Zhao Wuji he can really

August 13 [Tue], 2013, 11:21
; in the night, long Chen very quickly, he strictly in accordance with the little arrows flying direction, use both devouring Coro, toward the direction to Zhao Wuji. To tell you the truth, long Chen since the start Women's North Face Hyvent Sale of the practice to the people around him now, because he kidnapped things, have a lot of. Of course, every long Chen will be very angry, and this time, Zhao Wuji's foolish behavior, also let long Chen has not give him a good scolding determination! Of course, long Chen strength now, Zhao Wuji several times, Zhao Wuji Foxe Bomber Canada Goose also just he once defeated, long Chen knew he picked up Zhao Wuji's words, is as easy as blowing off dust, before if not afraid he has a red of the background, long Chen had put him to beat PigHead. From that direction, long Chen soon left the range of Qing Li Wang Temple, the ancient demon range is very large, which only seven kings temple, mostly barren hills, long Chen is now came to a barren among them, the barren hill Qing Li Dian distance is not far away. Of course, if too far, long Chen will not find here. Is not the time to the barren hills, long Chen that a range of devouring Coro, saw a soul which, he estimates that Zhao Wuji, but Huang Qi which go to? In the long Chen heart, Huang Qi had become a need his protection. Little sister angle se, his concern for Huangfu Qi, more than Zhao Wuji's imagination. The whoosh, long Chen rushed into the barren hills, so that one stood and watched the longchen arrivals, it is Wuji Zhao, this time to see long Chen arrived immediately, Zhao Wuji could Canada Goose Vest Women not help laughing. You know, Zhao Wuji, I have come, where is Huangfu Qi? Longchen suppressed anger, eyes some Yin sink at Zhao Wuji, he must ensure the safety of the Huangfu Qi, or just saw Zhao Wuji he can really gave him a meal. Long Chen's words, let Zhao Wuji to smile away, he was holding his stomach, with mocking eyes looking at the long Chen, said: I thought you are very clever, you how so stupid? What do you mean? Longchen yizheng. Look at me nearby, where what is Huangfu Qi, that girl is estimated in bed sleeping soundly, she is Qing Li Wang baby, I dare not touch her, only you idiot, when my will, fart Dian fart roll over, ha ha! Zhao Wuji is very proud of. Longchen face a black se. He always thought Zhao Wuji was stupid, results today he was stupid to play a. This is like being a donkey to play almost. He felt that is very depressed. But it is also normal, Zhao Wuji is the one track mindid, if he really to kidnap Huangfu Qi, that also in reason, long Chen this is about Huangfu Qi, will be his. The long Chen, cheat on the cheat, the results were better, Huangfu Qi nothing, he had no any menace from the "rear". However, Zhao Wuji the man, do not beat him, he wouldn't stop, this time to see him still proud, laugh to bend forward and backward, long Chen clenched fist. Jiang Cheng, since you have come, you don't want to do the tortoise, and I Zhao Wuji work in just ways to a bar, I want to let you see, who is the rookie of the year!
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