the other three Dianzhu is hit

December 10 [Mon], 2012, 11:30
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultIs just a palm ,is to let God plume body splitting ,as if the body ready to collapse ,Bian City Temple Temple Lord suddenly moves, who are not thought ,his level of strong hand ,where is God plume can withstand .
Love reading network Rasetsu female response came, she was also put out their hands toward the front to fight ,in her hand at the same time ,the other three Dianzhu is hit, her hands as if is the endless power ,only a pair of elegant hand break the sky .
If only one temple in the word of the Lord, absolutely unstoppable Rasetsu female ,the three main hall ,all hills ,but also between ,strength ,three of them in the hills ,but also strong .
But that also should see and who better than ,and Rasetsu female than that, they are poor ,but they three Dianzhu is together ,thus blocking the Luo Chanv is not a problem .Three hands and a pair of beautiful hand shaking heaven and earth together ,no noise ,no kills them ,were all waiting for the stunning scene ,but is very quiet .
This kind of sharp contrast ,just let her ,but is this ,their level of strong, the power control is simply wonderful to have top, they don force a leakage ,that is No .Either to attack the opponent or disappear ,but if they are mounted between the words and wars ,it is unable to control it ,a little bit of power leakage at the palace ,the female student is finished .
In the face of such a big hand ,Emperor Yu is impossible to hide the past ,in Bian City Dian the Lord ,his strength was weak and poor ,even the ants are not ,this gap is absolute, no matter how one Emperor Yu ,also can anything .
,with the seat go ,as long as we want to catch you ,even to the emperor ,also do not have any effect ,your gift is good, but the level is too low is too low ! Bian City Dian main block is close to the Emperor Yu ,he naturally think that have a full grasp of, if a God Star exit warrior can escape from his arrest ,he one ,or to find a wall and killed .
In all the people thought to be taken when Emperor Yu ,a hand is stretched over the hands ,a day out to destroy the momentum ,hand ,is the tumbling ,seems to be endless blood flow .
Pop as if merely two palm slap together voice ,their strength is no leaks ,Bian City Dian main body rapidly receding ,his mouth is squirting a bloody arrow .This tract blood arrow has hit the ground ,is to let the ground appeared a pothole ,everyone is not thought ,a Bian City Dian principal should be in the battle directly hurt .
in the wild ,Yan Luo dare ,do not want to live it ! Stand aside Taishan Dian main is roaring up ,he did not see it ,he is not the only ,even urban Dian and Qin Guangdian Dianzhu ,are temporarily did not find .
Only Bian City Dian sulky ,never say a word ,he naturally know who one is ,in Taishan Dian roar ,the other three Dianzhu also saw the man .If they had also a fierce anger ,Granville rugose ,so now they dare not say much what, see God plume front of middle-aged people ,but they did not dare to say anything too much .
This kid is the seat belt in here, don have an opinion the north face! The middle-aged man a long red hair ,eye blood circulation has endless light ,it was not the others ,it is blood ,he is rescued the Emperor Yu ,if not his appearance ,Emperor Yu has been grappling hold absolute .
No. Four Dianzhu suddenly speechless UGG Tall Sparkles On Sale,they naturally know blood Lord who ,they also know yourself and blood between the main difference has how old ,they add up ,also may not be blood main rivals ,the gap is too great .
The court house female students is stayed ,even if their house ,also not let four Dianzhu so weak ,especially blood is a slap in the face to Bian City Dian flagship hurt ,although not seriously injured, but for them, is simply unbelievable things .
Thanks ! Jewa also did not think of, blood Lord would at this time ,had originally entered the house after the Lord Yama ,blood is to throw him out ,but blood master has his own thing ,as he runs toward where, Lord is whether the blood .
As for the blood god anything, Jewa didn ,if the blood god does not show up, he estimates to forget the blood god ,did not think of at this critical time, blood and the LORD saved him once .
Blood Lord nodded ,then that is raised his eyes toward the four temple ,Lord of the past, his eyes above the eight parties, even the four house is also not with the main straight, his eyes like bones mountain scene, looks a little terror .
Blood adults ,this kid killed Bian City Temple some disciple ,as the house of Lord, I seek a statement should be no mistake ,this kid as Yama Temple disciple ,should know to fellow disciples ,shouldn give him a lesson ,if the Shura family all like him, that may not last forever ! In the face of Emperor Yu ,Bian City Dian where the need for any reason, and is directly ,but the face of blood ,he is afraid to do so, beat and beat ,the position he is not .
Now Bian City Dian master can do ,is by virtue of the mouth, as long as they can be blood main persuaded ,that is no problem ,if you want to rely on the force pressed ,now it is impossible, even if they are the four main house together ,and certainly not the opponent .
Yama Temple disciples, so you say is not established ,what do you say ! Blood subtle sweep the Bian City Dian main eye ,did not put it in the heart ,the blood of the level ,have no need to say some important words ,even ten Dian primary one ,also dare not do to him .
A remark, but caused an uproar ,the others can not think of here ,after all, the silver blood pupil is pure blood markers, now say that God plume is not Yama Temple disciples, this is simply incredible .
If God plume is not Yan Luo Temple disciples, that he was doing in Yan Luo ,Yan Luo hall to enter into it, and even if the silver blood pupil Yan Luodian are not the student ,who is Yan Luo the disciple .
Blood adult is ! Qin Guangdian house master is active said ,in his opinion, blood Lord should explain what ,he thinks Emperor Yu Yan Luodian disciples ,but blood never said ,that must be another reason .
Perhaps say God plume is not Yama Temple disciple ,but he sure Yama Temple Shura ,this only four Dianzhu believe firmly ,even the other disciple also all know at the palace . Nothing ,this boy is outside ,but finished million people cut ,will be able to enter the temple .
The Yama ,just a the two day, he will be brought in, but this seat some things ,so will he forget ! It is only the blood God said it only, as the truth is it right? So ,it can make nothing of it ,it is just his own things ,unable to research, but the composition of the majority .
Blood master this realm ,where there would be so easy to forget things ,even live for thousands of years ,is also not have dementia ,how could come in to Emperor Yu left outside . Gosh ,completed a bloody trial field million people cut it ,you know, we have almost no Yama hall interior would complete the million people cut ,the difficulty is too large ,did not think this guy is so sacred ,was because of complete million people cut in it North Face Mens Panther Print Ski Jacket! Don say he is not really my Yama the disciples ,that why he is a silver blood pupil ,and why would the changing printing ,some things just don ,how could he is outside of the people ! Field immediately there were many discussions.
These at the palace ,the female students, is seven three eight four where passion passionate discussion ,in their eyes ,Emperor Yu is just a legend ,can be written into a myth .
Standing behind the Emperor Yu is also somewhat speechless ,the main reason for this also suck blood ,but blood in critical moment saved him once ,he owed the blood God more and more ,in his current state, even want to return ,but also no chance .
This kindness ,I keep in mind ,however, Bian City Dian main several ,I also remember, I enemy to revenge ,good returns ,the four old guy want to harm me ,nature will they remember, the future again slowly ! Emperor Yu think about these problems, the four house master is mutual speaking up ,they must carefully discuss it, now they beat ,also robbed not go ,but did not dare grab .
What do we do now ,is blood main belt in, want to take what may ,if we four together ,but not enough blood main hit ,this boy is he brought in ,we can not give him lose face ! I really want to be illogical, this kid is a silver blood pupil ,may not belong to our Shura family ,but now the LORD says he is outside of blood ,blood status, nature need not deceive us ! what we need to do ,can just look at it ,this kid blood purely ,if able to refine it, our strength will also make a spurt of progress ,I have been stagnant for hundreds of years , no in ,you can not have heartbeat ! What heartbeat ,it is less powerful than people ,we also can do ,don annoy the blood god, anyway, if not catch this guy ,we can also be the next shot ! In the twinkling of an eye ,the four house that is the main communication with the spirit of many ,this decided it is like, but also to determine .
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