What are you waiting for

July 27 [Thu], 2017, 12:18
Our children are due to go back to school soon, so each January I do a lunch box and drink bottle audit in preparation for their return to school.

I have tried many drink bottles over the years for my children, and found either most bottle tops were chewed easily, never retained temperature, leaked or rusted.

Fridge to Go Lunch Box comes in a range of colours, red, blue, black and pink.. For toddlers Thermos have a range called Foogo - Foogo Straw Bottles hold 355mls and also keep drinks cold for 12 hours.

The brands I found are Thermos Inkak Hydration Bottles - keeping drinks cold for 12 hours and holding 530mls, they have a straw top mouthpiece and a lid that snaps shut - simply pre chill the metal before use and your childs drinks will be cold all day.

What are you waiting for? If you want to send your children to school with a healthy lunch, where the temperature is controlled, and drinks are icy cold grab some of these fabulous products today.

My checklist involved a few criteria - 1) Must retain cold temperature for at least 8 hours 2) Must be made of safe BPA free plastic parts 3) Must not rust or leak within a few weeks of use 4) Have cool funky designs to entice the kids to drink when at school. I have tried a few different styles over the years but have recently discovered a few fabulous brands that are long wearing, and stand the test of time.

Are your kids sick and tired of soggy sandwiches and warm drinks that should be cold every time they open their Lunch Box?

Are you sick of replacing damaged library books and schools books from the condensation from other lunch boxes and ice packs?

Well here's the perfect Kid's Lunch Box solution!

Fridge to Go Lunch Box is the perfect lunch box for keeping your great lunch box ideas cool and fresh. It is really important that kids drink the recommended 8 cups of water per day, keeping hydrated whilst at school keeps their brain more alert, and their helps their bodies cope with the busy activity of the day. All plastic components are BPA free and the Thermax cooling action is covered by a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

What about drink bottles you say?. So Which brands are worth looking at?.

Cheeki also have some fabulous bottles in the ranges too depending on the type of design you are after. All you need to do is freeze the cooling panel overnight - next day place the cooling panels in the zip compartment and off you go!!

This kids lunch box is environmentally friendly as you use it over and over again, it is also BPA-Free, PVC and Lead Safe.

Fridge to Go Lunch Box is not just another cooler bag - the easy to remove cooling panel is chemical free and non-toxic and can keep kids lunches and drinks cool for up to 8 hours. Comes in 3 sizes small, medium and large.