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May 16 [Thu], 2013, 17:01
> Eater large array is arranged, Ji Yaoguang flew next to the light yellow jade hand tactics played a Road, began offering training refining unknown piece of jade, dialects fled to the streamer wing restore the soul. Just added a piece of pure spirit energy, the spirit of the dialect has long been successful, but not so pure before swallowed soul ghost forces, but also impurities refining off the job, if possible, the dialect would prefer this group to The forces returned in spirit Ghost Soul Eater array, but unfortunately has now combines and his spirit. Dialect careful not wrong, not an hour, the dialect perceive someone broke into this space, Eater at the moment a big fuss, but when found and the original dialect, was just a small, uninhabited control matrix method, dialect worth mentioning, when two monks or are still building a base repair of, they can come and go in the battle, in which the soul ghost only their enemy, nothing methodicalness, even the soul of beads are dialects charged Now, with the control of the dialect, to enhance the power of more than several times. Such a large array, even if a few saver monks broke into dialect is also confident enough to kill, but for now is not to face saver monk, but a monk of the Yuan Ying, culling is certainly impossible for the However, by virtue of array to deal with some or can. Shinto and India entered the space, they found a sight, original Reiki overflowing space, at the moment it is chilly wind blowing,Jordan UK sale, the slightest chill came from the front. But India Shinto is not pushed the magic weapon into the array, looked a lot exploration, outgoing soul a message: "dialect, you must already know I came here, do you think depend on mere array method will be able to get in my way. "dialect has long escape from the streamer wing out, of the preparatory pushed matrix method to deal with each other, did not expect to receive the printed Shinto messaging information, what does this mean, do not would like to put down their arms and surrender not? Dialect probed Yaoguang, she was in full swing refining a piece of light yellow jade do not know all the things around them, it touches on their own very ah. The the dialect music was dragged Time: Indian God predecessors, the younger generation do not want to ah, it is compelling. "" What compelling, not is Yung-ho little affairs, as long as you come out at the moment, I will promise you, this thing written off. "dialect, India Shinto people do not know much, to hear dialect tone seems to be loose, and immediately said. "The older generation may not know, I and the cases do not just volume Koichi ah." Not very clear the Shinto mind in India, the dialect now be able to drag one o'clock is temporary, and will be printed Shinto gab. "Huh? Yung-ho, there are other festivals?" "Yeah, that Wu Xiong also because I destroyed the flesh." Wu Xiong? Are you that old servant said Yung sea? He is not my seal edge cases , Yung sea fallen for many years, no one will find you the trouble of India Shinto even so willing to explain, but it is the dialect more surprised when Yuan Ying monks became so to speak, careful exploration of , the dialect finally found a trace of clues, India Shinto trying to hide, but still showing a hint of fatigue, Is the monk Yuan Ying has long been a paper tiger? Monk Yuan Ying repair of printed Shinto, how could expose the tired look, even if a little tired, before a saver monks, then why hide almost instantaneously dialect come to India Shinto just battle and others and consume less than other people, he did not want to break the own Eater large array, but Xinyou strong enough, or is not afraid of this large array, but fear to enter the tower in the world. Thought here, dialect heart calmed down, as long as they can onto the Yaoguang light yellow jade Shijiazhuang Refining-Chemical grasp around the ban, even if only to grasp a small part of their own will be able to converge and several brother, when the time is printed Shinto recovered completely, what fear. The Shinto of India did not expect two sentences dialect guessed so much so, you know, he is certainly one not directly reached the array. "Indian God predecessors, not just Wu Xiong, Yong Hao's mother Zhou and the next hatred, even if the seniors do not care about her, how will miss the next younger cultivation and Zhou comparable, but the younger generation are a tribe scattered repair, where Dide Guo expensive cases sect force. "After listening to the dialect, printed Shinto heart cursed, let the sea had wanted you, wanted for several years and have not seen what you have to lose, but rather repair from the beginning Lianqi Cengceng rose saver, even in the sealing edge cases is the generation of genius, when saw we thee afraid, but before Zhou body Nalv peach miasmic indeed possible and this kid, able to charge the refined peach miasmic monks, Shinto and India in addition to Zhou, also never heard of. Strand of peach miasmic the even printed Shinto have to fear, dialect control peach miasmic approach he desperately wants something, husband taolin the numerous peach miasmic can poison a monk Yuan Ying things, if they can receive refining their strength at least 30%. It is also printed Shinto did not immediately one of the reasons for the kill, dialect front instead of setting a matrix method, Shinto and India do not mind the dialect captured then cast Souhun surgery, they need to find the Dharma directly, chosen but a little while, the dialect they laid out a big fuss. Even if did not go in, India Shinto also know that this large array power is not small, not what harm, if they are not consumed strength, printed Shinto not this matrix method on the eyes, but why, just a fight consumed more than half of Mana. Think of it, printed Shinto is a burst of tightness, obviously just a saver monks, even successful did not reach the monks, with a strange shenfa, even in front of their own support more than half an hour, and finally his escape, and good piece of jade is not refining, and just leave here, the body of the jade tablets will be pagoda recover his refinery that small part of the energy will also return to jade. India God had just returned Yung-ho there, we heard the Yung-ho and in refining jade, do not think the Indian God also know that this man is Ji Yao Guang, as long as there is no a few monk Yuan Ying, even a dialect for India Shinto has no effect. Yuan Ying repair, you want such as dialect it was, as they complement one Yun Ling San least all the magic powers, it is already impossible, the monk Yuan Ying Mana added to the consummation of the spiritual solution immortality are goodly portion days material to treasure, even if the value of a spirit than these things, printed Shinto just thrown into his mouth two immortality, there is no recovery will be directly driven over, dialect, say you are also considered number two, the original But Lianqi will be able to kill Yung-ho and Zhou battle, should just build the base, went so far as Zhou Yu a saver monks eat dark loss, Nalv peach miasmic I've seen, I can help week Jade extract in vitro enclosed in a spirit of Lei among Unfortunately, Zhou also fallen, do not know the rocket Ling Lei whom went, but things between you and she also forget, if you do not trust, I can take you as a disciple, the entire sealing edge cases, in addition to the two elders Yuan Ying, then the number of your seniority, I, no one dares to find you the trouble. "" I would like to thank the printed predecessors kindness of God, such as Yao Guang Lian of this piece of jade, the younger generation worship into the older sects also not a bad idea. "dialect he spoke the words, while thought, it seems to kill Zhou, the sealing edge cases do not know, dialect naturally not silly to admit this kind of thing, I am afraid that this black mark against abjection monks who bear up. This time, Shinto and India people do not know where dialect is a perfunctory or even playing with her, my heart was furious: "dialect Do you really think with a matrix method, strands of Poisoner few Ling Lei will be able to against the Yuan Ying? since ungrateful, then do not blame me you're welcome. "If Ji Yao Guang Yu Shijiazhuang Refining-Chemical, that this trip Qibushibai to clearly printed Shinto, On the refinery speed, Yung-ho ray the residual soul than the absolute However the Ji Yaoguang a virtual brother Dan, the moment no longer hesitate to directly resorted to magic,Jordan 3 Shoes, is not that the famous Indian monument of God, but rather an annular magic,Air Jordan Superfly UK Sale. Spinning flew high into the sky, the light has fired, the entire Soul Eater array enveloped them. Array dialect surprised, Spirit? However, the atmosphere of this magic wand is very strange, though vaguely spirit Vaillant, but not the power of the Spirit, does the fakes? (Thanks to 'small Rui ROI' a reward support) <
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