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> \ "how did you come?" "Why can not I come?" "Charlotte and Kerr repartee puzzling, but had the presence of people can understand what they mean. WWw.QUanBEN.CoM (fastest updates Fiction station) at this time of the incident, as the most direct responsibility for people, Charlotte is cute in Denver do not say hate, but it is almost cute to hide so-called high society, almost no one is more friends man appeared. nobody wants something to do with him at this time what the relationship Kerr as well known Chinese laborers who had been held hostage over hapless children captives, one should not even been dating with Charlotte Because Charlotte, only the things that they were not caught? but he happens to come. "We now are not run. So I have to ...... "Kerr wasted no time, sit down, began to explain his purpose in coming to Charlotte. Magistrates now looks bad, very bad time. Although now everyone's attention Charlotte, this is only focused on the mayor's body. However, as a judge on the U.S. law steeped in a long time Kerr has realized his troubles, he was a judge, and he will award up an illegal laborers the death penalty. Yes, that is illegal, although he really and actually in court, after a statutory procedures carried out after the fishes Guo Zhang judgment, in accordance with U.S. law, this verdict even been identified as inappropriate, or directly say is wrong, it will be overthrown, he is only the judges bear some responsibility, it is difficult to receive more criticism. However, that really is illegal, although he now knows there are few people who break the law. Guo Zhang has been framed for the arson murder, but that is false. ............... There is nothing and that was something the police The police framed for others, create false evidence, looking for false witnesses, none of his pishi? being a judge, he was just a step- work he carried out in accordance with the meaning of the judgment in Charlotte. ............... This is nothing. judge's decision by the external influence is widespread. mention magistrates, if it is the chief officer ** "That is the completely influenced by political influence, but it would seemingly impartial. His court, the defense lawyer did not directly help to defend the accused pleaded guilty. ............... This is nothing. He just judge, not a lawyer, it is the responsibility of defense counsel. He is not advised at best. After being held hostage, Zydrunas and Angelo were forced to come up with their cattle and horse ranch, and was used as laborers who attack citizens of Denver and Denver tool, causing enormous casualties and destruction. ...,Air Jordan Outlet, ......... Which is even more nothing. He just judge, no other property. This cattle and horses that are not his. He just judge "in addition to the court to make a judgment, nothing in the usual basic rights, the governor Grant will not be because he was very good relationship with Charlotte what the next killer, not to mention the killer or across the system, it is easy to violate U.S. people taboo if leaked message "Grant is likely to be forced to become extinct from the political arena. "But we all know that we have done in the end." "Administrative and judicial system in collusion, which is taboo for Americans! Start to finish, from top to bottom of the taboo! Thank George Washington, Adams about z , Thomas Jefferson these America's Founding Fathers, from the outset, they established the principle of separation of powers, and the unwavering execution, making it one hundred years, the United States down to form an extremely strong Cognitive: State legislative executive and judicial powers must separately by the parliament, government, the courts independently exercise mutual restraint so as to ensure a balance of power special, otherwise inevitably lead country into chaos. U Point So, even if not legally What is too much serious consequences, however, as long as some people in this regard by the hint of suspicion "will be very difficult to have any of these two systems as, is more likely that will forever be excluded from these two outside the system. "I finally became a magistrate, I do not want to lose this child work.." "Is just for your work?." "Of course, in order to work, is that really enough?." "This ........., ...." Seems to be quite enough. Just a child working Bale. Charlotte really not very confident Kerr argument. Work, but the work of a child magistrates, it is worth Kerr at this time to continue with their contacts? "Maybe these people in your work seems a child and nothing. Magistrates even retired, you can also have a lot of roads to find treatment work better. Yet, you simply do not think about how hard it is ... ......, ... after all, this is Denver "is not the east. "" "I do not understand." "Fei Hana very sheepishly said." In fact, I, too ...... "Charlotte fact Kerr arrival am very pleased," and even a little bit of excitement . After all, he has not been completely abandoned, at least he still has an ally, although the ally just a judge can give his help is limited. But the same "these days, or so he could not help what happened from a hint of wariness ............... Kerr in his contacts with the situation, magistrates temporary relief loyalty is not what people like." East, I Even if such a person is to resign, you can get a good job. Because there are many opportunities for "I can go to those big companies to act as legal advisers, they can even open your own law firm," because I know the mentality of those judges, know how to win the lawsuit, there will certainly be many people come to me . But that was in the east, in those developed areas, but I am not a good lawyer ...... "Here, Kerr could not help but sigh, if not because it was in Boston having failed, he then why bother to go Denver come? "I know you're not a good lawyer, but you can go to when counsel ah ......" Charlotte Road. "I said, here is the Denver ......" Kerr almost wanted to bite this guy pounced one: "My dear Mr. Mayor, do you think the city which need legal advisers do? "." This ................ "Yes ah, here is Denver, Charlotte came to understand, but can not help but smile a cry for the Kerr. One before, but tens of thousands of people of the city, across the pastures and the slaughterhouse, have a strong western culture contaminated with Examples of legal means to solve the problem is almost not visible. Who needs what counsel? "You do not necessarily need to stay in Denver ......" Fei Hana help to worry about competition from Kerr in the future, "you can go to other places ah. "" "But I have said previously, I'm not a good lawyer." 'The woman is not good to get angry, Kerr consider themselves still have so little style, "In fact, since my law license Canal Road that day count on, I took a total of only seven cases, and without exception, all lost! . "" So you have to keep the office of a judge? . "Charlotte asked." Yes. (Read the novel on to the leaf · You ~ You YZ I absolutely can not lose this job, because without a job, then I will have nothing. "" Kerr replied solemnly. Task, all in order to work. "But you know, I actually can not do anything." "Charlotte spread his hands," Even if there is your help, "I can not do anything you after all, just a judge.". "Yes, I Judge for those of you politicians, our help is small. However, this is different. Charlotte, I brought you an opportunity a chance ...... against the governor, "Kerr took a deep breath "" great opportunity ...... "" I do not like to joke ...... "against the governor? Charlotte suddenly felt his heart almost out of the chest. revolt governor ......... These days, he almost was Grant pressure breathless child came. either from a young age to remain propped breath today, he probably could not help but to sign for so long a statement, and then became governor loyal lackeys, and in the day and then That guy was kicked over this, however, Kerr is just a place to judge, he went against what the governor? "Minuteman!." Kerr know that Charlotte did not believe their abilities, so it does not sell anything off the child, directly put dig out their own answers. "militia?" "Fei Hana puzzled," and how the militia? "" "in accordance with the law, Colorado militia is a unified command of the governor by Grant ......" Kerr sneered, "however, is that these governors' command, the militia, brutally murdered dozens of Chinese people, and it has been such a stimulus because those Chinese people would Denver launched a bloody revenge. ..., ......... So, the governor must be held responsible for this! "" 083, "according to reconnaissance, those yellow people moving to southern escape jump. goal may be Gunnison." "In Camden Town after a day of rest, Jacob led his militia once again set off. slowness by day, "it has not been done right with him, but no longer as previously Capt. Matthew then always against him, because Jacob told his own tactical objectives: that is so in the back Slowly drop significantly, wait till this Chinese people off guard, "that no one behind to catch up time, and then suddenly attack, in one fell swoop destroy it. Mathew agrees, because, when he was in Camden Town asked the hapless police, they pursued the goal is not to know a group of naked guys, those Chinese who have more than two hundred pieces of at least five hundred pairs of two hundred guns ........., seemingly absolute dominance, however, Captain President does not want to pay too much casualties. "They will not go to Gunnison, at most, just to go around." "Hear Matthew's report," Jacob replied casually. "how do we do? still slowly followed?. "Matthew asked." Yes,. "Jacob Road." that keep up to what time? '"Matthew asked." not too long. then this Chinese talent has just escaped from Denver A few days later, as a general human psychology, they are now certainly is both excited and nervous, but never let your guard down, because they know they are right now the environment ............ "" Jacob smiled, " They are everywhere around whites, at any time, you may encounter a variety of attacks. "." This I agree ...... "Matthew nodded," But I still want to be able to complete the task earlier, after all , Mr. Governor still waiting for our results ...... "" Let him go and so good. their lives and not him. "" Jacob disdain Leng Heng said. "..., ......, ...." Matthew shrugged and said nothing. Jacob discontent against the governor did not hide from the outset, and never afraid of people know, he said nothing else. "It seems I guess right. they have been let back in with superfluous. "Colorado's militia on the prairie like a slow moving real fast, and always with the team in front of Chinese laborers to maintain a certain distance and this distance is about one hundred to two hundred miles between seemingly have this far, but for all the cavalry them, but that is only a few hours of forced march, there is nothing, however, including the military, including Jacob experienced,Nike Air Jordan, all white militia did not expect, on their side of the trunk, about two miles away The one bushes, is someone secretly looked at them. "M, and this continues not ah." "" So I put it diverted northward as long as attention to something, they will certainly think of one thirty, we will able distance, then get rid of them gave chase.. "is still Guo Li A student chapters. although the two wrong way, you can detect this sort of thing but still able to escape the fate of cooperation. Guo Zhang is really worried about other people's temperament and ability are just a few days ago a group of laborers, which knows what it takes to scout "What they need to scout? And Lee A student is worried Guo Zhang, although this guy does not look pleasing to the eye, but he must admit that sometimes is everyone Guo Zhang The backbone, no matter what the situation this guy can always find a way out, while this guy take advantage of people do not pay attention if the case ran, their battalion team composed entirely of Chinese laborers will definitely mess up, to the time, did not this come up with ideas it's hard to say what the trouble and he is afraid of what Guo Zhang casually say this reconnaissance, then in order to achieve "ulterior" purposes ............ After all, this is a cunning peasant style. trust you, all of unconditional trust, you do not believe you're picking up pieces from the ground soil nook, he would wonder if there is not a good thing hidden. "also northward? does not say that the case was discovered, that tantamount right time? "" Then how do you say now? "Lee A student opposition has long been expected, Guo Zhang bother care about him:" This group of whites have at least four or five hundred, is our twice more, if cross-fire to our wins and basically is zero. "" What are they afraid? across a two hundred years, the top speed to shake off as long as they do not let the line? "Lee A Health said." let me see again Come with me Uncle money. "Guo Zhang white at him," You will only silly people at full speed in the back dawdle? "" discovered, then what? Let Xianpao! "their wrong again? Is not it? Lee A Health not convinced. how himself in front of Guo Zhang said nothing right? "Xianpao is Xianpao, how can you go first? And, as long as we a speed that these whites as long as not a fool, will immediately know that they are found of you will be so slow that they do? put it plainly, this is tantamount to forcing them to you as soon as possible with our fight. "Guo Zhang asked back." grips grips, a few people are fighting to clean up, and afraid of them that four five hundred numbers? "Lee A student angry." You are not afraid I'm afraid. "Guo Zhang and poke the bushes looked away," We have so many people died of the brothers and then I do not want any injuries. "" ............ how do you say? "Yes, his brother's life premium, can not just foolhardy Lee A student reaction over quickly in Denver, when more than four hundred brothers: out of Denver, leaving only more than two hundred, there are over seventy deaths have been identified, it is then not afford any casualties, so whites can not fight with these, you can not fight. "They go and talk talk talk talk t money." " discuss? discuss Gesha? quickly ran. "came behind with a white militia, twice the number of their own. Guo Li A student chapters back, this is terrible news immediately spread among the laborers. actually do not spread, it is so little people,Oakley Oil Rig clearance, big voice was a little rough, we all know the results, everyone tense up, the same, most people are also more determined to escape the idea of ​​accelerating the south, while the idea of it is natural to get the money SUMEEKO, as well as Guo Zhang's strong opposition. "can not just escape." "They're not too close away from us, go ahead, the total can all share." There laborers so called. Results , who speak no feeling, who like him the idea of ​​Lee A student there this blush, however, although some embarrassment, Li A raw but still out for the man explained: "can not escape if we accelerate fled south, and that those whites not how long you will find. others are cowboys, horse dude than we cooked, a two hundred years away simply nothing. they have four or five hundred people, just behind to catch up, we will immediately have drowned. "" Then how do? "Zhao Dachang frowned," implying also a war with them? "" not play. "Lee A student shook his head," playing it, we can not speak of win, win and how even like? they have many brothers casualties? we can afford to lose it? "" right justified. those of us who managed to escape from Denver, it is again not afford a loss of. "Hou Nan sadly said. never experienced Chinese laborers who perhaps did not feel so deep, but they are that this witness has seen that over seventy companions dead but had divorced a few people know the kind of feeling the heart bite children what it is. "Neither let those whites found and do not talk to them to play ......... then how do? This is not a difficult man? "Jane Wang cried." Gold how do you see? "Qian Shi Guo Zhang a German glanced, asked." On the way back, I A student with a bit together, we are now about three way. "Guo Zhang held out three fingers," The first is that I said earlier, stop south, diverted northward, surprise, get rid of tracking! "" This said, we do not speak first, second it? "Liu Tong Fuk asked." Second, divide our forces. everyone is scattered and fled. we now probably have nearly 400 horses, but only over two hundred Keren No. So, sending a small group of people, holding an empty horse with you diverge, in order to lure whites that this divide our forces. bring their forces scattered, difficult to break on the whole we pose little threat, but This one also has a disadvantage that even if the enemy is to divide our forces, we are also better than fewer people, and, to do so would also have great potential to find the enemy, in case regardless of whether they are aligned with one of our first conducted a chase, let's still difficult to escape. "" That I do not choose this. too dangerous. more dangerous than the north. "Han tiger cried." Third it? "Chu four asked again." Article ... "...... Guo Zhang looked at the crowd one last stop to look at Jason Lee's face:" A raw, you say. "" I? ............ "It's time to refuse to work, what people thing! Lee A student could not help want to stare at the Guo Zhang glances that so many people are staring at her, he had no alternative, only the opening: "This third way is to play ......... <
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