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December 03 [Tue], 2013, 11:08

not achieve their optimal level, in this case, Barca will have to continue to focus on the transfer market, explore the introduction of defender possibleair jordan 11 retro
.Barca surprise that Baltra excellent performance when starting to play (usually in the company of Puyol), but the young players have not contract with Barcelona, which ended his season contract is due to expire next year, in January from the 1st, he can negotiate a contract with any other club. Although he left behind a great possibility, but he renewed, but also in Barcelona next to him how much playing time. Javier Mascherano and Pique in the state the last few races has also sparked controversy, we can say the whole state Barca defense is not very good.?This summer, the Barcelona defender worked hard to find some time, when Barcelona considered the most important job is to introduce a defender. However, the effort was not in vain Barca technology sector, the club is now re-opened in the winter transfer market introduction defender possible. From the winter transfer market opening on January 1 next year, to the end of January 31, when the introduction of a defender Barcelona club will elect the ideal time. Martino had hoped to introduce a center of winter transfer market, but now he and club executives agree that the best time to introduce the center in the summer of next year, the most important is the introduction of defender.Colombian defender Balan Ta riverbed club, Chelsea's David Luiz, Tottenham Vertonghen, Agger Liverpool, Arsenal Vermaelen still in Zubizarreta's club Barcelona technical director on the list. These players each person's situation is different, but many players have one thing in common, and that is because representatives participate

d in the European club competitions, can no longer participate in this year on behalf of Barcelona in the Champions League.In the introduction defender, the economic factors will also play a key role. Barcelona this summer, Neymar who has invested 57 million euros, which gave Barcelona winter signings caused a lot of limitations, the introduction defender, Barcelona must plan carefully. From the current situation,air jordan 1 retro
worth 15 million euros of Ba Lanta is most likely, but his name also raises some questions about the internal Barcelona, after the player has not been the experience of playing in Europe indeed, the FA Cup Let the final two goals and was a net negative Hengda shaved their heads, which say it before the game who believe Even Sun Jihai, also admitted that "such a score of 2-0 to win the Asian team leader Guangzhou Evergrande, I personally frankly, this score before the game can not think."Why such a ball dropped AFC new champion in this game, or such a detail can answer fans questions: adaptive training before the match of the day, Lippi for the players in training showed laxity very dissatisfied, reportedly also made temper. After the game, the reporter found a familiar Hengda players, would like to confirm the details and was told: "sensitive moment away from me."Hengda really tired: "It's three games so close, count the national team two games in the last two weeks of internationals have played five games, going overdrawn, that also carry iron man live ah. "said a team person.Hot die - the face of this football irrefutable truth, even Hengda is no exception, the score is 2-0 this season in all competitions Hengda encountered largest margin defeat. Eriksson red card suspension, Muric accumulated yellow

card suspension, Hengda proud "Trident" triple Second, the next one is only one hole card GongYingQiang, Guizhou and has touched fingertips to the FA Cup trophy, they not only from Guizhou to win the first professional football championship dreams only a stone's throw. Also with sweat and hard work has brought a great game for the fans.Before "mad win together, lose together carry, for the honor of Guizhou, 'Qian Jin'" banner, became a sea of joy last night's mystical body, the venue reluctant to disperse the fans, the fans after the game Fireworks lit up the night sky Jinyang.Guizhou and club officials before the interview with this reporter when he said: "Whatever the outcome, we will be worthy of the honor and professional teams chest 'Guizhou' word." They really do not have C Lo Madrid on Saturday, but they still gain a victory. "One hundred million sir," Bell played well, a hat-trick but also assists Benzema broke, the performance is very eye-catching. Bell of a header, a right and a left foot broke broke, perfect hat-trick. Real Madrid's recentair jordan 4 retro
seven games, Bell harvested eight goals and six assists, and the data is very gorgeous. Bell madness after witnessing the performance of the world's media are also collective "climax", and have praised Bell.?British media, "Daily Mail" praised: . "Who needs C Ronaldo at Real Madrid 4-0 Valladolid Bell game, staged a perfect hat-trick to help Real Madrid just behind Barcelona-third of which were created Record signing players sidelined in the C Lo continued to play well, 13 games, scored 9 goals. Nothing is more impressive than his people. "equally from the British media," Daily Telegraph "also praised," Bell In Saturday's game with Valladolid, harvest his first hat-trick in Real
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