there are always some guests were

June 05 [Wed], 2013, 12:01
[text] the eighty-sixth chapter problems - Gu Shen that sentence is thought J ì Shen Yanshi girl, don't know why she is with a child, instead of two adults, he suddenly remembered from their familiar East Fort, where killing is both the means and the end, simple and direct. Zhong Heng back to the north of the city government, iron cold front led the disciples still to "wall" settled, he than usual to drink more, see more people, Gu Shen to sit on while listening to the news in succession. Xu Xiaoyi claimed in Nancheng who all know him, don't seem to leave, everyone called him "little devil", "boy", "small spring beans" a class name, but no one found him and smoke micro drop, two siblings in Nancheng disappeared, around ten miles within the country no similar body. "It's strange, in Nancheng, is two ants can escape the eyes of these men." At midnight, news people gradually less, iron cold pressed glass, the more confused about the matter. "Maybe they hid in the north of the city." Gu Shen to think this is the only explanation. "I expected, but both of them, a thief and a j female, not qualified to enter the north of the city, and the gates of the record is checked, no unknown source or origin people into the north of the city." Gu Shen is seen north of the city guard, to each import must register the name, the collection of weapons, not even a Jinpeng Fort killer, the brother and sister want to blend in really not easy. "Unless they were burnt to ashes, there will always be found." Tie Hanfeng finished the sentence, fill a mouthful of wine,Coach Bags Online, I sleep, he never moved, at least Gu Shen is never seen him lying in bed. Gu Shen for meditation, leave, look at the drinkers to stumble along to have dizzy spells fall, silently counting the time, Nancheng no watchman this occupation, he reckoned up four more, rose. What are you doing. Iron cold snore stop, with eyes closed and asked. "A breath." Gu Shen is out of the pub, driving in a circle, from another Gap Town, casually walked a few blocks, confirm behind unmanned tracking, went straight to the left lane. The guests had a drink from CH á o, buy ch ū n guests just meet, out of a gentle Township, has fully satisfied or contented,oakley sunglasses store, a secretive, they want to take a home before dawn, maybe we can find a reason to deal with home censure. Gu Shen was once again to touch the waist without handle, deeply be left with nothing whatsoever of irritability and restlessness. After walking a group of guests, left lane finally temporarily subsided, the house lights a lamp extinguished, there are always some guests were eventually "left". Gu Shen to stand outside the few house, next to the corner, observation of smoke and Shen Yanshi's house, before a and no light, only in front of a lighted lantern, the building was dark. A quarter of an hour later, Gu Shen is the cat waist quickly went to the Shen Yanshi house door, the door is not locked, as if waiting for his arrival. He gently pushed the door, pattern and opposite here is almost the same as the house, he walked to the back door,Air Jordan Store, it will also push into unlocked, it cautiously without any noise upstairs. No servant figure, probably been sent away. The door of the bedroom is virtual >
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