March 04 [Fri], 2005, 17:45
just back to my desk =.=
i have took a client to another firm
gum arm that firm is where i have my last summer job
long time haven't been there
–” gum arm PO E~ here
ê–Êso.........=.= as there are sth happened
she •\–ʏAŒW’Tl, ‘´›‰........she helps herself to find a summer job
‘å‰Æd ›”˜b—Ld‰ö
Mr Ma asked me when will i have my summer this year
I said around July
he said he heard from my boss I did well in Lily's firm
he said Ma Tang & Co. now ¿‹ÙlC‹©‰ä‰ß”Ôêt˜ô

on the other side
Po e~ asked Mr Ma , are there any ‹ó㞠in this summer
Mr Ma said : áljº˜ô summer student ’è full time la, you know full time A–¢•K—L‹óãž

should I be happy? ...........well , little bit happy but ........‰äŠ´“ž—LšØ—Í
i don't have any knowledge of legal
my boss also encourage me 5 d go to study some legal courses
should i 5 d go to study ?

pressure , not only that ˆöˆ×Ž©ŒÈ–³ legal ’ꏊˆÈ—L pressure
...........Ž§ŒW.......year 1 ”VŒã‰äAÄ feel šI“ž now ŒW shccc æ¤ga–ì—Lúi‰ß

seem like so waste time on shccc and also waste money

ar >.< what should i do?
ˆÈ‘O‰äA¬“ú“s‘z‰ä family let myself to take decision
but now I want them to make decision for me but they said you;Ž©ŒÈßˆÓ la
I say what they “s˜bD >.<
D”Ï ar >.<

100 days left 

March 03 [Thu], 2005, 1:07
there are 100 days left , then i will leave SHCCC
sound great to me? half la ~
I love this sch, I love this uniform I love some of the teacher
but i hate the style of this sch and the style of my classmate

(someone may ask me ,...
you don't afraid they saw your diary and fight with you?)
long long time ago , i am very afraid as i don't want any big things happened during these 2 years school life in SHCCC
but now..............not really care as only 100 days left then i can leave them

or may be i am very enjoying on my work so i don't want to study anymore
i don't care will i study anymore
i just want to do what i want

I feel proud of I have a BF who take care me so much and love me so much
I feel proud of myself.......I have changed my parents mind
they are so appreciate on my attitude and my behavior
I feel proud of myself i have found the way that i would like to take action

‰äŸÞ‘«‰äŽ©ŒÈ ga •\Œ»
‰äŠìŸc‰ä ga Hì
‰äˆ¤‰ä BF
‰äŠJŽnŠìŸc“Š“ü‰ä family
‰äˆ¤‰äÇ dog ( BB )

one of my friends said ‰ä›ßãS—i—LD‘½
I‰—–¾”’ what is ’m‘«ížÙ
but i won't forget to keeping improve myself
want to do a good air of my life !

i am not proud of myself 

March 02 [Wed], 2005, 23:39
not happy
yeah ~ you are right
i am saying not happy again
i always not happy becos of SHCCC

tonight i have received a call from my classmate
i am not happy becos .........
once i pick up the phone
the first question that she has asked is about my job roles

it is really kind of not polite ( I think )
i don't mind tell out my personal things but.......
she makes me feel that.......
the main reason that she call me is about my job

actually i really don't want to tell as ...............
how can i say ? i don't know how to say
just the style of mind never match with my classmate
and they are so rude, low level, childish, bother............etc

but finally , i have told her why i have become a pupil ?
–³‹^, becos of the relationship between my boss and Karen
i can't tell lie that Karen help me so much in my job
she has taught me so much and push me so much

i also know that i am not powerful, i just a small potato in front of many ppl
in front of my relative , in front of my colleagues
i know that i still have many things need to learn
but i am strongly , seriously told all of you
i can be a pupil , not only becos of the lÛ萌W
i have worked hard in my workplace
i have heart to my work
my boss also appreciate on my work
she said , it has a very very good chance for me now
she said, it is not easy for me to be a pupil
as you know Dionne , your education level is not good enough

a little bit sad when i heard this
but it just across a few minutes
as i know that
i should be happy that my boss give me this chance
it is very important to me
it proved that what i have did
AŽZ”V‘O˜ô“¾—LŠôh‹êC—LŠô—Ý on my work is not useless
i am very agreed with this chinese sentence

P.S thx for my BF support me ! –³¶ Chun Kit i can do nthing

also need to thx Karen , helen, Josiphin, Jude all my friends in my workplace
thx a lot to all these guys
I love you so much ^^


December 11 [Sat], 2004, 0:04

‰ä‘ŠM‰äŠ‘I“I˜H ¥›”“I

‰ä‘ŠMšFšF “I˜b

‰ä‘ŠM karen “I planning

‰ä‘ŠM professor “I˜b




‰ä[M, ‰ÂŠÅŒ©Ê“ø “I“úŽq•s‰“


December 08 [Wed], 2004, 19:49

œn Selma ga “ú‹Lᢌ»¶ lee ŒÂ“ú‹L–{C^“I—vŽÓŽÓ Selma ~

•s‰ß >.< Žg‰äX‰Á‘z‰õd‹Ž›{“ú•¶O!! ˆöˆ×áǚI–¾ ~

‰ä‘z—vŒü Selma ¿‹³¿‹³œƒžé—p—¹~

7:55pm „ ¿‹³Š® Selma œƒžéŽg—p”‡“ú‹L–{


‘´›‰‰äŠÒ–¢Œˆ’èD‘I—p“ߌ“ú‹L O~

everytime ŠJˆêŒÂ account “s‘üˆöæÐV‘NC”‡ŒÂ–ç•s—áŠO

”‡“ú‹L”ü”ü O ~

œk‘z‰ÔŽžŠÔ‹Žåäüˆê”Ô ™ÈŒ‡ŽžŠÔ
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