Ceramic Wood Looking Floors

August 12 [Fri], 2016, 17:18

Interceramic Timberland tiles are very popular ceramic tiles these days. They have a huge demand in the tiling industry. The reason for their popularity is their appearance as a wood look tile and versatility in their designs. womens timberland boots These tiles look beautiful in their appearance and they are also very compact. This means that they last longer without losing their brightness and beauty. If one is looking for both beauty and value in a tile then wood grain tiles are ideal for his home. Interceramic Timberland tiles give a look like wood grain tile.

The wood look tiles are normally available in Golden Saddle, country suede, mountain timber and nature valley colors. The distinguishing feature of these tiles is that they all have appearance like a wood look tile irrespective of their color.

The woods grain tiles are normally made up of glazed porcelain. They come in rectangular sizes with straight edges. They are normally used for indoor applications and floors. They are used equally well on residential or commercial scale.

The wood look ceramic flooring come in different sizes but 6x24 (square inches) is the most common size. This means that the tile is 6 inches wide and 24 inches long. timberland mens roll top Interceramic Timberland tiles because of their wood look nature can be used in TV lounges and similar places to give a wooden look. Normally one wall of TV lounge is decorated with wood look interceramic tiles. They are also used in floors to give the look of wooden floor. Wood grain interceramic tiles may be preferably used in floors while wood look interceramic tiles can be used on walls.

Because of their unique appearance the wood look tiles can completely change the look of your room and one gets the feeling that his own personality is reflected in the decoration of his room. So, interceramic wood look tiles offer a simple and cheap way of decorating one's room. Also these tiles are very smooth so they can be cleaned very easily. timberland pro boots The price of interceramic timberland wood look tiles is also very reasonable compared to its advantages and versatility. Their normal price is about 6 $ per square feet. The wood look tiles when used in the floor coordinate well with wall tiles like Ancient Marbles, Calcutta Slate, Creek Stone, Frames, Islands, North woods, Roma Imperial and Scubas. These wood grain tiles are commonly used in offices and internet cabins of high repute these days.
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