Rising Cup Benz Golf Tournament Shenyang gets underway

May 11 [Fri], 2012, 11:35
Rising Cup Mercedes-Benz Classic Golf Tournament in Shenyang the Mukden golf club grand opened, XXIO MP600 Fairway wood,the top three players will decide the winner of the Mercedes-Benz owners from the North China region and the whole country to join the Mercedes - Benz CupGolf Tournament regional finals or even finals.

Over the years, Mercedes - Benz has been committed to build the Mercedes Cup to become international amateur golf tournament of the most professional standards in the level of the racers, organizations and events experience,XXIO MP600 Fairway wood, the perfect interpretation of the innovation to the owners and the public, passion and the brand essence of the movement.

The tournament awards a hole prize worth RMB 278 000 Mercedes - Benz A180 one, at the same time competing for the Low Gross Champion, Asia, second, third, Low Net Champion Longest ball hole prizes. Industry the Chory Star Mercedes-Benz flagship store is the Northeast's largest Mercedes-Benz brand Mercedes - Benz (China) Motors Ltd. and Beijing Benz authorized dealers. Was completed in October 2009,XXIO MP600 Fairway wood, covering over 20,000 square meters; located in Shenyang's oldest car brand Street - 28 Tanglin Road, Shen He District, Shenyang City (Shen Fu overpass westbound 100 meters).

When met Mercedes-Benz Golf will complement each other,XXIO MP600 Fairway wood, honorable and noble, elegant, and elegance are also in the same room, time and space are solidified into a wisp of fragrance, let us overflowing in this Xiangpiao season, bring a good mood, to bring victory faith, with the departure.

As the Mercedes - Benz advocated for "The best or nothing (only the best) it is not only the best promise of a brand to the user, XXIO MP600 Fairway wood,and more has become the decade of the DNA of Mercedes - Benz Cup Golf Tournament !

After a day of competing, because only you are the source of our power, but also hope that we get in this dinner is not only the results, lucky, more contented happiness is a heart! May the next 10 years of the Mercedes Cup Golf Invitational eternal passion, practitioners Chory Star start!

The Fredric played Ma Jinggong the start to hope that the Japan Golf Tour card by the next season

May 08 [Tue], 2012, 11:00
Beijing, May 7, according to the same Asian Tour's official website reported, 24-year-old Chinese player to Penetrate this week will play 31 GS Gardner the Shima Beijing Open, the competition will be held in Seoul, Nan Min Golf and Country Club. Fredric revealed before the game every day to improve their level of hard training, and hope this year to get the entry card of the 2013 season, the Japan Golf Tour.

Fredric was born in Hu County, Shaanxi Province, an ordinary peasant family, his 15-year-old left school, and then a security guard at the Xi'an International Golf Club, and he hoped that his monthly income of 600 yuan to help their parents. However, when Fredric golf after three months of basic training, Titleist MB Forged Irons 2012,his fate also began to change.

For a long time, Fredric regarded leisure time spent on the driving range, continuous learning, and hope that one day, a golf-related work. "I never thought I would become a professional golfer, the PGA Tour full-time status in the battle." The Penetrate said, "When I picked up a golf club, Titleist MB Forged Irons 2012,I want to perhaps become a Golf coaches rely on when the golf coach to make a living. "

But Fredric picked up a golf club like themselves, and become the star of the Amateur Golf Tour, and attracted the attention of the China Golf Association. In 2007, Fredric golf career has made a breakthrough to become one of the Chinese national team. "When I was recruited into the national team preparing for the Asian Games,Titleist MB Forged Irons 2012, I had the idea to become a professional golfer one day." Fredric said. discountsgolfstore.blogspot.es

Penetrate into the professional players in January last year, and quickly at home "Red" up. Among them, the professional golf tournament in China Fredric gained two victories, tied for fifth in the last year, the same Asian Tour ---- the Nanshan Chinese Masters. In last year's World Championships - HSBC Champions, Titleist MB Forged Irons 2012,Fredric and England star Lee - Westwood and Ian - Ian Poulter, won the tie for 13. In the final round of the HSBC Champions, Fredric shot a good score of 64 under par, eight, and let him create the best result of the Chinese players in the golf world championships.

"He played very solid." HSBC Championship winner Martin - the Kemer such evaluation Fredric. "He hit the ball the distance, putting a very beautiful, I can foresee his future will be to obtain good results before I have never heard his name, but you must be alert, have more and more good players from Asia came out, Titleist MB Forged Irons 2012,he is one of the more outstanding one. "

Fredric said they need the skills to a certain standard,discount golf irons, can the world's top players contest. "Compared with the period of amateur players, now the challenge is even greater, because I have to reach a higher level." The Penetrate said. Fredric also admitted that his status and level of the desired height, Titleist MB Forged Irons 2012,and recent efforts to exercise control of pitches.

"Every day I practice hard, strive to improve their level." Fredric said, "I rod, special exercises the current action a bit, so I'm trying to correct it."

Penetrate the same time recognize that the technical aspects, but also hope I can solve the problem, as soon as possible to regain the hot state. "I have changed compared with last fall." Fredric said, "I have a difference in the Volvo China Open and missed the cut, but I still believe in yourself again to win a domestic golf tournament champion."

Goal of the season, Fredric revealed the hope to get the 2013 season Tour card. "I hope to get good grades in the Professional Golf Championship and the Challenge Tour, and hope in the second half of the year from the Japan Golf Tour Qualifying School graduate, to get the entry card of the 2013 season,Titleist MB Forged Irons 2012, the Japan Golf Tour."

For now, Fredric is in step by step to move forward. "I really like this kind of life." Fredric said, "It's very challenging ... every day is not the same life, never know what will happen tomorrow. Now, I just focus on his golf life, good enjoy it. "this life is in fact has given way to Penetrate to adapt.
"I like to travel." Fredric said earlier this year he also went to New Zealand in an Australasian Tour, and was impressed by the beauty of the local. Queenstown is very beautiful ... like a painting. "The Penetrate said.

A place to Fredric long memorable is the host of the Players Championship ---- U.S. TPC
Sawgrass Stadium. "We (the Chinese national team), where spent 20 days training." Fredric said, "before I just watched it on TV the stadium, Titleist MB Forged Irons 2012,but still great. Tournament with former champions locker room, and engraved them name and flag. "Perhaps one day, Fredric in The Players Championship golf course has a championship locker room.
This week, 31 Gardner Shima Beijing Open is the third race of the 2012 season the same Asia Tour, before the two races are the Indonesia Open and the Volvo China Open.

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