And I Think We Have The Right FO To Move Forward In A Smart Chris Doleman Jersey

October 19 [Sat], 2013, 10:41
Is There hope for playoffs This year?No.However, when hoyer wenT on his liTTle run he gave me hope.Yes There is Ryan Tannehill Jersey TalenT on The browns offense, and we can win games. I goT hope ThaT our defense is really TopNoTch and only geTTing beTTer.ThaT hope gave me The long Term view, and i have hope in The fronT office.Hope ThaT The fas They geT can acTually work ouT.Hope ThaT They know when To cuT losses(T-Rich), andNoT overpay for a player ouT of desperaTion ThaT They don T like buT fiTs a need.

I don t expect much for this year, but with a little magic from hoyer i got a glimpse of a team that is competitive, fun, young and promising.Belief in next year feels like substantial hope, and not just blind faith.If we land the right qb and have a strong draft, we could be really good next year.I Chris Doleman Jersey actually saw glimpses of it, and i think we have the right fo to move forward in a smart way.

And i don t mind that they are sticking with weeds now.They don t have many options, and they will not overpay for someone just to maybe finish 8-8 this year.They have put too much planning into next year(Picks cap room)To make a desperate move now.Hell, maybe weeds can show enough this year that they can flip him for a 5th round pick or something.