng's line of sight. Just want to leave when the Tang Feng, Tang Feng eyes casual sweep, however, he found a familiar figure! ! Tang Feng outset did not react, after reaction immediately turned around and looked and saw more than twenty meters outside an old fifties and sixties,Outlet Coach Bags, and a three-year-old youth. Tang Feng and not too much attention to the young man, when Tang Feng's eyes firmly fixed on the old man, even a bit Tang Feng's body trembling slightly. This figure, like this, Tang Feng has not forgotten, although more than four years have passed, the door in his Tang Feng mind was so clear. Tang Feng suddenly excited ran past, shouted: "Master!!" Tang Feng because when they came up to go fast, so there is no a few tourists around, Tang Feng's move suddenly caused the old man around youth vigilant, keeping a close eye eyes ran over the Tang Feng. Of course, the old man heard the sound of shouting Tang Feng's eyes looked ran the Tang Feng, beginning when he still a little puzzled, but when he saw a few seconds, look on his face changed, although only slight changes. "Do you remember me, I was a small peak." Tang Feng heart now very excited. "You really are a small peak?" White watching David Tang Feng, obviously also a little excited, but his control is very good, is not the same as the Tang Feng gaffe. White hung around at a time when the young man is still keeping a close eye Tang Feng, Tang Feng seems just a little unruly action, he will be shot killing. ........... Seeking recommendations tickets. . . . <
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