December 22 [Fri], 2006, 10:35
Hi! Everybody,
I think numerous students already finished their semester!
Some of them are not yet!
I came to school to cling to my study today, because I wasn't delighted at my grades. .. ;( so I want to catch up with my classmates.. ..

I've known that I don't have sufficient skills yet, that's why when I have time now, I can concentrate on studying:) .. . Don't want end up excuce too.

Cheer me up!!


December 21 [Thu], 2006, 5:33
Hi! How have you been? I have a favorite cookie:) It is a jinger cookie! One of my good friend gave it to me:) I always emphasize how I like it is! I know I'm getting fat, it's gradually big crisis. .. ..besides, I'm tired of hearing all the times! haha! What's your favorite food? :D

American Cellphone 

December 20 [Wed], 2006, 16:55
Hi! How're you?
This is my callphone in the U.S. How thin it is!, and very light!
American is not behind the times, too isn't it?, but Japanese cellphone is by far the best that I knew already:)

The only thing is Americans have a very good system; after 9pm, and every weekends are free!!
At this time, I am willing to talk on the cellphone.
Japasene cellphone should do it by all means.
What do you think? I think it is worth trying.

post office 

December 20 [Wed], 2006, 13:18
I went to the post office nearby my apartment. There was very, very long line. I couldn't belive it again!
Actually, I have gone there since yesterday.
I could not stand 21 people(I counted :P*) were on line because I only called for a 10 cents stamp.. ..!

Then, I did something. .. what do you think?? I burted into asking someone already could buy NEXT.

Me: "Could you buy me a 10 cents stamp?"
Guy: "Sure, I can. :)"

I was kind of lucky wasn't I?
It was by far better than be on line to buy for only a 10 cents stamp!
I should try once :D***


December 20 [Wed], 2006, 6:19
In New York City, I think most people can imagine that there are very, very high buildings!
It is actually ture, but we do also have brick style of apartments.
The flor is only 4 or 5th, and walk-up. These kind of apartments are usually in Brooklyn area, as a whole. There is only 10 to 15 minites from Manhattan by the subway! It is very close to Manhattan, isn't it???
If you go, you would not see any high buildings there, at all:D

As for in Brooklyn, some areas are very modern. I do report before long!

Thanks for reading!

Who is this? 

December 20 [Wed], 2006, 4:23
After midnight, someone pushed my apartment's buzzer.
Then, I thought that someone he/she'd been doing this, by mistake.

I have a roommate who went out, so I didn't answer that ring, but after a while, someone kept pushing the bell, again and again.

Then, I'd thought it may be my roommate.. .., thinking. .
Wait a minit, she knows my cellphone number. (I'm cautious ;( . .. )
. . .I decided to answer that,

Me :"Who is this????. .. (in this night)"
Guy :". .. . Is K (my roommate) here?"
Me :"no, she's not here. ."
Guy :"ok."
Me :"Do you wanna leave a message to her?"
. . . .
I guess he left-

I think he is her boyfriend, but I'm not impressed by him.
He's never said "hi" to me. That's so.

Night view 

December 19 [Tue], 2006, 14:53
Hi! There!
Thank you for reading my blog again:) I want to shere with a beatiful view of Manhattan tonight, at all costs.
... .Can you see a picture.;D*?? This night vew is as horizontal as if there were lengthlness.
It is independent of special Christmas time's illumination, just daily night View:D+ in the city!!
Have a good night.

from New York City. *;D 

December 18 [Mon], 2006, 11:17
Hi! everybody!!
Welcome to my blog in English*:)
I live in New York city now. I think majority of people are very interested in this city. I'm a student, and pretty busy with stuck of assignments, but I would love to report many realistic things from here!

Visitors are always welcome.

It has not been snowing here, New York City yet, but it's likely to snow soon!

from the left side of bottom;
my first blog :) / URL /comment コメント(0) / truckback トラックバック(0)
Thank you so much :D
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