Shop penetrating sweet married Square, you see Yilianyoumeng like a beautiful white silk

May 29 [Tue], 2012, 17:16
First paragraph: simple and fresh and Richie

This is really simple and it hanging in the feet that did not pay attention and generated would like to try the idea, and later the owner recommended to the feet a bit, the fact that the clothes look at is not to wear upper body only know the effect it ~ this is simple, but the upper body is really good, very fresh, very sweet and very lady Ha ~~

Breast shape of the M-word but not the package fit is good, the edge of the chest to the middle of the body with beads and colored bright diamond decoration, seen from afar like a T-shaped, close look something like the shape of a butterfly ~ and then the upper body is the shape of inverted V-shaped string of white beads, modified waist ~ while the lower body is simple and fluffy white gauze, there is no other frills, slightly simple, obvious focus, very graceful it ~

Second paragraph: Rose Halter dress

Rose colors look great, very lined skin Oh Halter style design dress is very safe and comfortable, chest deep V, if you wear a beautiful necklace can be very significant - Halter lap and chest edge All are small beaded embellishment how many five small flowers ~ chest fold design, making the chest look fuller Oh, waist high, is shiny beads inlaid ~~

Lower body design is quite special, the waist down and then right and left sides made a slice of design from the side the past, such as hanging mantle generally a general one, such as watermarks, so that the whole people are a gentle, very elegant ~ behind is a big halter Oh, some small sexy it, Oh

The third paragraph: orange gradient dress

The color at first glance fell in love with Ha, orange have been very bright, but this is the orange gradient, is very special ~ chest is a small M-type design, the above circle inlaid with bright brightest ornaments, the use of the bow shape of the fold design, the middle with a five-shaped petal jewelry decorated with a metal texture ~ waist grounds deep to pale orange-fold design ~ wrapped very fit - waist embellishment A very elegant big butterfly knot, good and lovely ~ lower body is the gradient of the vertical stripe shape, layering is very clear ~~

Fourth paragraph: Yilianyoumeng sweet long drag

Feet to see the first moment of this white silk come to mind is Yilianyoumeng word, I can not wait to try them yo ~
First of all, chest design is very delicate and very special - like a feather, another example flowers like feeling, very three-dimensional and full ~ down a studded Diamond thin strips, as if the flowers stems ~ waist because these modification of the vertical lines very thin Oh ~ then these fine roads have been extended to the skirt of hair spread out, to about the knees were fixed on the skirt, the middle is empty, so feeling like a bead curtain, very dream ah ~ skirt is also very beautiful Oh, hollow such as water droplets Another example is the peacock feather pattern dotted lady very pleasant Oh ~ the details of the beautiful ~~
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