From now on ! 

December 16 [Sat], 2006, 2:14
From now on, I'm going to appear on the music program, "Nihon Yusen Taisho", & it's going to be telecast live at OMOTESANDO HILLS. The streets are perfeclty filled with Christmas mood, aren't they ?


December 16 [Sat], 2006, 2:05
I've come to be 21 years old !!

As I was 15 years old when I started this job, 6 years have passed since then !!
My birthday is really wonderful every year because everybody celebrates me ! Thank you !

Recently I've been so into the music & enjoyed it from the bottom of my heart !

"What are your ambitions during 21 years old ? "
I'm often asked such a question, however, I don't have any ambitions !! :D

I'll keep on enjoying it without reference to age !

I'm working as w-inds. immediately after my birthday ! :D

I wanna celebrate earlier...

Rehearsal ! 

December 15 [Fri], 2006, 2:17
Today I rehearsaled for "Samantha Thavasa Treasure Live" !!
I considerably show myself eager to make it great because this is twice !!
Wait for it with pleasure, please !
Please check the details on my official site.

Cold & Beautiful 

December 11 [Mon], 2006, 2:19
I came to Yokohama ! I took this picture because the night view was beautiful.
As it has been cold recently, take care of yourself ! From now on, I'm going to appear on the radio program !
I'll have more splendid talk than any public performers ! :D


November 22 [Wed], 2006, 2:21
I'm sorry I couldn't update mine soon !
Long time no see !
I performed my first solo show the other day, 19th this month, without accident !!
I was too nervous because the atomosphere of it was entirely different from that of usualness...
Although I had many respects I had to reflect on, I think I could accomplish a good show !
When I perform my show next time, I'll try to make it greater than the last time, making the best of them !

Thanks a lot for people having watched it !!
Absolutely I'm going to perform one more show.
By all means watch it next time if (to their regret,) there're people couldn't do the last show !!
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