November 21 [Wed], 2007, 15:58
hello!! everyone(^^ゞ

do you know them?

they are a famous actress
and a bassist of famous group in Japan.

she is 22 years old.
i am 21 years old.

is it incredible that the difference between my age and her ?

i knew my age can marry someone before,
but i think my marriage is in the distant future.
coz i am a student.
will you think so, too?

A tendency to marry late in life advances recently,
this news is good.
congratulation on their wedding !!

i wonder if i can marry someday....

pretty woman 

November 18 [Sun], 2007, 22:56
you say ' you took too much break time. '
please allow me.

i finished writing today's homework.
so i watched a DVD, pretty woman.
it's like Cinderella story.

if a prince apper in front of me?
what am i doing?

if i am her, i run away from him.
i know, i don't have a courage.
so i don't have a boyfriend now.

actually i want a boyfriend,
but i imagine the end of us.
and i cannot imagine i am somebody's girlfriend.

for me, what is it happiness?

everybody said,
'if you make a boyfriend, you will have a good time more.'
i know that,
but i cannot meet a right man for me.

yesterday, i bought it and another.
it's ' sister act '
and one of my favorite movie.

i had never seen pretty woman, but i have seen sister act.

i wanna see it again.
but i'm sleepy coz it's 11:35 now.

i will watch this tomorrow after i go to school.
good night, have a dream.

sea color is sky color 

November 18 [Sun], 2007, 14:30
it is a break time now.
i'm tired coz i wrote my paper.
i don't finish so that i can't good idea.
Please help me.

so i am gonna write about last week.
do you remember i wrote this diary at airport?
i went back home last week.

at that time, my friend's father took this.

it's a beautiful sea, is't it ??
it's this picture my friend took at my hometown.

last week, i went back home with my friend.
during i was in hometown,
it was bad weather.

but last day, it's sunny.
so we coukd see a beautiful sea.

the sea around my hometown is clear.
i took this picture when my leg was in the sea.

you think sea color is blue, don't you?
actually, it is clear.
so children who live in hometown says,
' sea color is sky color '
i think too.

i have to finish break time.
coz my paper waiting for me.

new rag 

November 17 [Sat], 2007, 21:22
last night, i slept about 4 hours.
i went to bed at 4 a.m., you know?
and i got up at 9 a.m..
and i went to school to look up at 11 a.m.
so i'm sleeply now.

i sometimes wrote my diary about my paper.
now i can't complete...
but today i had a good idea.
i am sure i will finish writing by tomorrow.

i went shopping after i finished look up.
i wanted a brown rag.
but i wanted a blue sofa cover, too.
i worry which one i buy.

well, i chose a brown rag.
the best choise i think.

so i wanna go to bed, and my bed calls me...haha.
see you tomorrow.
i decide i will stay only at home tomorrow.
i will finish my paper.
Good Luck for me.

home party 

November 17 [Sat], 2007, 4:40
now it's 4:40 a.m.
i stay up now,
coz i gave a party at my house today.
i called my friends who we met in Toronto.

it has getiing cold, so we wanna eat Nabe.
this is one of the Japanese winter food.

do you know its?
it's sooooo great !!

today's taste is Kimuchi, this is a famous Korian food.
you shold eat it once.

when i watched a Tv program, i learned a word.
this word is forty-winks.
i think this is nice coz people can't say like this in Japan.

i wanna go to bed.
it's too late now.

good night ☆ミ
i wish i have a good dream.

12 hours 

November 14 [Wed], 2007, 10:00
what are you think of '12 hours' ?

this word is time i had slept yesterday.
last week, i was tired.
coz studying.. playing with my friend.. helping to mother..
i can't enough time i sleep.

this morning, i felt soooo good.

yesterday, we complete our paper.
and we show my teacher.
my teacher said,
you have to look up more. and you use more date
so you have to complete this paper by next week.

i can't sleep enough by next week, like this week.
i wanna sleep many time.

i have to write my paper, and do part-time job.
if i think about this things, i have a headache.

but i do my best.
i am gonna hang out my clothes and go to school.


November 06 [Tue], 2007, 12:52
i'm in Narita Airport.
i'm waiting for my plane.
but it delay... about 10 minutes.
i have free time.

so i had haerd my friend works for here.
i looked for her, but i can't.
i haven't seen her for 5 years old.

i am going to take off soon.
but i have a problem.
what do you think?

it's temprature.
today, in Tokyo, it's 16 degrees.
but in my hometown it's 29 degrees.
what a diffrence in temprature!!
i wander if i have a clothes.

i have to go to gate.


November 05 [Mon], 2007, 23:00
today is my brother's birthday!!

〜♪   happy birthday to you
      happy birthday to you
      happy birthday dear my bother
      happy birthday to you           〜♪

this is a Japanese birthday song.

one day is a my classmate's birthday, when i was in Toronto.
so, my teacher bought a cake for her.
at that time, everyone sang own country's birthday song.
English, Spanish, Switzerland, and Japanese.
i thought ... Japanese birthday song is English.
do someone know Japanese birthday song?

by the way,
i wanted to write diary in English everyday.
but ... i was busy last week.
coz i had to do part-time work and my homework, etc.
i'm sooooo tired.

so i am going to go back my hometown tomorrow.
my hometown is southern island in Japan.
where do you think of part?

i give a hint to you.
that's near Taiwan.
for example,
radio wave in my hometown can't catch from Japan.
but it can catch from Taiwan...haha.

i have to ready to go home.
i tell nobady except my parents to go home.
in my opinion, my grandmother will surprise.
i'm looking forward to reacting from her.


November 02 [Fri], 2007, 7:00
i stay up all night.
but.... i don't finish writing my homework.
i have to do by today.
i think i can't finish it.
coz i have no idea and i'm busy.
i have to help doing festival and do pert-time job.
i'm very tired this week.

by the way,
it's cold in this morning.
i took out Kotatsu.

university festival 

November 01 [Thu], 2007, 23:53
my university festival starts today!!

we serves ' yakitori ' shop.
last year, we served this shop, too.
today's sales were longer than last year.
coz there are only 2 yakitori shop.

this festival is going to continue until this sunday.
why don't you come my school ?

by the way,
i looked up something late last night.
so i chatted with him who is in Toronto.
i was soooo happy.
it was good i stayed up late.

i can't complete writing my paper.
i have to write now, but i have no idea.

Please help me !!!!!
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it has getiing cold recently, so i often spend at home.
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