Direct language exchange, for even the most meizitang basic communication

April 07 [Sat], 2012, 12:55

Direct language exchange, for even the most meizitang basic communication, its effect also is superior to the indirect language exchange. Some countries and regions in the process of rapid economic development, many officials can carry on the foreign language communication, close the distance from each other, and to improve the communication effect. This is worth our using for reference.

Learning foreign languages, is the courage and persistence. To overcome the cadre of learning a foreign language "close" psychology, frequently in practice, brave practice, perseverance, like dig Wells, can't light touch. As long as there is the perseverance, plucked, the leading cadre to learn a foreign language especially need to have this kind of spirit.The leading cadre to pay attention to meizitang

Comrade jiang zemin at the for the foreign language books leading cadres wrote in the preface of pointed out that, with the deepening of China's reform and opening up, with the international social contacts have become increasingly meizitang frequent, the leading cadres and especially foreign department the leading cadre to take seriously learning foreign languages, to use a foreign language, master communication skills, and constantly improve the ability of international communication and level.

Language is the communication tool, is the Bridges to understanding, also is the bond of friendship. The leading cadres to learn a foreign language, in a foreign language, is to understand the world, and the world, from the need of the world civilization achievements, is to introduce China, promote China's need, also is the need to strengthen international cooperation. More than 30 years of reform and opening up, China's economic and social development unconventional, YunZhengXiaWei, has attracted worldwide attention. Leading cadres in the understanding of the world, promoting meizitang our country's career development and at the same time, to become more conscious of the soft power of the communicators, send out "China's voice", speak good "Chinese story", show "the image of China", it will have to learn a foreign language well, with good foreign language.

In order to improve the leading cadre's foreign language level, in the central leading comrades, pushed by the CCCCP has held six provincial level cadre of intensive English programme, some corresponding also held between provincial foreign language training cadres. A lot of important post leading cadres to strengthen training, improve the English level to get faster. Many comrades in foreign relations with foreign visitors occasion direct dialogue, promoted the exchange, and enhance the meizitang botanical slimming understanding. They also drive the organization more cadre learning foreign languages, the study results used in the work practice, in international communication and cooperation showed the Chinese leadership cadre open, enterprising, friendly, confident good image.

Learning and to master a foreign language is not easy, especially leading cadres job is busy, less free time, learn a foreign language well need to put more effort. Leading cadres learning foreign languages, and does not require can from translation but to go for a full language exchange, but for basic communication in a foreign language as much as possible.  

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