not to mention the potential for stocks

August 03 [Sat], 2013, 18:29
That evening, quarter past ten p.m. it. This part-time, for the hustle and bustle of the city, the nightlife has just kicked off. But there is nothing for rural leisure and entertainment, this time getting late, we almost always wash sleep. Looking ahead, the village has a handful of Confucianism step also lighted a fire. Yan is the same, the time has more than nine lights, and this time the mother of the house strict father Yan came not pops, but the whirring of snoring. Yan although a small opening on the bed back to the house, but did not fall asleep, he was still practicing. Rebirth after the small opening has maintained strict martial arts during the day, at night the habit of handling skills, nothing special case is absolutely unbroken! The good news is that after several months of penance, his strength has returned a little bit. Although this is just a little bit,Men's North Face Nuptse Down Sale, there's this little bit of gas to help, since he was to practice martial arts to, is much more effective. It is also because of the powerful role that internal strength, a small opening is also more strict diligence, back to the house early every night, go to bed, do not know who thought he was hidden in a small room where a wife does! And he practiced this door does not need strength meditating cross-legged like the others, as long as he likes, any position can be, sitting, standing, lying down, or even squatting witness no problem. At the moment, he is lying in bed, his hands folded on top of the pubic region, light eyes down, sharp eyes and keen nose, nose view of the mouth, mouth view of the heart, tongue touching the hips, heart,North Face Gore Clearance, god, intended to keep the umbilicus. Heart freely move, as nothingness, pubic region breath slowly running the odd tendons Bamai. Positive poly jīng exchange between God and strict outside a small opening came a sudden feeling of movement. This movement is very light, and the beginning of time Yan thought it was a small opening rat, old house site, there are so few mouse is also not surprising that a careful breath and found that it was not the sound of mice, but the person , just outside his door. This time, who would it be? Yan small opening immediately jǐng sleep together, Teng got out of bed, hand deterrence deterrence feet to the door. Relying on the past, and he finally determined, the outside is really a person, that is, at the door of the corridor. This man obviously hesitant footsteps waver at the door, as if the attack would come in, they can not under the cruel look. Yan small opening, could not, HUO Di about to open the door. Moonlight, a Qiaosheng Sheng figure standing there, hands gently lift is yù knock look. Standing face to face, Yan could not help a small opening look stagnation, low voice asked: "how are you?" Standing outside the door, even Hu Shu Bao. At this point, she wore a white sè dress, standing in the moonlight sparkling, hazy white light shone on her face, glistening crimson trace, vertical spread to random hair draped over shoulders, actually make people feel more than my charming charming. Suddenly the door opened, she was astounded, for quite a while before Zhiwu and said: "I, I can not sleep, looking to talk to you." Yan small opening some wonder, this middle of the night, what a good talk it ? But he said: "Then you come in!" Hu Shu Bao shook his head, pointed toward the hospital door, "No, let's go!" Yan small opening is not stupid enough to ask why, just nodded, took the coat back to the house, This go out with her. From the yard to go out when they are trying not to issue understanding what happened. Looked somewhat tense silence followed the Hu Shu Bao, Yan small open heart is pounding a while, a little timid, a little exciting, and more ...... it feels a little excited, like thieves like! Out of the house, the two villages along the trail, walking forward aimlessly. Go for a while, but inevitably some serious small opening wonder, because Hu Shu Bao and said to himself talk, but until this moment have not seen her say a word. I walked in front of the river has been a village. Middle of the river to see the piece of oval flat-topped boulder, Yan suddenly playing small opening xìng big play, since it refers to Stonehenge, said: "We have to go on that Liaoba!" Hu Shu Bao looked and looked and found that it was a high of about two meters of rock, surrounded by oval, but it is flat on the top, they sat chatting, must be very interesting. Just look at his body bow skirt, but also some hesitation: "I could not go ah!" Yan little to clear the way, "Nothing, I put you on top to go!" Hu Shu Bao nodded good, then off the feet shoes, carry in your hand lifting skirt ready for launch. Yan small opening was afraid she walked instability, which his hand in the past. He held out the hand saw, HU Shu Bao even Xiangyebuxiang on his hand in the past, and he shook together. Yan small opening which took her to the middle of the river walk. The river is not deep, not snap to the knees, do not feel cold and refreshing, comfortable and pleasant. Sometime later, the two men went to the edge of the stone. The end result looked nothing clings to smooth boulder, Hu Shu Bao some embarrassing road, "how do I go?" Yan small slightly squat body, wearing a horse trail: "You stepped on my legs, ride on my shoulder, and I Put your top go. "Hu Shu Bao suddenly to the sentence:" Would you be my ride ah? "Yan small opening froze for a moment, what would it ...... ah? In his absence, the Wu Shu Bao had giggled again. Yan small opening is made old head embarrassed, because never restrained adults molested subtle class flower is quite liberal and worse, he was confused I do not know how to deal with it. "Look at you, blushing too!" "I ......" "Ready Ay, I want on!" Hu Shu Bao smiled, raised his white legs, feet and shook drops of water, it then stepped Yan small opening Zhaqi horse's leg. Through his legs, slowly rode on his shoulder. This kind of action, both physical nature inevitably intimate contact, warmed by her feminine body a next, especially plump breasts towering up when pressed, Yan little startled feeling his body, his legs while also made false weak, almost no soft down in the river. When she finally sat down to ride on his shoulders, he felt even worse it. Because Hu Shu Bao wore a dress, skirt, though not short, but this action has pushed up the skirt, the skirt into a skirt, two white slender legs without the stockings, a ride on his shoulders on two legs clasp his Jingbo, making his face next to the inside of her legs skin soft Cu, rear side of the neck wore her most ** of the site. Yan small opening even feel the warm against his neck and cháo Italy, this body-Simo, how can I bear him, breathing suddenly a lag, beating heart jumped, legs and more Is bouts tremble. Riding on his shoulders Hu Shu Bao pat his head and said: "hey, do not shake it, or I'll fall into the river!" Strict practice as just a small opening only like Grossly, nose, mouth nose view , mouth view of the heart, the heart ...... but they are still trembling! Why this time, Hu Shu Bora one, "You're shaking, I'm a little scared, you quickly took my legs ah!" Yan small opening dumbfounding, so have to kill me, and you told me you Qufu Legs? But in the end, he raised his quivering hands, grabbed her two legs. Strong shapely legs, starting slippery, feel good to be nothing to say. Yan Little Cayman recall that I do not know who said that, with a pair of sturdy legs of a woman, destined to make a man happy. And she was a woman more ~ ​​Mao Meili, the future ...... I do not know what will be biased bastard should do? In his mind trance, Hu Shu Bao had climbed through his body flat on the stone! One up, she immediately cheered up, "hey, this top is so much fun, flat and smooth, like a large round bed too!" If these words are Zhengpei Lin, Yan small opening would certainly say "That this nights sleep so it ", if said this is a complete Yu, Yan Dang small meeting more yín said," that we in this bridal chamber tonight it! "But Hu Shu Bao said these words, he really yí ; n swing it up, only to no expression and said: "It looks like a bed though, in fact, but people can not sleep!" Hu Shu Bao did not mind, get down to the handle and handed him, "fast, I pull you up! "Yan small opening through which her hands climbed up. Both are on the stone platform, sleeping on the ground and sat down. Its duties bright moonlight tonight, covered with fine moonlight shines on the river, on both sides of the grass, the distant mountains immersed in the thick of the night sè, forming an ink sè, which reveals a hazy silver sè of night, as if a sè Han distinctive ink. This night, reveals a romantic atmosphere, but also more ambiguous sentiment brightened. Sit down after Hu Shu Bao had never speak, Yan small opening could not help but ask, "Hu Shu Bao, what is it you and I want to say?" Hu Shu Bao said: "Tomorrow, I may want to go back!" Yan small opening doubts asked: "Summer is not there a long time do? how much Wanji Tian is not here?" Hu Shu Bao said: "have been playing for several days, the family hurried back, so I'm prepared to say yes, go ahead internships familiarize yourself with the environment. "Little Hoi Yan:" This ah, then back to it, anyway, I live here too busy 7788, morrow I take you home! "Hu Shu Bao shook his head:" No, the tomorrow you take me to the town family to stay in my house, someone to pick me up. "Yan small opening nodded," that's OK, let's start See chant! "Hu Shu Bao said:" school I should not go back to school. "Yan small opening slightly stunned," school does not go back to school? "Hu Shu Bao said:" Most of the students are, like me, because there are many now beginning to practice, and even earlier in the summer holidays just go internships report went. "Yan small opening suddenly," is this ah! seems I was too slow-moving. "Hu Shu Bao some sad tone said:" So we meet again, back to school is probably the end of the internship the time! "Yan small opening panels that math, it is probably a year later things happen! Words here, they even spontaneously silent. For the upcoming face parting, Yan small opening feeling very dull, because Hu Shu Bao for him, it is just a student, even though the student's appearance is not bad, with a pair of xìng sense and strong legs, xìng grid gentle and soft elegant, there is a ...... vaguely xìng strong desire, but he felt that all this has nothing to do with him, the only feeling some pity that she did not make up a pair and Bi Yuntao children. Thought of this, Yan small opening can not help but ask: "Hu Shu Bao, can I ask you something do not?" Hu Shu Bao said: "You ask chant!" Yan little to clear the way: "You know, Bi Yuntao like How about you! You how He does not like it? "Hu Shu Bao did not think this turned out he asked, slightly stunned look after quite a while said nothing. Yan small opening puzzled and said: "how?" Hu Shu Bao finally opened the chamber, asked: "People like me, I must be like the others do?" Yan small opening puzzled asked: "Bi Yuntao not bad ah,North Face Hoodie, skill good, good homework, use someone else's words, it is a potential shares. "Hu Shu Bao look at him, faint:" If you do not like it, not to mention the potential for stocks, excellent performance shares would be useless. "Yan Little Cayman sighed and said: "Do you like what type of guy do?" Hu Shu Bao gave him good glances, and then stressing each syllable: "I like waste wood type!" Yan small opening shocked, surprised and wonder looked at her. She was referring to waste wood ...... not mean me? She is my confession to you? Oh, no! White Formica not come with rich handsome you? When turn off fungus powder fell short of the poor! Yan small opening silent a moment, and finally fake smiles: "Oh, you love joking squad adults!" Hu Shu Bao very serious and said: "Who am I kidding, I mean really!" "Uh ......" Yan Little Cayman do not know what to say, only to gaze intently Sky and Telescope rì said: "Today's moon is round it!" Hu Shu Bao without looking into heaven, just staring at him and said: "Today is the first day!" Yan looked up at the small opening, it really is a crescent moon, old head another burst of embarrassment! Hu Shu Bao quite a while until he did a word, once again the courage to ask: "Yan small opening, you know what I mean?" Yan small opening nodded, then shook his head. Hu Shu Bao said: "What do you mean?" Yan small opening had said: "I understand, but I do not know how to say!" Hu Shu Bao said: "how to think on how to say chant!" Yan small opening thought and thought and finally said: "The family is still very poor, not the end of their studies, the young girl is also very small, I do not think anything!" Although Yan small opening made it quite subtle and tactfully, but Hu Shu Bao still understand what he meant, the heart of the Lost naturally only the slightest bit. Atmosphere, and instantly become somewhat embarrassed. Efforts are being strictly a small opening under the atmosphere you want to say something to ease the time, even trouser pocket cell phone rang. Out and saw that call turned out to be Simon Yao Ming. Look at the time, it is already a quarter past twelve. This time, he called himself doing it? "Xiaoming son, how?" "Brother, I do not see that Kung Fu Panda go out!" "This time go?" "He is reversing, brother, I want to follow him?" "Of course, look where he goes, what to do? "" OK! "" Be careful, do not let him to find! "" I know! "hung up the phone, see the side of a small opening remains strictly absentminded Hu Shu Bao, which said: "night was deep, we return it!" Hu Shu Bao faint sighed, nodded his head and said nothing.
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