Rondo said his knees

September 28 [Sat], 2013, 10:47
In-city rival team the nets deal or no deal in the summer, has long been the King of New York Knicks is no pushover. Players on both sides, "spat" aggressively when the war started, pragmatic coach Woodson is also gearing up to start the preparatory training for the new season. According to the ESPN news, recently most Knicks players have been put on the team's nike air max 97 sale train, but among them was a familiar figure is missing, that ever invincible, had suffered injuries trapped in "bullies" amalei·sitademaier. The New York's ACE striker, had been using the sports facilities for rehabilitation programme, but the "overlord" discipline so far are limited to this, plus a little running and physical training, but overall confrontational training, Stoudemire does not choose to attend. Bawang anti-theft rehabilitation process is not easy, but from past experience has made him see sense of haste makes waste.

Rose: my training has not been stopped, the biggest change is a lot stronger, and I gained about 10 pounds of muscle. I don't know what this will bring to my performances on the field, maybe themselves also need to adapt to the process. Weight gain effect of Ross: I'm going to attack the basket more, I attack the end will be better, and there should be more fine, at least I hope so. Regarding the restoration of the body changes during Ross: I think my speed a lot, was also stronger explosive force, hope nike air max light sale injury won't have so much trouble this year. I have a habit, carefully complete stretching training and warm-up activities to protect our bodies, prevent injuries from occurring. When I first entered the League, you've got talent and athleticism, don't go by drawing these things, you're going to ignore them. But now it's sixth year of my career, you have to pay attention to these things, more seriously by themselves, it will only make you and insulated with injuries.

Since this summer, after the Brooklyn nets form a lineup of luxury, spat continued between the two teams in New York City, there's no stop signs in recent days. Tsu WPI [Twitter] indicated that he did not know the nets means, Paul Pierce [Twitter] is acceptance of the Dime magazine interview, saying that when you most want to see in their new season against the New York Knicks finished exterminating. According to Jared-zewolin of ESPN reported this summer, came to New York Knicks to join the Tsu WPI recently b. B. Kings Club, attend a comedy show. Period, when the conversation turned to the nets, Tzu Chi WPI intentionally played dumb to say: "what the heck is the nets? I didn't even see their logo. "Nor is CI WPI in the nets for the first time this summer on the issue of" playing dumb ". For nearly a week ago, when in an interview with ESPN, he said he didn't want to get into spat New York Derby at the same time, said: "to be honest, I don't even know what players in the nets, I didn't lie. ”

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