The settlement of the LED table light (part two)

June 13 [Fri], 2014, 17:11
Develop first, and then set standards, will it works? Shanghai ENT Hospital REMEDIES pointed out that eye unlike the natural environment which can pollution first and then control, once the eye is compromised; it is a basically irreversible lifelong regret. Industrial development, irrational run is destined to wrestling. The dairy industry has low standards in exchange for rapid expansion, a result of the melamine incident ruined off the reputation of the entire industry, more and more people are worried, LED table lamp should not be the next one!

"Probably a few years ago in the domestic market has imported around 1,000 units of equipment, local government grants 10 million for each, every place wants its industry grow well, this aggressive behavior causing sudden up a lot of business, technical level is not too high, what do put it to rot. The national level, for the quality, technical barriers to entry, it should set some standards. "

For the blue LED overflow, Lighting Research Institute of Fudan University Shan side believes that this problem is not insurmountable, the development of low color temperature of products to enhance the secondary light distribution can significantly reduce the hazard. He said the priority is to do two things; the state should develop mandatory standards as soon as possible, and use the suggestions given by experts.

"Using a term that is color temperature, you are a little low color temperature; composition will be a little less blue. Former Chairman of the International Commission on Illumination, he did some research results, with a low color temperature light indoors, like incandescent, and there seems yellow light. It requires LED with a relatively high quality, one is more expensive, a device is better, and it is still relatively safe. Those cool white LED it, with 6000K color temperature, is not very suitable for indoor use. You also need to consider the energy for lamp.”
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