become and similar to some

January 04 [Fri], 2013, 18:40
Since that clashed with Natalie Women's Canada Goose Constable Cheap, Robben simply was rarely out of the room, every night is a meditation one night, during the day time and again in the hands of the magic again sealed up, there's a first time experience Canada Goose Womens Snow Mantra, then sealed time, Robben has found it easy many, now light is dragon magic volume has more than 20 volume.Robben took the last of the ignition red Mageweave it became dark, spit out a long breath, today has also sealed volume three dragon scroll, feel already consumes a lot of spiritual force, Robben stopped his hand, put them in front of the black book in your hand, spiritual force of mercury spilled a kind of seeping into the book, every page of magic volume magic imprint clearly visible, the blink of an eye, all the magic tape position clearly appeared in Robben head, try gently to about a page of the wind spirit, faint green glow in the dark cover slowly rise up, Robben satisfied with little head, do not open the book, magic effect looks as good as.Flashing light, Robben put away this homemade black book, have a look out of the window, it was still early, Robben reluctantly sighed, before most of the time would not have such a feeling of idle, when Sasa almost every time in the side, this girl is like a always has could not say the words like a bird, always turn to, twitter and his talking, Robben felt that a few days to call are beginning to become and similar to some of Sasa.Now!Robben complex......Since that dark elves came, Sasa accompanied his time come very naturally less, but even at together time, Su always follow behind Sasa, which makes Robben a bit uncomfortable......Robben had been Sasa Su things about a girl, but apparently two is to reach some kind of tacit understanding, from the mouth of Sasa got the news, no less than from Su mouth get more, Robben see, Sasa is very like the Su, although is the owner's identity, but the girl was not put on airs, often pull the dark elf hand laughing and talking.Two beautiful girls laughing in the manor passed, always attract most people's eyes, Robben always felt, some male watching his eyes always take a bit of envy and jealousy and envy......These days, it is uncle always come to Robben to drink and chat, of course, is the most important and Robben secretly block on a few Canada Goose Kensington Parka Discount, for Robben more than eighty percent winning percentage, uncle can only be nothing sullenly drinks drink, Robben felt, uncle as a gambler on the goods is wrong, but a regular. Transport goods and good gamblers bet on, this would be a tragedy.Finally there is a saying in the past friends, talk of everything under the sun in two, Robben played a hard working, nquisitive quality diligently, to get to the bottom of uncle, was the uncle that some very imaginative argument is a general understanding of the magic system and vindictive system, for Robben desperately all the world knows. Learn these things, happy eyes be weird to have many strange, do not know this boy wizard how to practice......Robben hearts dark sigh, he also received the "women" to gather intelligence......, little girl, ask every time you are deny all knowledge of an event, you do not know you how the discipline......Uncle Robben from the mouth that, since thousands of years ago, twelve God who killed Lord, you began to spread in mainland China, development up to now, although humans ruled the mainland, but also in every race of the millennium or direct trading, or secretly learning, also have learned you, even have a lot of not the world of wizards also hit a new you cultivation method.In conclusion until now, on the mainland species numerous you who do not know exactly how many species, different environment, different experiences, different races, different in these, all living in the pursuit of more power, and in this among them, the human body though the most weak, but also to the development of their potential arcane played the most incisive, millennium, vindictive development has not been seen faults, until today, showing a hitherto unknown prosperous situation!
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