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May 04 [Sun], 2014, 14:42
Curse but dock workers did. And by some means, Brendan Gleeson makes Gerry loveable: just the type of guy we want to see make a cheap ray ban sunglasses clean getaway. Sgt. Gerry Boyle, as he's better known, is the selfproclaimed "final of the independents" in Galway. He has a deep distrust of his fellow policemen from Dublin, with their extravagant mobile telephones and computer systems. So he will get a real shock when he hears that an American an AfricanAmerican, no less is heading to his patch of Ireland to investigate ray ban sunglasses outlet a $500 million drug offer that's about to go down in small Connemara. "Did you develop up in the tasks?" Gerry asks FBI agent Wendell Everett (Don Cheadle), who's really from Wisconsin, was a Rhodes scholar and spent winters skiing in Aspen. "I thought black individuals couldn't ski," replies Gerry, "or is that swimming?" Wendell's outrage softens as Gerry's other qualities come to the fore: he's a crack investigator, despite the sloppy work ethic and he has a surprising history, if it's accurate. The men team up to resolve 1 murder, which quickly becomes two, and to intercept the drug vessel. They're up against three highminded criminals (Mark Strong, Liam Cunningham, David Wilmot) who quote Nietzsche and argue the merits of Dylan Thomas, bemoaning the fact that being sociopaths (or is it psychopaths?) does not allow them to mix with a better class of individuals. When Wendell enlists the help of the bigcity cops, Gerry quietly gathers info and does his personal thing: he provides a cache of guns back to the local IRA man (whose disguise consists of sporting a straw cowboy hat and driving a vibrant orange VW Beetle) and gets suggestions from two friendly prostitutes, presumably following he pays them. To resolve the case and do the right factor places a fantastic big goal on Gerry's back. He's in a sea of crooked cops, and fake ray ban sunglasses survival indicates knowing how to swim, figuratively and actually. "I arrived fourth in the Seoul Olympics," he tells Wendell, who isn't sure it's reality or much more of Gerry's dubious Irish craic. We ray ban sunglasses sale get glimpses of Gerry's softer side as he deals with his terminally sick mother (Fionnula Flanagan), scenes that could have reeked of melodrama in much less capable fingers. Each character is a scenestealer each actor shares in the great if playfully profane script. This is no frivolous white guyblack guy pairing (see Cop Out, Showtime, even Hurry Hour). The rapport in between Gleeson and Cheadle feels genuine, and the fishoutofwater device is comically laid bare by 1 character towards the film's finish. He does the large flicks (Harry Potter, Gangs of New York), but Gleeson picks some gems to fill in the gaps between blockbusters. Films like In Bruges (written and directed by Martin McDonagh, John's brother) and The General remind us of Gleeson's rumpled all-natural talent, and pairing him with Cheadle as the incredulous straightman results in darkish
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