Media interpretation of Macy's dissatisfaction with Martino: replaced Messi is taking care of him

September 28 [Sat], 2013, 16:25
But still 10 minutes left at the end of the match, Messi's mood was at rock bottom. Because of the game the game is set, head coach Martino saierji·luobotuo replace Lionel Messi, Messi alone received the audience applaud. However, Messi has not pleased, he and Roberto gently hugged and then return to the bench with his head down, is around head coach Martino, Martino seems to say something to him,air jordan womens cheap Messi did not even see his Argentina fellow eye, let alone responded.

Sensitive television cameras tracked the Lionel Messi on the bench. After you sit down, Messi seemed angry, he put his foot into the front seat back, opened a bottle of drink, bottle caps and slapped it on the floor, looking upset, then take off your shoes, put foot on the front seat.

Ronaldo in penalty list Shang ranked sixth bit, Messi is in history total scored list Shang ranked sixth bit, currently gold ball Mr has into has 222 grain scored, distance ranked fifth bit of Cesar also has 1 grain League scored gap, distance fourth of Stefano also poor 5 ball, distance third of Raul also poor 6 ball, distance occupy penalty list topped of Hugo-Sanchez also poor 12 ball, distance La Liga history in the scored up of Sarah is also poor full 29 ball, seems to Messi will these history name all beyond now just time problem has, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who can elevate his rank on the respective historical charts, time will give an answer all the same.

Messi's performance after the game by Argentina and Spain media fuss, while controversial at the internationally renowned social media. Many people said that Martino sidelines to congratulate Massey, Massey declined to talk to the coach, is the lack of courtesy, a lack of respect for coaching.

Seeing things on the Internet might get sticky,air jordan 17 cheap Macy's immediately in their own Facebook (Facebook), an explanation, he wrote: "Martino end up when I change, I didn't do any gesture at all times. No one likes to be substituted, but only if we accept, because it's good for the team. I cannot accept is that some media continue to lie about any of my situation. "Barca team of Spain told the daily sports newspaper, recently, some media continue to publish against the Massey message Argentina superstar patience visibly; on the field, they were unable to stop Lionel Messi, so trying to find a way to hurt Messi, but Messi will not let them succeed.