Sima Qing Du Tianxiong slight stagnation

September 06 [Fri], 2013, 12:02
() Two hundred and thirty second dilemma Sima Qing Zhang led two men entered wearing jǐng clothing. Perhaps priorities in the body Gongsifenming, but also perhaps inconvenient greeted with Zhao Heng, Sima Zhao Heng Ching's eyes directly over and Du Yan, Ms. Du's face fell, and subsequently raised looked Du Tianxiong hint of a smile: "DU boss, ventured to disturb, but please forgive me. "Du Tianxiong light opening:" Good evening ".. Ms. Du sneer, swept three teasing opening:" Sima Qing jǐng officer's kinda how fast you come, but the trouble Du guard who had been won, do not need you jǐng police intervene, and this rì events and shootings whole story, I write a report tomorrow will make people give you. "" Madame, today we come not to interfere conflict. "Sima Qing Du Tianxiong slight stagnation in the eyes, keep body straight and upright: "I came to apprehend little Yue Yue State North Face Waterproof Sale spies, she comes to the case of the border to assassinate Gen. Oriental, Sima Qing military trial was ordered to bring her back, but also Please Duff and Du boss sake. "Ms. Du sè face slightly changed, then restore calm:" What more little? do not know, "Sima had expected this answer North Face Jackets 2013 seems clear, without the slightest sign of weakness:" Lady, I have absolute certainty The more you catch the murderer is small, I have control of the camera here, ready to be taken away by a woman to testify against you, Mrs. Sima jǐng clear just ordinary police, ".." also ask you compliment to the face. " "Even if she is a little more so what?" Ms. Du sè face sank, a little regret just did not kill that woman: "She Du Seder to make trouble, and I want to assassinate Tianxiong, this frenzied people, the natural disposition of the Du by us, can we allow you jǐng square spade hands? And she does not seem to matter your concern. "" You're a mere Yinyi Detective, what qualifications dignitaries come to us? '"Sima Qing does not qualify. "Sima Qing deep breath breath, then let out a slight migraine two documents:" But there are clear Sima military documents, as well as the East generals warrant, they ordered me to trace the more little sneak into China Sea issue , so please do not tie his wife and the military hurt feelings. "" What? military documents? oriental male warrant? "The thought is purely for the North Sima clean house work, the more you want to help a little trouble in the China Sea, think also There are military and oriental hung in there, Ms. Du immediately captured from unusual things, what more little sneak tracing, made clear that she took Ms. Du surgery. Sima Qing did not speak, just let cronies put things on the table, Zhao Heng did not constantly see, but Du Yan pulled away from dangerous place, and today he had heard enough, such as non-Sima clear one up on the tit for tat, he had Bamboo Villas to find an excuse to leave. Who seek top yīn politics, he Zhao Heng temporarily afford. "Sure enough, the East hung warrant." Ms. Du mouth passing hint of mockery, she now has become clear that the assassination of the border issue in the East male heart like a mirror, which is not only the opportunity to raid Yue country's borders, so that the military faction Sima Yue Qing also considered cunning who, from beginning to end without investigating Ms. Du. Just a little more bite deeper investigation, as long as Sima Yue Qing mastered the little things on hand, pinch Ms. Du is the same as the handle, this trick can not only do not disturb Ms. Du, but also to find the minimum cost of the safest the evidence, Ms. Du Antan his simple ah. Ms. Du mind clear, even Sima Qing had come prepared, and have the backing of the military and oriental male, Du today fear is people have to pay, but think a little more likely to control their own evidence, Ms. Du has become tangled up She minds whether to give way to solve the more immediate tert little. Dead, is not going to say anything. Zhao Heng capture Ms. Du Murder, the reigning Antan little more ominous. "There actually file a warrant, that you put people away." Remain silent Du Tianxiong also realized that where heaven and earth, waved to stop his wife to say something, you clear the Sima faint smile: "Sima jǐng officer, I will not make you feel uncomfortable, but I hope you are careful look at her, the woman quite simple, very easy to run away. "Du Tianxiong heart has been clear that no warrant oriental male and promotion, the military is definitely not arrange manpower survey Du, but he knew that was not the East hung from the relationship with Du, but to give their own male oriental woman a lesson, so she will never have dared juggle. So he was ready to be sent Sima cleared away, talk to privately resolve incidents oriental male, he believed that the East will be hung in moderation, after all of the military also needs Du financial support, of course, he will go to prepare for the worst outcome, however, woman absolutely can not own something. "DU boss assured that Sima clear head guarantees." Sima Qing laughed: "Little Vietnam will never run away." "That's good," Du Tianxiong reach for a cup of tea to drink, waved to the road Palace blossoming Uncle phone : "And she had accomplices, even more Sima jǐng little one official involved in the case, then the issue can also be transferred to apprehend the party you want to jǐng order soon seize enemy spies, but Du a peace." Sima Qing slightly bowed : "It must go all out." He then showing a smile: "There is one thing to Du boss confessing, ten minutes ago, jǐng square surrounded outside my bamboo Villas Du convoy escort and the smaller the Du Small spot withheld, but they did not move, "in Ms. Du face sè slightly changed, the Sima became clear look apologetic:" Because Sima Qing Du boss always respected, so I want to say hello and then hit with people walking, and now DU happy boss promised Sima Qing touches a villain, but please bear with me Mrs Boss, I would like to self-punishment. "Here, he pops the spot twice fan own two ears sounded crisp, clear cheeks Sima more ten Fingerprints, he regarded the words to do things to do at this point, Du Tianxiong can not say anything, to be recognized in the palace blossoming under way tert they detained after Du Tianxiong on fingers waved and said: "Sima jǐng officer, to take away it . "In the latter slightly bowed from" Otherwise I can not guarantee that you can live comfortable rì child. "Du Tianxiong has always been a strong, clear Sima sighing loudly:" understand "With the departure of Sima clear, as also observed outside jǐng cháo like water receded, Du Tianxiong mouth passing hint of mockery, waving Palace blossoming on opening: "Uncle to give way a little more to jǐng side, and then withdraw Du garden, do not conflict with jǐng side, then too sensitive. "Palace blossoming nodded:" Understood. "Half an hour later, Seder hurried and dispersed, with Du Yan Zhao Heng hug goodbye, you directly towards the door sedans, Lakaichemen when Du Tianxiong suddenly standing in the doorway, the sound plain: "Zhao Heng, you little friendship with Sima clear, think of a way, and killed more small." Zhao Heng slightly surprised a moment, then looked surprised to find Du Tianxiong has disappeared, he returned to thinking about Dutian Xiong's request, a sudden I do not know how to do, the more he knows a little something to Ms. Men's North Face Outerwear Sale Du fear is, the more little dead, Duff and Du afraid of trouble, but to kill a little more, Zhao Heng and no reason to convince myself. He looks a little bored, hurriedly got into the car where the sky opened up, not all the way, then back to the first floor, directly headquarters of the sky, the thought is a gossip's feast, and behold they become Six States phase, he still wander in an inexplicable thing: to kill a little more? Zhao Heng endless smile: easier said than done? Zizi out forty-five km, the car suddenly in a secluded street on the brakes, put on the first floor subconsciously guard against the enemy situation, Zhao Heng was wrapped head to see a beautiful woman, she saw guard are slightly surprised a moment, and then to see her straight to Zhao Heng vehicles. First floor guard wanted to stop, but Zhao Heng waved release. "Zhao Heng, help me to save a little more," leaning on the window, the cold look of a beautiful woman whispered a request: "Please save her." PS: the fourth is more hit, there are brothers spent a lot of support thanks AOMILU a reward works 100 coins, including smiled a reward 5888 coins.
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