Brother and brother will soon meet this weekend

December 18 [Wed], 2013, 17:02
Brother and brother will soon meet this weekend , but this is not a UFC game, but NFL American League finals. But the game still has a lot of contact with the UFC , Jon - Jones (Jon Jones) The two brothers will be participating.Cheap Jerseys

This will be the most important one of two brothers meet, boss Arthur - Jones (Arthur Jones) played for the Ravens , the youngest Chandler - Jones (Chandler Jones) played for the Patriots , winners between them will enter the NFL Super bowl , which will be the supreme honor, and this is the Jones family a chance to win the Super Bowl champion golden .Cheap Nike NFL Elite Jerseys
In the third week of NFL regular season , the Patriots beat the Ravens have been 31:30 , but this outlook is not optimistic about the team's elder brother , the road to face a strong patriot , crow want to win is not easy. The arrival of the second child Jon can enjoy the game of calm , maintain a good record in the UFC , he can finally relax mind, waiting for an exciting time to make Jones family : "This weekend our family is going to be another great moment . "
For the two brothers, Jon said: "I am proud of my brother , I'm glad that they can participate in the weekend together, I know they are thinking Super Bowl , I also know that no matter what some people are disappointed with the result , but this is this is the game of life , I am proud of Arthur and Chandler . "Cheap Nike Kids Custom Jerseys

Jones also know as NFL athletes hard : "I know the game is not easy in the NFL , only the best athletes will enter here , of course, want to get into the final Super Bowl is more difficult , and I can not wait to see them play Super Bowl picture . "