I was ready to present

May 18 [Sat], 2013, 14:27
Seasonal summer arrives early start sunscreen major combat!!!!The most important day of May is Mother's Day ~ ~
Do not know all the Mother's Day over how
I was ready to present
The wishes of the mother by Apple may also add code!
But only want to go back to the high-speed rail should not be too traffic jam
Seems to feel that the two-day station tumbled ~ ~ XDOh, we knew it is a new month yeah!
May is really more like the Pandora Canada official season
April, there was a period of time Keelung rainy
Recent weather becomes hot

Playing on the computer must have a fan to accompany
Winter clothes this time was officially packed up!
Every summer looking for sun black sunscreen
Best cheap fresh texture and a high sun protection factor
Modification effect can add polish is the best ~
This time let me find a jar to recommend to you
Open-shelf special but now less than a can of 400 yuan Oh ~ ~ super cheap = \ \ \ =
L `OREAL Paris UV Perfect super-efficient protective isolation emulsion SPF50 PA + + +
PK with the counter brands even have to do the experiment results are goodBefore this tank has been launched
The more UVA protection upgrade
A high sun protection factor but also the perfect UV rays
I want to polish effect ~ ~
Light of these points in my mind a very high scoreAs an aside
Spokesperson super beauty Fan Bingbing
I love her facial features and looks
The natural Meirenpeizi

The dermatologist noted, 80% of premature skin aging and dull from UV damage.Before experiments indicate that the absence of UVA protection skin
Will be as long as 6 months premature aging 12 years (!)
But the majority of the market sunscreen products can only block UVB
Sunburn of the skin surface has a protective effect
Ultraviolet UVA ubiquitous
The UVA intensity during the day is 18 times more than the UVB;
Even indoors, UVA will penetrate the glass into the dermal layer of the skin,
Cause permanent damage to the skin from the inside to the outside, resulting in premature aging of the skin toBottles of L'Oréal Paris UV super-efficient protective isolation emulsion
Exclusive patented Pandora Bracelets Mexoryl aura
Can really isolate UVA, for 12 consecutive hours of continuous resist ultraviolet ~ ~
The most important thing is the following two points loo!!The sun is not old
For metropolitan women, UV all-pervasive, protection must omnipresent,
However, every few hours, you need to add Sunscreen also allow women to work is too much trouble
, So smart summer sun countermeasures, must choose the right high resistance to UV invasion
And long-term to maintain the protective umbrella to make the skin has the most complete protection!Sun is not black

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