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1280th chapters the NIE yīn Yang that eunuch the NIE yīn Yang, to the rumors, even more horrible things than thorny God king. "Yang Qi heart of a dynamic, saw the eunuch, deep heart Department appeared to many of the ideas, face eunuch waving in front of you brothers, a look, and then skimming past to reach a palace depths stay down, saw the stalwart figure, before paying homage Road: Yang Qi under tài sub dǎng see the big father-in-law. "" I am Nie yīn positive, presumably dream Xuan has talked to me about you? actually you enter this church practice two months since I you have noticed. "big the eunuch Nie yīn Yang saddled his hands and said:" is really good, you and your group of brothers, are among the hero training how long are even more severe than our royal disciples, basically can not find the same level under the opponents, the past few months, has spread into the royal disciple, no one dares to belittle you can practice being in the church, that is a huge blessing. " thank Niegong Gong praise, but my brothers does not seem to mean adding tài sub dǎng I now persuade them, and the blue sky and the Nishinomiya Goddess ........... "Yang Qi eyeball rotation. "Do not you Nishinomiya Goddess cultivated blue sky of things, I already know, Nishinomiya Goddess is the Prince of the dead rival, had these words the seat is not should you, but you are touchy God king culture, real allegiance at the Prince Edward, is their own people, even from your body, to see Prince breath. "Nie yīn Yang said:" Prince would have wanted to see you, but delayed because of one thing, in the eternal depths of the void, the supreme god mutual flame Prince's past to find opportunity, and become to high of God refers rì can be a do not have time to see you. "Yang Qi face immediately apparent pity of God sè. "However, the Prince in order to train you, painstakingly, he ordered me to take you out of here, to reach into the treasure house of our royal selection of treasures." Nie yīn Yang said: "how? Feel how?" Royal treasure house? "Yang The odd mind a move, it is to go mad, and he wants to know now is something in the royal treasure-house, in fact, he has to find out about the royal treasure house in the end is where. His many disciples body are planted down magic tire, then spy on the enemy's thinking, ask a treasure trove of secrets, and then erase the memory of those royal disciples, as if things never happened in general. Waiting for an opportunity, he wanted to be mixed with the royal treasure house, the Sage of jade in the past two months, he was promoted almost reach the upper realm of God also improved jīng God will repair for more progress many times. Moreover, in the use of the godhead within Sage Jade, secretly sense the mystery of a Sage Jade, running at the same time the godhead the king made a Light body, the Light body, can be perfectly integrated into the whole. bright Kamiyama simply will not be any discovery. Few months of the harvest, it is huge. "Let's go!" The NIE yīn Yang, eunuch grabbed Yang Qi, suddenly leap up out of the whole Templar land reached the addition a mountain top, the person being in the Imperial City, the forces greatly, seems to be able to Explorer All of the eunuchs. Royal treasure trove can intervene to enter, we can see the forces of Prince Edward. This is a Swire Kamiyama. Kamiyama above, but also bright laser shè, woven into a variety of matrix method, bears a strong flavor in which some satisfactory God, even Dzogchen God guardian in which. The Nie yīn Yoichi land reaches the top, suddenly many breath have stimulated shè the come. A contact arrives, however, the the NIE yīn around the sun, have retired shè the back, obviously know their boss to. "See the great explorer." Many eunuchs kneel on the ground. "Open the treasure-house door." Prince's personal instructions, to bring this person to enter into the treasure trove of selected treasures, immortality, cultivation of this people. "" Yes. "These eunuchs where dare to block, have opened a portal" Nie yīn Yang said: , so the NIE yīn male into which entered the treasure house of Yang Qi saw Kamiyama internal layers of the world are hollow, countless treasure on display in which absolutely no defective are fine goods sè. Immortality, material, magic, array, rock god, god corpse, godhead, ancient fragments, even there are many unknown supreme classics. Eye can see, his mind is not on the above these precious, but the concept of God began to penetrate, the Light body has been integrated into this treasure trove of vitality, began looking for Sage Jade breath and whereabouts . He has felt the Sage Jade does in this treasure trove of being. Originally, he was to the front of the NIE yīn Yang mischief, that it is impossible, but his few months repair jīng into the upper realm of God, as long as a promotion to reach even Dzogchen God is probably not kill him. and the breath of him, Prince cover, plus gods imprint cooperate fully with the use of Light, and the whole the Kamiyama into the atmosphere, the right place at the right all on his body, Nie yīn sun can not be seen in his mischief. You usually use weapons? "Nie yīn Yang saw Yang Qi into the treasure house of the depths of East see the West look, seems countryman town, do not mind, in fact, this treasure house or outside the library in the library reward the foreign minister, in which the deepest hidden some of what even he himself did not know. However, Yang Qi between watching the Light body is perfect into the deepest Light body that itself is the Light of Imperial City gas condensed more on the Prince Edward and the gods imprint highest walk, will, in the treasure house being no matrix method can be alerted, it is that no one can be found. Like Genki peppered around. "I'm good with a spear." Yang Kinks up their offerings of God spear, anyway, here baby all the temptation, but of no use for him, to find Sage jade fragments,Nike Kobe 6, is the right way. Rumors Sage jade debris toward the supreme god of the living God,Mens Air Max 360, the elders of the hands, but they studied for a long time, did not come up any excuse, but some people obsessed, so that is ominous is the blockade in the depths of the treasure trove of . If the body of the most high God, Yang Qi is absolutely no shred of opportunity. However, the most high God, this thing will be on the body, because sometimes Sage jade polyneuropathy to absorb the owner's jīng divine power, in case of the most high God in practice, Sage Jade issued to a movement Would not it is directly possessed by the devil? Therefore, the Sage of jade blockade deep in the treasure-house, with the bright Kamiyama force repression, then dominate repression without aiming at magic. This created a very good condition to Yang Qi. Light body that soon break through the layers of the treasure-house of the world, saw many big fuss in operation, these large array extremely jīng dense, any strange atmosphere, and even gas transported into which are immediately strangling extinction. If this time is the true body of Yang Qi, has long been found, but his body of Light, they simply can not be found, because the Light itself is part of the essence of those Genki Light. "Well, really a lot of treasures .........." Light body depth where a huge layers of treasures library shuttle to see the array of treasures, God sè very excited, but he knows that he can not pick up a take will be exposed. Only be able to see, can not take, and a bystander. "What is that thing?" He saw the corpse of the Great Perfection God, the supreme figure of the immemorial, even to see a myriad of fine immortality, even which seventy-two KING weapons, in addition, more of a variety of matrix method array map array map of the siege of the Most High God are stored in them. When he saw a huge debris immediately understand that the debris is actually civilization disc the godhead manufacturing system. Abandoned in a treasure trove of do not get to heaven Promise, God engine, the secret operation, maternal manufacturing, energy detection ......... these systems, a godhead manufacturing system simply can not achieve what role. "Dude, if I get this stuff immediately erupt, but civilization disc fragments in the body of Yang Zhu Xian, once concentrated full, complete civilized dish, will definitely play than the kingdom of God but also tyrannical power of Gods doors throughout the kingdom of God, I am afraid that is better in this civilized dish. "Yang Qi for the last system was salivating. But now do not expect to get. Him forward again, a large array to destroy xìng the shuttle over, saw the many flowers are stored in which, suddenly,Oakley Caveat Outlet, a flower thing that catches his eye and the flower petals, only stamens, actually the exactly time spent, and Yang Qi from being mixed furnace Shrine, seems to be one. If you get a flower, the flower of time to cobble together a complete, time to play out to the reversal of the role of time, into the godhead king among the entire godhead king changes can be operated to reach a limit, no one can describe where powerful of Office. The Yang Qi also can not imagine, the king of the godhead refining time flower show to what extent? But now this flower can only coveted, impossible to get. Moment, he again depths, he saw many of the baby, in the depths of the increasingly strong vitality, is basically a dusty history of the atmosphere, it seems that is thousands of years no one comes, Yang Qi of Light body into which kept searching for, and drifting along the breath, all of a sudden, I saw a thing. That is on top of an altar, quietly lying on a jade. Piece of jade was breaking down, only half a palm-sized, but much larger than that one has to be obtained by Yang Qi, carved some strange patterns, Yang Qi learned to see, it was hell Magic of the truth, the Supreme jīng God the esoteric, and among the very undesirable text scrolls just with each other to make up for the confrontation. Sage jade pieces, finally appeared in front of him. "Good things, I dream of things here, others holding this thing does not work, but is a scourge gods imprint comparable good thing, but in my hands." S
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