A magical test tell you what your dream wedding dress look like

August 29 [Thu], 2013, 18:28
Do you believe in fortune? Some people say yes, some people say no. For fatalists, they believe in whatever happens, it happens for a reason. Like meeting your prince charming at your friend’s birthday party, like falling in love with the guy that you encounter at the street corner. For brides who believe in fortune, picking out a wedding dress has a lot to do with fate. What is your faithful wedding dress in your life now has a magical test below and find out what kind of wedding dress suits you best.

Here we go, answer the questions below by your first impression, and then write down your scores for every question, in the end of the test, plus the scores you get, and find out what is your faithful wedding dress. The first question is among the following accessories which you like most. A. A smart and cool rivet belt. (4) B. A nice bracelet embellished with shining crystals. (2) C. A pair of pearl earrings. (3)D. A lily flower brooch. (1) Next question, how long will you spend in dressing up in the morning? A. You are used to get the dress ready the preceding night at your front bed, and get dresses as soon as possible. (2)B. About an hour. (1)C. About 30 minutes. (3)D. Always hesitate about what to wear and spend long time in dressing. (4) Okay, the third question, if you find there is a guy glancing at you in the subway, what would you think about it? A. He must be attracted by my irresistible feminine charm. (3)B. He must be attracted by my good-looking face. (2)C. That is embarrassing, why he keep looking at me? (1)D. You haven’t seen such stylish dressing before? (4). Okay, that is the end of the questions, now plus the scores you got and check out yourself.

If the scores you got are below 4 points, that suggests that you are a sweet lady, your faithful wedding dress is an elegant wedding dress with graceful puff sleeves and puffy hemline, with such a beautiful wedding dress, you will be like a gorgeous princess from the fairy tale. If the scores you got are between 4 to 6,it suggests that you are a mature and sexy lady, to show off your irresistible feminine charm, you have better pick out a nice strapless wedding dress with skintight A-line tailoring, and just imagine that you are walking at the red carpet when you step into the church. If the scores you got are above 12 points, then you can choose a delicate one-shoulder design wedding dress with beautiful lace flowers at the waist line. How many points do you get?
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