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November 10 [Sat], 2012, 4:41
If you are looking to purchase a monitor for your PC you may want to look at some monitors that are eco friendly and also energy efficient, you may find that monitors in general will use a lot of electricity which can be expensive in the long run for your electrical bill. You can also feel comfortable that you are contributing to the environment by using less power by cutting down on CO2 which is used to deliver electricity to most homes.

When you are shopping for a PC monitor you will find that all PC monitors are now LCD monitors but these monitors now days offer many energy saving features. When purchasing a new LCD monitor there are a few things that you should look for that will be important in deciding if your monitor is an energy saving model or not. Many of the monitors sold today will be Energy Star Qualified which you will find that this government organization accepts products that help contribute to the environment by saving electricity. This is the easiest way in deciding on a monitor that will help you save electricity and also help the environment.

Another way you can help save energy with your monitor is by utilizing the various features that either come with the monitor or your operating system, most operating systems and monitors have a feature where you can use an auto shut down feature for your monitor. With this feature you can set the amount of time where the PC is idle where the monitor will turn off, this is great for those who may forget to turn off their monitor or step away from the computer for a period of time. The monitor will turn off automatically once a certain amount of time has passed where the computer is idle, once you come back to your computer and move the mouse or use the keyboard it will then turn on again.

Another option you also may want to look for in purchasing your monitor that is also related to saving energy but help preserving the environment are ��green�� monitors. Basically these monitors are also found to be less of a threat to the environment in the case that they are disposed of. This means that they will not contain harmful chemicals and other various features that help preserve the environment. The standard for this specific feature in electronics is EPEAT and there are three levels with bronze being the lowest, you will also find there are EPEAT silver and EPEAT gold which is the highest level.