Runic Games' Latest Game- Torch Light Unveiled High Quality Unexpected Surprise 

May 04 [Tue], 2010, 11:44

Once the launch of the [Torch Light", it received the player`s attention at the first second. And the quality and unexpected surprise out of it. What feeling will the Mmoarpg game, which is similar as Diablo ,brings to players? Let us find out it. To begin with, the name of the game is Torchlight. Research and Develop Company: Runic Games Group of Flagship Company, Game Type: Immediate System ARPG, Game Style: 2.5D Cartoon. the subject of the game is magic; the conquest mode is just-in-time mode; the similar products are Diablo and Everquest; and the present stage is the single-machine conquest legend.Have a Glance at the Most Expensive free link directory in 2010 Winter

Visuals of Torchlight feature cartoon-ish style and the exquisite picture,since the participation of Max Schaefer. Browse Most Sizzling Series of hobo bag Max Sheffield, developer of "Diablo" series, participate in the development of games. cheap bags Boots Before Dionysia The game maps out a clear look of " World of Warcraft,"; animation is very smooth and there are very colorful special effects,What to Dress to Assembly? - the Best Choice

The people figure looks very smooth and the battle looks attractive also. Due to its cartoon pictures, the hue looks excessively bright, It makes the game a little lacking on the atmosphere rendering and does no manifest well the horrors of the underground city cemetery and gloomy feeling. The wonderful special effects in the game, coordinated with the sound effect, lead to a complete feeling of conquest. And although the special effects are not very magnificent, But the effect is outstanding. It shows the skill effect and reduces the consumption of system resources in the fierce battle as well.

It also just requires a lower demand of the game-to-machine configuration. The general household machines could operate smoothly. At the same time frame has been optimized, about an average of 100 or more. There is no obvious dropped frames, and the frame dragging phenomenon. And the play audio maintains the consistent serious attitude of Europe and the United States games. Or birds` sounds, dog barking, etc, it maintains a high degree of reduction effect which plays a good role in rendering the atmosphere,

Therefore, the sound effect has made up to a great extent for the shortage of playing up atmosphere caused by the style of cartoon. The music is ordinary and dose not have impressive impression, but unified with the whole. It dose not have abrupt feeling,and is rational.

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