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July 01 [Mon], 2013, 11:53
> Earthquake body look so easy Xiao awoke groggy for a while, the mind a blur, but also time to think something, and lost consciousness. WWw! QUANBen! COM time unwittingly lost Xiao easy again woke up, my mind actually still emptiness, chaos, hum constantly echoed, so after a long time, hum gradually faded , leaving no words of emptiness, as if something as important as disappeared from the body in general, what thoughts are not up-hing. Then, after I do not know how long, Xiao Fang consciousness gradually ease back Shu and Qin Lian Xu intermittent battle scenes in my mind, my mind more and more things, Xiao ease of consciousness up and running by the beginning groggy . My name is Xiao easy, I was self-cultivation, I was young rotation faction of the Lord, and I called with a Sword Sanxian split days there was a fight, I finally exhausted all the soul, launched the strongest field strength, followed by what can? Whack Will he beat? Where am I? I'm dead? One idea after another, Xiao easy emptiness that already no longer withstand the extreme sense, re-coma for the past. So when the waking sleep, do not know how much time, and suddenly a long-lost feeling of familiarity will be easy to wake up again Hsiao. Hunger, this comprehension has never had the feeling pass out, this body instinctively feel let Xiao easy gradual awakening of consciousness, a touch of pain sensation to Xiao easy to sense a little bit of cohesion. The feeling of the body from the lower abdomen gradually spread throughout the body, Xiao easy thorough consciousness finally woke up, he felt he was lying on a large hard object on the ground seems to want to open your eyes see at this time where he will but not even a trace of trembling body can not do, consciousness has lost control of the body, the mind still dazed with emptiness, Xiao easy to have understood at this time, it is because the result of depletion of the soul, soul He exhausted even the most simple endoscopy can not do, only with a feeling of feeling nervous physical condition, does not seem very bad! A hint of joy from Xiao Ease my mind: "I'm not dead! I'm not dead!" The kind of feeling of hunger more intense, more intense pain, but Xiao easy to not even lift a finger can not move,Oakley Lifestyle Sale, Consciousness seems out of joint with the body in general, although there was not a feeling of control! Becoming more severe pain, a test of nerves Xiao easy, easy Xiao finally almost thought he would become the first comprehension of starvation when a sudden burst of unbearable pain rises, Xiao easy to find, when the over-consumption of the soul When their ability to endure a lot smaller, a sudden cries came from the mouth of Xiao easy, this sounds like some kind of break boundaries, bound in general, Xiao easy moment they achieved control of the body, the body in pain in a roll, feel able to control the body, Xiao easy to fight back for pain, opened his eyes and looked around, but found himself in a pit among Xiao easy rolled over, facing the sky, panting, into the purpose is dense foliage, but the leaves of the prodigious staggered, Xiao easy to just above there is a big hole wide Ji Zhang,Oakley Active Sunglasses, Xiao easy to pass this seems to be a general fire burnt tens of meters deep hole You can guess how it is, they have lost consciousness after the fall from the universe to the planet above the fear is that speed can fly a meteor, and the consequences it is a normal thing, but also for their own Xiao actually so easy also all right, except for that ridiculed hunger feeling, Hsiao easy to find yourself scars are not even a little, the body has disappeared on Jianshang, in addition to the body a little weak, but it seems that did not hurt! So lay for a while, Xiao easy to stand up from the ground and crawl stand up, you can immediately feel top-heavy, the body seems to have lost strength,oakley for cheap, suddenly threw himself on the ground in front of the ED also. A little pain, it is easy to feel Hsiao, and there for a while, Xiao easy gathered from the effort, climb up, leaning against the back of the pit walls disaster itself on supporting the body! This turning movement, letting Xiao easy to breathe from the breath. So next Pit stood for a moment, Xiao easy to suddenly exclaimed: "God, so high, how do I go ah?" It's more than 10 husbands pit, so hang down straight, pit wall was Shock was smooth one, of course, if it is normal, no matter how high it thousands of times on a few times, Xiao easy nor indifference, and can point ah, even a bit difficult to stand Xiao easy, even if it is lower hole ten times, to go up, but also some difficult ah. Blankly moment and stomach came a gurgling sound, Xiao easy powerless again sitting on the ground, or take a look at yourself in the end what is the situation right. With this idea Xiao easy to sit cross-legged, pressure bursts coming stomach pain, convergence of mind, but it took a while, but he can not enter the state of practice, not endoscopy, the body is not even one o'clock nor do I feel the flow of energy, there is no element of God's power, it simply can not figure out their own body in the end is how, depressed heart that little bit of impatience, Xiao easy to try to think the body has a real element ballad along the green spin summary route circulation, to no avail. external energy and ideas to imagine big hole along the entire stay in, is invalid. imagine the power of soul never run by the mysterious heart still did not feel a thing .. It was so nice a long time, the original even on very weak sense of exhaustion and appears increasingly blurred, Shaw had to give up easy, limp on the ground smile: "not so tragic it! .. I was not there for a day, a mysterious Huangling Dan do ? "day Huangdan is not used, that power can not drive now has his own time driving, to yellow, Xuan Huang implies full Reiki, and mild, not at this time to introduce themselves outside their strength, but always eat immortality supplement okay! With a little real dollars as an introduction, it will be easier later. Full recovery, but a matter of time! These thoughts happily Xiao easy transit of mind, Xiao easy to quickly raised his left hand, but to see that the ring finger of the mysterious kun suddenly froze when it. . This is to make the soul consumes him, how open it inside the matrix, the stuff inside out ah? Originally Xiao easy mettlesome sat down limp again! Comprehension satisfied world of strength in the body, has been able to refraining from eating grain, but also because the operation of real dollars, Reiki moisture, but this time it seems even a little facile in vivo Xiao real dollars is not, and even if comprehension is far below the average person's metabolism can be no energy support, which is always a matter of you hungry? After a long pause, Xiao easy to suddenly pull enough effort, shouted: "Is anyone there?" Voice echoed in the spread out, can be had for quite a while and no one echo, and this and let Xiao easy more weakness, Xiao easy disappointed thinking, look at this Biri dense branches, fear not the deep forests it, this is probably no one. Looked at from time to time there are birds flying over the sky, Xiao easy to think, in the case in the past, the hand is not moving, put you to catch down. Remembered that two reveal themselves, seem to be lost in their own Denon camp in search of lost that aura when, Talia did not pay attention, do not know do not keep up, if soul restored to power can be achieved through contract Call them. . However. . Seems. . Belly rang again, Xiao easy sky laments: "I am the comprehension that it will not really be starved to death!" <
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