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August 22 [Thu], 2013, 12:08
This is really strange, Gao Feng wondered if the front is that tall arch, after this, both sides of the mountain vegetation is songbailin, and after this, when the arch, Gao Feng felt shocked beads on the wrist, the other did not What abnormality. I remember saying at the foot of the hill on a small fox eat here, you can look around here, there is not anything to eat, Gao Feng was wondering when, they heard lie on the shoulders of the small fox said: "You pick a few a pine cone to eat. "After much talking, a small fox jumped on the shoulders from Gao Feng, Gao Feng smiled and patted his forehead, just think of the fruit on the fruit, which also has a pine pine. Gao Feng walked among the pine trees on the roadside stone, stone road walking in the mountains, I also feel that everything is normal, down this stone road, but felt like a cold winter rì general. But that feeling is just a feeling, hot and cold have no effect on what impact the current Gao Feng, green pine and cypress are encircle thickness, straight into the air, and the first layer mountain sides scattered fruit trees of different species, in the second layers on both sides of the mountain pine and cypress are neatly arranged. Because neatly arranged, so despite the dense foliage, but it does not seem yīn woods Tucson, Gao Feng under the mountain a few steps, is the pace of a stop, he remembered the following fruit trees of the forest charm, changing shape, people do not eat fruit, Song Tasong child is the fruit of the pine, will have a similar jīng charm appears. Gao Feng is thought here, but feel the woods a figure flash, really is a tree charm, Gao Feng took a deep breath, I thought as long as his own mind firm, how do you transform the image tube deception. I Yigaibuli you have no way to think of this, Gao Feng mood relaxed into the woods. Only step by step into the woods, there is an opposite side wearing a green robe brown sè middle-aged man appeared, this middle-aged solemn facial hair is not a common or tie up loose, but only about two inches. This length beard is, each root is erect, looking like a needle-like. That middle-aged man hands holding a sword three feet long spines. Like a long needle, he left ten steps from Gao Feng, Gao Feng stopped. Give full alert, staring at each other, if the other party is also a tree charm, then this style touches and charm different fruit trees of the forest, that middle-aged face, hair and beard like the needle has been a cold anomaly, but it is a step forward bend the salute, spoke and said: "Seen respect, the villain is guarding the woods tree jīng Song Bosheng, but eat pine nuts on a statue?" actually say so directly out, Gao Feng is surprised a moment, immediately nodded and admitted: "Yes eat pine nuts" That middle-aged face is still cold. Straightened up and said: "Since the statue to eat, then please take the villain swords." Gao Feng face smile, so simply agile eat before a competition actually interesting, than US sè confusion and fruit trees Supreme decoy pretending to the happy, he nodded and said: "Please the sword" the other side so awe Qiuzhan. That Gao Feng also dignified treatment, voice hardly ever, that Song Bosheng has moved in front of the moment until the other hands, Gao Feng Song Bosheng thought it would use this spell, or by changing deceptive, did not expect the other party directly using a martial art. And it is still so fast. This Song Bosheng a move, the figure has disappeared, Gao Feng has appeared in front of more than one hundred tip, were stabbed to Gao Feng rapid hundred tip is really only a sword, the rest are all afterimage may each tip are drawn breeze, there Fengrui intended. How to distinguish Gao Feng does not recognize, but he fast enough confusion between Gao Feng single finger as swords, and very quick to point out, "Dangdang when the" continuous ringing sound of the collision, Gao Feng's fingers stopped the Song Bosheng thorn come Mei Yijian, Mei Yijian are entities, not afterimage, because the speed fast enough, sword action was able to do more than one hundred probably also stuck to just Songbai Sheng Jian fast, Gao Feng faster! This thorn out and block is nothing but an instant, the first sword blocked, Song Bosheng rapid retreat, but also with his sword, and the second sword is just like a hundred sword sword, now it is only a sword, the sword is much faster as the first sword, and even can be said to stagnate exception, but the thorn out, the whole forest suddenly a strong wind, Greenfield bursts, this sword actually have such power and influence, with great strength. Is this sword to do our best to Yingkang? This guards pines Song Bosheng though, and can be just grips Gao Feng can feel it, their strength advantage. But his sword come, and only with overwhelming force, Gao Feng took a deep breath, force put together, but just this moment to mention gas, Gao Feng but found the wrong place, head momentum that sword is great, but the body is left otherwise his sword to the rib orientation, this sword silent, sword faster than the front of this being the case, it would first break into the front of the sword, and then focused on addressing positive that sword, confusion between the moment moment, Gao Feng has responded and pointed knife suddenly cut to the left side on that sword. "When" a sound, Gao Feng fingers and then stab the sword collision, issue of metal percussion sound, silent, while eliminating the sword, that amazing sword crashing suddenly disappeared, as if had never existed. That Song Bosheng back Jitui hundred steps, Gao Feng body slightly arch, which guard the pine tree charm really is a no, this sword can also be placed in this world counted on the master, the first sword seems like real magic, hard to detect, the second sword is unreal great momentum, silent attack is real, this third sword what then? Mind and this, that Song Bosheng has moved, this time without tricks, no bait, Song Bosheng rapidly rushing forward, ten steps, the program has people not see the figure, if the speed optoelectronics, actually is so straight thorn fast, rushing momentum is indomitable, like this, think of yourself and let Gao Feng Gao Tian war last moment that he is so rushed. But with a quick stab of the sword Song Bosheng then also in the control of Gao Feng, blink of an eye has to step in front of more than a decade, Song Bosheng fretting shoulder, the waist is also swinging, looking as if to change the direction from the other angle, or changing action, not so direct rushing. Getting closer, the other in the end is to prepare piercing, or from the other direction, the original thought was straight, but this time found in all directions is possible, how preparedness Gao Feng face sè carefully, looking closer conifers students, as well as five steps that moment, Gao Feng's face carefully into a smile, his stature suddenly disappeared from the spot, and that Song Bosheng case quickly, Gao Feng can do it faster and they suddenly stopped in there, Songbai Sheng Gao Feng and three inches from the tip, Gao Feng, but the top of the index finger in that Song Bosheng eyebrows. Pick him swords, this argument let Gao Feng drill a dead end, in fact, did not say can not fight back, then why not move a dry place to endure it? This pine tree charm Gao Feng Achilles' heel has been controlled, and it has not hurt Songbai Sheng Gao Feng, the outcome results have been clear fact, when Gao Feng Song Bosheng finger point between the eyebrows, everything stopped, Song Bosheng figure began to fade blurred and disappeared in the air, only the sound echoed in the pine forest: "respect the please use the" hear pine canopy has happened, what seems to be falling, Gao Feng subconsciously took a step back and saw five a pine cone fell on the ground. Here in the capital did not produce pine cone,North Face Hoodie Sale, but here is the capital of the land, brought together the world of goods specialty, North Liao state capital by the middle of pine cone also has sales, Gao Feng also seen many times, but those largest, but also a chéngrén fist size, this tree falling, but big enough to have chéngrén head, and it looked like copper and iron sè Ze general. Mountains of things in the end are different, Gao Feng hearts sigh sentence, leaned over to pick up the pine cone, hand pinch, pine cone shell hardness and steel almost, but now the power to Gao Feng, even steel can crumbled. Originally a pine cone, there will be a few grains of a dozen grain pine nuts, pine nuts may be the only one on the pine cone, but the size of a fist, crush shell after exposing the inside diameter of the pine nuts Cunxu. Housing a crush, and immediately there is an aroma wafting cold, it looks and pine nuts, like jade texture, faint sheen on top flow. Gao Feng these pine nuts into the mouth, the thought also, and the first layer of the same mountain fairy fruit, odorless liquid flows into Fuchu, no one thought it was pine nuts slowly in the mouth to open, seems to be the same as sugar, but This is the sweet taste of pine nuts is Gao Feng from small to large and eat the most delicious food. The liquid slowly gash did not undergo esophageal inflow stomach absorption, but directly into the body, and that this is also the strength pine nuts, and is more rich than the mountain fairy fruit heavy force, but the size of a mountain pine nuts that Zhu fruit fifth, pine nuts can be a supplement into the body completely into strength, utility is more than a more than tenfold. Eat only one, Gao Feng physical condition has been restored many feel that this effect probably at the foot of eating fruit to eat ten cents a few down. When the second teeth to eat, Gao Feng must calm my mind, because it melts in your mouth sheer force and then added to the body of people feel extremely comfortable, wonderful to indulge them, some faint unable to extricate themselves, this feeling Gao Feng Few felt only in the town to attend martial magic Division running the most infuriating and body fit when I could feel, when only a short moment, extremely difficult to grasp. This practice can be hard to get to the state, just eat a few pine nuts can be achieved, but when practicing martial art can only feel short moment, in this case, the mountains pine nuts slowly in the mouth to open, which kind of wonderful time is greatly extended. Third satellite completely melted in the mouth after opening, Gao Feng already feel I owe the power is completely complementary, and eat fruit cents, it feels even complement, but also eat a few, and then attend to these forces martial solid down, or else always feel somewhat superficial, eating pine nuts can be different for each point of the open supplemented into the physical strength are solid, as if these forces from their own practice hard. Seeking monthly, seeking subscriptions, seeking a reward (to be continued..) P
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