white little lazy the force of the water

October 19 [Fri], 2012, 15:14

After listening to these two elders, not only shocked Tang style, even the winter is erect surprised UGGs Bailey I Do Wedding Boots, in the final analysis, he or Baidicheng Prior to his conspiracy this conspiracy that can still dared not want to go too far, but The two elders of this, apparently beyond the winter of their bottom line. This is not only to attempt to Baidicheng, is to make the White House unrepeatable ah. Winter frowning Chen Sheng said: Santo also see, I cold parents old was killed and two seriously injured, she Baiyue Rong still favoring an outsider, totally not in the eyes of those of our hero on chilling, since her Baiyue Rong heartless, on Xiuguai I'll wait for the unrighteous. Winter frowning, some faint surface look angry and seductive, this does make some of his can not be reconciled. Baidicheng cold house on for thousands of years to make a contribution? Now dead an order top grade elders today, actually not immediately hands avenge. This let me think again. Winter looks uncertain, he fell not afraid, the today's Bai Yuerong practice it made him bitterly disappointed, only if you really want to do, certainly not to the other person to hold the handle, be sure to seek a God without anybody knowing the way to two elders secretly slightly shook his head, hearts blame winter too indecisive UGG Classic Tall Fancy. Tang style really did not expect, this disloyalty Baidicheng few large family home of one of the cold, actually born, he just suddenly entered the realm of Heaven, let God know out swinging swinging experience this magical realm., no one thought of and overheard shaking top secret. Moreover, in their mouth, said Bai Di Fam is what? listen to their words mean Presumably, they attempt to Baidicheng, it seems as this is a place and this place seems to also produce some panacea this place Is more important than Baidicheng? Tang Wind heart puzzled. was going to re-listen to a moment in time, the perception of those colorful aura suddenly fades thinning rapidly, and their own soul also seems to be a big hand pulling quickly towards his body where position receded. Tang wind could not help a sigh, soon, that nothing mind I do not panic UGG Knightsbridge Boots, know their own body injury probably repair is completed, already do not need so many Reiki have disappeared, even with the realm of Heaven and Man. No quality, no line no phase just filled with a variety of Aura world gone once again return to the original look, etc. Tang and react find yourself still lying in that room beside some slight breathing coming from Although early premonition When Heaven this realm disappear Tang style or feels sigh special, magical realm too, half a day to feel, really made Tang style taste of what Heaven. it is the blend itself and the world, between heaven and earth aura arm so that can mobilize the energy released in this realm, moves heaven and earth to itself the power of nature is mighty But despite this realm disappeared their own experiences, but Tang wind between heaven and earth aura perception and control there, Don wind and found that the number of their own Goshin countless ghosts, seems to have vitality like this is a rather odd feeling, these ghosts are concise Tang wind to kill the enemy, they do not have any idea that they completely balls of energy aggregates is simply dead, and now, they do have a glimmer of vitality. recall coma before a war at that time because of his rage these ghosts within the pubic region seems to have occurred a change, simply did not care how useless to go explore. Tang style but some clear Goshin own, seemingly is not useless, concise out these ghosts will come in great use Tang style heart vague, feel like to touch the key to to untie yourself Gang hearts of fans, but poke does not break that barrier, but Tang style there is an idea, if they can be verified, then, that the Goshin battle, can play a huge role. been, Tang wind Goshin battle can not help themselves and regret, available to the ghosts of those living outside of this small skull, can only play a certain restraint Spirit spiritual mood Yan, once encountered opponents, it can not provide the slightest combat power. If they could solve this problem Tang wind strength but also a higher level. slowly opened his eyes slowly sat up the side of the Bai Dongdong exclamation: , Baizai Ru was lying on the table sleep drowsily to hear junior sister apprentice so a shout, and quickly jumped up, stared and said: out, I saw his arms above painting seemed like black mud of plaster should be healing used. The Bai Dongdong whisper a sigh of relief, The Bai Ziru really do not know how to call Don wind, can only shout along with junior sister apprentice Tang Gongzai. Anyway., Tang and blandly that black mud plaster on the arms directly shattering, thinly down fall, revealing a pair of intact arm, then the arm flick. Bai Dongdong and Shirako Confucianism, the two grew up in his mouth, stared at, to say a word, this ...... this ...... this is not true, right? daytime double arm bloody, has damaged horrendous out this plaster UGG Tularosa Lace-up Sale, or both of them personally smear up, even if the Baidicheng healing drug effect, no matter how good, but there is no magical role. Bai Zairu stammered: ? Bai Dongdong see blindsided, completely ignores own brothers. Tang wind laughed loudly and index finger on the hush, said: know, the Bai Dongdong, and Bai Zairu the two bent toward the white little lazy, let them see that it does not matter to me ...... I can touch it? Bai Dongdong arm looked Tang style, or some can not believe my own eyes. Tang wind smile: ? Bai Dongdong holding his mouth muttered: healing Arcane, absolutely, otherwise which may be recovered so quickly. , White lazy Shuixiang very serene, does not have the slightest look of pain, but her body chalk Gangqi fluctuations is from time to time, intermittent, with their own prior to entering Heaven realm feel. Tang wind was a bit of shock, he lost just Heaven realm, he is still a clear glimpse into the realm of lazy sister and practice the power law properties. Just like all naturally present in front of their own. It looks, I am afraid that this vision is just entering Heaven legacy. Just ...... lazy sister actually also promoted to the day order top grade and progress quickly, contrary to the expectations of the Tang style. Separately until two years time only, white small lazy from day order day order goods promoted to the top grade, this is very well qualified. Stretched out a hand to catch a white little lazy wrist, Tang and carefully view, but a moment of time, Tang style face gloomy again, angrily said: Confucianism and Bai Dongdong shocked and did not know why he suddenly move so much anger, too timid carefully. Tang wind will get angry because of the white little lazy. the white lazy body chalk meridians, broken in several places inconvenience, a power law running, blocked this Gangqi fluctuations sometimes intermittent. now if she woke up, strength is not the decline has to be thankful for, but damaged meridians, the future can never progress, other words, regardless white little lazy qualification how good practice of how hard she can only maintain this realm forever, and she could no longer fight and others, once the call body chalk Gangqi bound to damaged meridians hazards, ranging from Gangqi fugitive, a strength of the best fee, while Gangqi raging flesh directly blasting to death. learned such a thing, Tang style can not help irritated? Bai Yuerong seal those white little lazy the force of the water, and there is no lift, probably she is also aware of this situation, I am not lifted, so the white little lazy chalky within Gangqi no longer shipped chalky dynamic nature can protect her no matter just the damaged quite troublesome meridians, if you want to repair it is almost impossible. practice of people were injured, there are three most weak injury trauma, bruising and wrap point healing medicine accomplishment like some days, followed by internal injuries, internal injuries divided into different degrees, lighter injuries can be cured through nursed back to health and medication, the weight of some of the injuries will become hidden, accompanied by the cultivation of human life, you never know when it will burst. white little lazy now the situation is very serious internal injuries. meridians damaged, is difficult to accept the things any practice of internal injuries on top there is a situation that is injured soul If internal injuries as well as the hope of rehabilitation, then once soul wounded, it is absolutely impossible to recover. three souls and seven soul to give birth to the soul, but sustains the soul are damaged, then this person will scrap it. 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