Four little affection for static Wan is irreplaceable

January 07 [Tue], 2014, 18:56
Too late to say I love you too late to say I love you, love is a distressing, is so unforgettable, once in a lifetime love, it makes me feel so small! Yin Jing Wan for his love abandon their parents, left everything, experienced so much suffering has finally found his love, at that moment time stood still, the war because of their love and victory, saw four little on the quiet Wan love , is so intense, so selfless, among them through a lot, a lot is that they can not choose, we must abandon their little love, to save people's great love for his love of static Wan, chose to leave, but she Love never stopped hearts, love is selfish, is unique, no one allowed to own love and married someone else, so she chose to leave, when we see his wife and others went into the wedding hall, it might nhl jerseys for sale We can do only leave, I can understand the kind of pain, the same thing is that I also chose to leave. four small and static Wan live those days, they are acting in front of others, and even they do not know each other's feeling is not true, it may in just a few days, the four little moved Jing Wan, she saw a different warlord; least four saw a different Missy, their feelings for each other is so strong, you can still Wan do not like this life, she thought sit safely live, So she chose to leave, but finally put aside the secular ideas, give up everything to find his true love.

Four little affection for static Wan is irreplaceable, even if exactly the same length and static Wan, but he knew it was not static Wan, mostly he just quietly watching, just quietly together, only to find it was still Wan, only to feel that they are real! four little bear so much to see his love for the kind of static Wan, very moved, although this is a bit weak, but can only say so! Their love for each other is so strong, we should strengthen our love, a love that once in a lifetime, even if the final not together, it will deepest in our hearts. Everyone deep down, there will be one person, that person may not be with the people around us, but she (he) was in our hearts there is a certain position, this person only you know. Before we can love, to love the person you love, do not cheap nfl jerseys china leave any regrets, even if the final outcome is not what we want, please cherish, maybe one day it all, there is no! fact, not many women want, the simple life, relaxing walk after dinner, listen to those noisy crowd, they do not necessarily want expensive clothes, jewelry, does not necessarily have a life of luxury, they are as long as that he love her, too mundane life together, may happiness is so simple that we can not afford to, extravagant. they gave me too much, not just moving so simple,
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» Four little affection for static Wan is irreplaceable (2014年01月09日)
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