Good Rift Dungeons

August 11 [Mon], 2014, 18:01
These "Tier 1" dungeons are tinkered for level 50 characters. Before going into these dungeons it truly is proposed you have as considerably of your gear available that you can potentially get at level 50 with out running these dungeons. These dungeons are undoubtedly not a push in excess of and will demand your group to not merely have the suitable gear but a popular comprehending of game mechanics and class unique roles. These dungeons will be the actual identical as once you leveled up but with tweaks to create the game play come to feel distinctive.
Here are some rift mining leveling guide

Rift Professional Dungeon Checklist (Tier one)

Realm with the Fae (level: 50+) ¨C Silverwood
Iron Tomb (degree: 50+) ¨C Freemarch
The Foul Cascade (level: 50+) ¨C Scarlet Gorge
King's Breach (level: 50+) ¨C Scarwood Reach
Fall of Lantern Hook (level: 50+) ¨C Droughtlands

If you're utilised to playing WoW, you had better find a rift mining mapthen you definitely will realize the standard / heroic procedure. If you have not played WoW, then the version of these dungeons are tweaked to offer degree 50 players a larger challenge in return for greater loot. These dungeons share a 1 day lockout and also have at least 3-4 bosses in each and every. The first time doing these expert level dungeons will get some discovering. Depending on your group will establish how lengthy it's going to take to complete. The terrific issue about these specialist dungeons is they drop the goods wanted to suit your needs to take part in 5-man ?Expert?± Rifts which can offer you and your get together accessibility to much better loot and see many rift mining locations.
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