Jieyang evening was very busy

January 02 [Thu], 2014, 16:14
years of war, people with lofty ideals to defend the country and bringing peace, gas Chi generous, willing to make contributions, to display his talents , loyalty and courage, adversity attendant vow not separated, spear in hand, sword brilliance, strode to greet beacon say Jiangnan Jiangnan is water, is bustling Yan Liu, a gentle rural rich. Jiangnan fresh grass, the genius and beauty, gave birth to the love story full of pathos, but here is where heroes through the ages, brave warrior hero shine through the ages. Well, what is amazing is it that makes these two very different temperament so perfectly fit together, going, Millennium immortal? This insight comes from a wise man silk articles, to borrow, no other meaning, just want to let more people perceive this picturesque wholesale mlb hats beauty of waterborne south. ; Once Rereading "I", the book famously enlightened me, 'the world is Mo weak in water, but it can be crucial strong mo'. Lao Tzu, then gave away a soft and strong duality of water. Jiangnan Water Village is thousands of years, water, nourish the southern scenery, southern man, gave birth to a unique cultural attributes of Jiangnan. the southern United States, we never a word, she needs to touch our hands, ears to hear, in person to understand, Jiangnan, sooner or later re-meet!I never miss any opportunity easily, even if difficult.

Jieyang evening was very busy, grace the landscape enveloped every corner of the city. In recent years, a big, big changes in the home, which was originally not part of it all, and now are living engraved on its body, prosperity and bright lights In fact, all that hard work only, Jieyang change is an example. people who come here now, I'm afraid no one would believe that there was once an ancient broken worthy. Worthless during the Cultural Revolution. Look at this section of the prosperity of the area, busy, lantern brilliant. Passing every street, every point, there are bright lights shining.soccer jerseys cheap The entire city, with a melody should thrill, dancing Phantom light. It is that some of perseverance, dedication and unyielding, only Xiemei night today, Hyun shadow of the city. Colorful neon lights enveloped the sky, even the playground side of the iron door of the big TV are full of people. go for a walk after dinner many who, in recent years, also belong to a playground crowd entertainment venues. Whether it is children, the elderly, young people, or high school students, both are true. Even I said that all day nagging; Laodielaoma very busy in the evening after work will go there to play. big TV color photograph of red throughout the streets, the demon child and presumptuous.
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