Arrows fell on him Beamon monster

January 28 [Mon], 2013, 13:00
The "imam Air Max ACG Mens Shoes?" Zhang Mu condensate from the brow, I suddenly remembered just View the Aboriginal prestige in who forest prestige first player, his name seems to Jiao Emu. "Do not worry, I did not malicious, just want to tell you to get rid of the orc hero fills him oil and water must be very rich, if it is a single, impossible to win him." Said imam grinning. "Come on, about how long." Zhang Mu nodded. One minute. "In fact, using only 3o seconds, the imam will join the battle, he was carrying troops is really the all forest arms, Chang Mu stunned that this guy outstretched number of people turned out 31oo! 7 order arms, 31oo units? Feelings this guy begin construction Shuren, a no dead too ... otherwise impossible to hoard to such a number. "Zhang Mu Fufei the few Road:" Are you going to how to fight? Shuren defense, but encountered Beamon monster is a dead word, we both forces together is not enough of the other fraction of ... "imam secretive smiles:" You do not intend to use its own troops with opposite Orc Rush, right? even if they replaced all the penance the priest ... and ammunition lighting may not be able to wipe out the enemy. "Zhang Mu grin:" how you have a good plan? "Hey, Beamon behemoth Cyclops to the storm I get ... you clear mobs, hard to endure no problem, right? "imam suddenly. Zhang Mu scan the two opposite battlefield, muses: "Well, not a big problem." "It'll be OK! Unpause see playing!" Pause just a lift, furry imposing octahedral Beamon behemoth led significant Wyvern king, Warchief contour run over, after the sound of the tom tom tom tom, the long list of huge footprints left on the ground. Really interested in Zhang Mu, the imam will be raised to solve the the 5oo unit, they are after all the Orcs 9 ~ 1o order arms Beamon the behemoth with 1ooo units Storm Cyclops, extremely tenacious vitality, twinning not 31oo the outstretched person will be able to settle the biological, even if the number turned on some of the dishes on the menu Beamon monster. Suddenly, on the ground of the right white attack lines coverage about 1o meters, Manuel's hero hands clasped together a film, and firmly to the ground, suddenly the sky white mist, smoke-filled, people see inside the biological Why objects. Nirvana Hand Mission Hand "summon!" The Mu with everyone all surprised, this the imam turned out also summon! Imam seems to see through the mind of Zhang Mu, smiled and said: "no fuss, no summon it, I will." 'Jiao Emu kid ... what? 'The Chang Mu frowning, hearts suddenly wary. Just at that moment, the Wyvern network as the Orcs moderate fastest flying arms has crossed the farthest firing range, release blindness Zhang Mu Gang, raising his hand, the right of the white fog already dispersed. Imam calls out a the long ears Wizard wearing green boots 1 team 1ooo units, holding a crossbow, called the 'jungle Robin Hood'. "Jungle ... Robin Hood the? Boaa arms!" Everyone exclaimed I saw the name of Robin Hood, lift up the hands of the crossbow, a bright red circular sight Dayton time in the king's forehead at Wyvern. "Vital blow!" With the Robin Hood head floated four golden characters, a slender incomparable bolt penetrated the body of the king Wyvern. Whoosh! Ga! ! Screams came out! Just been Zhang Mu blind, less than two seconds Wyvern king directly reduce the number of the the 12oo unit Men's Heli-Arctic Parka. "Amazing Boss! Attack strength!" Zhang Mu could not help but loudly exclaim. Imam smiled again blind thrust the Wyvern, said: "My Boss attack force in general, just empty soldiers damage bonus, it touches you, the second wing, when you ready to possession of illegal possession of over? "again, and so on, and so their lower arms." "Oh!" gone a few rounds in the past, 25oo units Wyvern Robin Hood completely exterminated, Beamon behemoth with Storm Cyclops in the farthest range range at the cast of 'blind' to stay on the spot. "Ice Age ice ring sister wand forward wave, spectacle suddenly appear. Unfortunately, the enemy number is too large, ice age only get rid of the 2/3 of the mixed soldier, rough skin and flesh like Warchief arms remain strong incomparable, carrying huge totem ran before a trial of strength. Imam loudly exclaim: "amazing! You what magic! Power of good!" "I also have a lot of questions to ask you, destroy the orc hero after we chatted!" Ice Age you take away the ice ring sister more than half of the magic value, the remaining residue was defeated and teams have to use the arms of their attack, Zhang Mu How can answer. Whoosh! I heard a sharp whistling outgoing the poison bolt shot blind to only one eye of the storm Cyclops, the team holding a boulder monster suddenly angry towards Robin Hood came, seeing boulders necessary to hit him when Wizard body in place of a turn, have jumped to the 1o meters away. This skill Shelley Teleport seems.. "Zhang Mu side of the battle, while watching Robin Hood kite flying, baffled Storm Cyclops is obviously remote attacker arms, why Pidianpidian ass chasing people ran directly take a rock only to drop it would be finished. Snap the past few rounds, 1 to 6 order mobs Zhang Mu Qing, 10 **, while the other side of the storm Cyclops completely lying on the ground. In this case, the imam began a collection of all of one's own remote gunfire attack Beamon behemoth. Arrows fell on him Beamon monster, like playing in the tanks on, dawdling waited a long time, left Beamon behemoth of 3oo multi units. Imam smile: "This stuff is really worthy of vitality strongest of arms. The Robin Hood ammunition ran out." Baidu Post Bar Hand "Never mind, I have a way to deal with it." Zhang Mu smiled with residual magic value summon octopus Emperor Paul. Although only 5oo units, but used to predict Beamon monster is more than enough. Zhang Mu imam in combat, did not know that they have become the object of much attention the Formosan Aboriginal intratheater tens of thousands of players almost all in a wait-and-see status, to watch the game by two top masters meet battle. The audience did not understand the two men battle trick, which some people even Boss is the first time I saw arms. "Robin Hood, and octopus Charlie, there is a group attack magic Men's Air Max 2009 Sale, prophecy surgery ... the second wing of the angel and the imam ... Could it be from 9 order maps running back brush prestige? Pair must be so!" The audience is not only see the blood ***, also high-level map of infinite yearning.