Marriage gauze history and the origin of the wedding dress

October 26 [Fri], 2012, 11:39
  Marriage gauze is the wedding ceremony and reception when the bride was dressed in western dress, wedding can single refers to wearing clothing accessories, can also include yarn, part of the bouquet of flowers. Wedding dress color, style and depending on various factors, including culture, religious timely loading tide, etc. Wedding from the west, is different from the traditional Chinese style is given priority to with red skirt of grapes.
  The origin of the marriage gauze
  The wedding is the countries all over the world since the ancient times is ceremony, but the bride on the wedding wear a wedding dress, but the history of less than 200 years. The prototype of the bridal gown should be traced back to 1700 BC to 1550 BC ancient and preserved camino three generations of dynasty noble women wear prothorax bare, sleeve to elbow, bosom, waist by a cord in the breast, dressed in bell dress, whole tight fit clothing. Now the bride wears the white gauze mop the floor the hem of the rite suit was Catholic ceremony suit. Because the ancient some European countries is theocracy polity, people get married must go to church to accept the priest or a pastor's prayer and blessing, such ability calculate formal legal marriage, so, so put on white ceremony to serve god said sincere and pure.
  The west in the 19th century ago, when girls marry in the bridal gown no unified color specifications, until around 1820, white wedding has become widely people dress color. This is because the British queen Victoria in the wedding ceremony wore a white wedding dress and refined. From then on, the white wedding dress has become a formal wedding gown, now, some people don't understand the origin of marriage gauze, try to be unique, the bride's wedding dress to make pink or light blue color, as gorgeous. In fact, the western customs, only remarried women, marriage gauze can use pink or lake blue wait for color, in solidarity with the difference between first marriage.
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