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February 12 [Wed], 2014, 9:42
Having recently embarked on what proved to be a successful social media campaign, I am now finding myself increasingly exposed to what appear to be 'social media charlatans' that seem to not only have an incredibly high opinion of themselves for unbeknown reasons, but also seem to believe that their アグ ugg worth as a professional is solidified simply by dropping buzz-words in to every other sentence. Whilst it is without doubt that social media オーストラリアアグ is the “new kid on the block” in terms of internet marketing; it is with almost the same level of confidence that it can be stated that social media cannot be measured in the traditional metrics that we are familiar with, such as: ROI, increased traffic and sales. It is a completely new, but incredibly fertile ground to explore. So where exactly does my gripe lie? Well, almost as soon as an industry or industry sector springs up, there immediately appear a vast number of silver-tongued operators proclaiming themselves to be experts, and social media proves to be of little difference. Through weeks of research and meetings I've encountered hundreds of people who believe that their reputation in the social media sphere is validated by the use of key-phrases like “brand-engagement”, “comprehensive social media strategy”, “user-generated content”, “widget” be honest the list is almost endless so I'll stop here. Yet what they lack is substance.Buzz words - whilst alluring to the untrained - do nothing to put forward a case for suitability of hiring. In one particular meeting that went on for approximately two hours, not one single case-study was shown. Buzz-words flowed freely amongst sales pitches, yet not one example of what they did or how it was done was shown. No link to a Twitter feed nor a Facebook page in sight. The most recent campaign that I've launched to date (27th Sept2010) has been for PriceRunner on Facebook. I've managed to grow the page from 0 to 10,000+ in a few months whilst staying hugely under-budget. The page can be found here. Without giving too much away, the advice I'd like to アグブーツ impart is to offer up some form of prize that relates to what the company lists – everyone likes competitions. Do not spam people's feeds with every offer under the sun; if you find a really worthwhile offer then post it and see how well it is received by monitoring the interactions with it. Fully utilise relevant forums to achieve as much exposure as possible, but again, don't spam. The key element here is to really give your brand a voice – distinguish it from the noise of your competitors, and above all don't spam! I appreciate that this entry is somewhat short and far from being comprehensive, but hopefully I've given a small insight into how I think social media should evolve as more of a brand-building exercise. The best way that this can be achieved is through giving a brand a personality and enabling your customers / users to interact with the company through its' personality.To be honest, I do not see myself as a “social media expert”, and nor do I wish to be viewed as one. Whilst I am able to design, build and execute successful strategies I see it as another string to add to my bow; one that needs to be in used in conjunction with an existing and broad skillset (usability, traditional web-marketing, content production etc) in order to achieve success.
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