Just Stop Eating So Much!

October 13 [Mon], 2014, 18:16
Just Stop Eating So Much! is a weight loss plan written by former "Fat Funny Kid", Gregg McBride.
Gregg created his plan after he successfully lost 275lbs and kept the weight off for 10 years. He tried many "fad" diets, support groups, and expensive weight loss programs, but in the end the only thing that worked for him was learning how to very simply "Just Stop Eating So Much" and get moving.Gregg McBride once weighed 450+ pounds (his scale wouldn't go any higher) and says that he was winded just by talking on the phone. When he was finally able to "release the weight" (as he puts it) by eating less and moving more, his life changed.
In the book, the author shares his personal struggles with being overweight including the discrimination, the embarrassment of flying on an airplane, and the inability to connect with anyone romantically. After being asked by people for 10 years how he was able to remarkably lose the weight, he decided to outline his plan and publish Just Stop Eating So Much! .
The title of Gregg McBride's book came from the advice he was given by a muscular workmate when then, 450 pound Gregg, asked him how he could lose weight. At first Gregg said he was disappointed with such simple advice, but the more he thought about it, the more it made perfect sense.
Diet Basics
Just Stop Eating So Much! first takes a look at the eating habits of thin people and compares them with the eating habits of fat people. Gregg then outlines how fat people can start incorporating the eating habits of a thin person.
Dieters are instructed to drink a lot of water, eat 5 times a day, and to avoid all types of processed and packaged food. Just Stop Eating So Much! includes a detailed meal plan and meal options so that the dieter can prepare meals and follow McBride's plan easily. Whole foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, legumes, low fat dairy, coffee, and tea are incorporated into the plan.
Just Stop Eating So Much! also includes a shopping list and a family meal planning guide to make the plan more user friendly for those with busy schedules and families. Mcbride includes many other eating tips and recommends that dieters get at least 7.5 hours of sleep while on his program.
Exercise is an important component of Just Stop Eating so Much! and dieters are advised to start small by doing exercises that are suitable for their body types as well activities they find enjoyable. Walking is highly recommended as a good starting point and McBride also gives other recommendations like muscle training and yoga. He says exercising 3 to 4 times a week is essential for the greatest amount of success on his program.
Just Stop Eating So Much! Conclusions
McBride includes in his plan many tips and suggestions to assist the dieter in being successful including food diaries, ways to track success, online resources, dealing with stress, and how to deal with temptation. McBride, in addition to being a weight loss success story, is a professional writer and this book is an easy and enjoyable read.
Obesity and weight loss are complex issues and Just Stop Eating So Much! probably simplifies the process somewhat as the methods that worked for McBride probably won't work for everyone. A person has to find a plan that works best according to his/her unique situation and needs.
However, Gregg McBride's plan is based on solid nutrition, calorie restriction, and exercise along with some elements of dealing with emotional reasons for over-eating, so I think many would find success on the Just Stop Eating So Much! plan and will be able to relate to Gregg McBride's story as well as be inspired by his success.