Joan just want to rely on the army to attack

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> Chapter XXVII Joan LORI very powerful Mineierdai squatting on the ground watching carefully fed the drug kitten. Www! QUaNBEN! COM Corbin hugged from behind nuns sat down on a chair, he more like this action, compared to Isabella's bodybuilding, Mineierdai of ** was amazing, but that is not heavy, Joan of Arc was induced with the kind jīng seems believe it may break up the feeling is different, soft bubblegum takes as wantonly into his mouth to chew can change shape. "I will soon leave Tours return north." Surprised Mineierdai strongly opposed Corbin left Tours, now is the competing interests, he hastily left not exactly put a lot of benefits sent Joram Germany it! "I can not put my men and others are thrown in the north no matter ..." "Do you want all the benefits of our hard did you get to the other person do?" Mineierdai Corbin's asked to make a silence, Current best practice is to stay home with the sudden rise of Neville's influence to win over rival noble deputies with Yolande,Outlet Coach, but Corbin can not. He said: "Charles They are also a force to be reckoned with, I was able to secure their Biyuelande have an inherent advantage, to say to win delegates, I am not as good as Yolande, you know, she's Networking is very large. "best of both worlds approach is not without, after a night of discussion, Corbin decided to soldier on the outside with dignity, even if they control the parliament Yolande also need to focus on the views from the army, and now no one than Corbin made a more appropriate representative of the armed forces. Parliament deputies ignored here, do not let the presence of Neville family, Mineierdai with Neville home in Tours general activities as usual. Knights of the collar part of the manpower will be deployed inside to come and help, the best is to Sant Rye royal guard to complement expansion in the name of the Knights of internal staff go in, under control Zhezhi most critical army. Yolande decided so in Tours France with representatives of all sides of the fight, leaving Tours Corbin ask the former residence of countess Charolais went there trip. Charolais Countess of Anjou wife lived in the vicinity. Corbin pair is inappropriate to continue riding bumpy, he can walk all the way past. Early in the morning of Tours, on the street no one, touches pub a fiery, Sant Rye conscription should be created a lot of movement. Corbin alley in front of Charolais Countess lingered for a long time. He was very depressed, nuns relationship with Isabella nonadjustable very headache, coupled with a clear impression of the Countess of him, and he even does not know how to solve! Are we going to help things along? No kidding, I'm sorry I will not speak Isabella, Countess of Charolais is itself but also by her husband. Keerbinsi before thought, the only bite the bullet home, he was the countess's steward go sit in the room sat a small half. Maintenon Na is hiding next to the side while peeking harm blush. She received the duchess day messenger'll catch the past, what is anxious thought things, and then she found Anjou Mrs. actually create opportunities for her, Maintenon Na spot drilling a hole in the ground almost gone , but after hearing heavy Corbin badly hurt, she could not help but took Corbin's head, put it in your lap. She had feelings for Corbin is built on the nuns to confuse and show off psychologically, but a familiar face at the sight of that grew after, you want to develop a plan for her lover even more firmly Maintenon Na her thoughts. Corbin eye injuries make this from the beginning of his 13-year-old royal sister who knew him could not help older inner surging to kiss up. This is just great, between two kind of hazy affair be completely exposed, the men come to kill what you want to get hold of, dare shy woman hiding windows side peek. Countess with a dress made shirk urged in the fourth when the butler finally went out. An older royal sister, a show that just grow into a big boy. Stuffy in the reception room where two people are afraid to even put a fart. Countess ultimately do not think it will not dare to look at hospitality Corbin asked: "Your eyes still hurt it?" Maintenon Na yesterday gave up a kissing someone else, and now she was aware of She even did not know the specific circumstances of what is going on. "Not far away on the battlefield to the Burgundians shè an arrow, yesterday saw doctors, the doctor said as long as it will not be a big problem at ease and recuperate." Keerbinsa a small lie. "Yesterday ..." they invariably spoke. Corbin Qingke soon: "It is you first come on, I want to take care of his wife's feelings, uh, ladies first." Maintenon Na struggling for a while, and finally took courage. She went to the front Corbin, put him into her bosom embrace inside the chest across the hot breath of silk unstoppable, Maintenon Na covered while sāo heat. Puff puff ... This is the older sister royal chest pounding sound, Corbin gulped, the key moment is to come? "I grew up watching you grow can be considered a person, right ..." said the countess to opening a mistake because he was nervous. "In your 13 years old, I also vaguely remember that time you look ..." Countess because of confusion and mistake again. "But now, you have changed ..." Maintenon Na finds himself in nonsense, she simply fight it! "I was not destined to do your most intimate companion in this life, but even if you hold as your special loved ones, I will take care of you, love you." Maintenon Na I thought I was so understood that he should also understand it. Corbin seems to really understand. Excitement mess. "So you want to be my sister ah!" Maintenon Na did not listen carefully to hear an excited I agreed and said: "ah!" "Ha?" "Great, I've always wanted a sister! So from today onwards, you're my sister! "Keerbinsi before thought after the end or not sent a good card but the fool sent out a sister card. A trip to Tours, Corbin harvest a sister. Followed his departure there is an emergency levy taxes 6,400 Riffle silver and four hundred royal guards, seven hundred Tours City residents, more than six thousand tax on banks not out of the city to pay for the first two thousand spent These people's payments. There is also a companion pass northward by Tours city represents scholars recommended the use of silver as an oversight duty, this man has a particularly strong German flavor's name, he called Mark? Avery Ute. The city also came a few knights, is the best-equipped called An Qier? Ryan Knight, two horses, three squire accompanied shield, knight sword, lance equipped with everything complete, and the first line of the worst guy Only one horse, equipment or cheaper chainmail, weapon is a sword and a shield,Coach Online Outlet, and he has a name of the Iberian peninsula, François? Orinoco Emde, human ancestors must have a lineage that place. Before leaving, Sant Rai to bring a Corbin is not very good news, we are all gathered in the conference hall to discuss that night, the city has dauphin's henchmen escaped over the wall outside, and then he Corbin had told this morning, Duke of Anjou Mrs. banished prince's personal attendants and consultants all around, but after it ordered at the trailing these people snatch them up. Corbin just hope they do not rush reactionary rebellion JiuJia storm set off a loyalist to do. Left bewildering storm center, the situation in the North of France is a clear, bright sunlight than the south, but in the dark of Tours yīn gas, North of Paris, although the final rì yīn cloud enveloped in an exuberant but rippling vitality. Because Frenchman suddenly find the British are not insurmountable, but they had more than one God sent hero, the flames of vengeance Gudang in people's hearts. French soldiers defeated again not waste, they are missing is that morale is to win the confidence, to know that in many of the British war, the French people are often the first collapsing down their self-esteem and confused. However,Nike Air Jordan 9 UK, the victory of the Battle of the Paris suburbs renewed their morale, Lolita and Corbin gave them confidence and morale, although this confidence wrapped with strong religious garb. Corbin The party left the army let them go back north Mann Theater dozens of people came to Paris, because of a few more people and a lot of money's sake, Corbin returned faster than a lot at night when starting. Back in Paris, he was surprised to see that the whole city into a state of extreme excitement. From where they were greeted by Dunois, Corbin learned the French army of existing military. Gunners head a little over two thousand knights, archers long before the expedition was not much compared to the number of changes, bow and arrow is also enough to play a Paris suburb battle, Knights Knights remaining 900 people. Knights of the expedition is not porters 5,800 is left for the four thousand one hundred people. France nobles men casualties little touches, a bloody battle down the number onto the scene since their four thousand remaining three thousand three hundred people, it touches those Corbin originally only going to do the legwork sauce congregation is not lost less, the current series of the French army in World War have enough troops Kankan eight thousand people. Joan just want to rely on the army to attack on all fronts. At the occasion of Corbin to worry incessantly, he saw eyebrows throughout the streets of the city of Paris in the street on the dirty feet toes buckle rogue, rogue. But few rì no, Corbin kind of exposure to the King of France come to realize the illusion of being in rogue nest, and these rogue staffing a weapon. "These people is how is it?" Corbin to Dunois asked. "These people are temporary recruit soldiers." Dunois said with a look of fear, he looked around the four weeks before the Corbin quietly tell him the truth. French army in preparing many as 8,000 people, but was actually up to four thousand temporary workers people. Aunt, uncle, hooligans, thugs, clergy, Corbin saw even pregnant to have a family and I came out. He disturbed and asked: "Do you go to pull the young men yet?" Distressed Dunois: "No, if we go to pull the young men how to pull even pregnant too?" Corbin think about is: "That's how the army there will be those pregnant women? "" rogue, beggars, thugs are Joan of Arc to curse over. those priests voluntarily join. those pregnant women, old man, ladies ... you did not find them any different with what other people ? "Dunois eye twitch, pointing to the street side of the French army in Paris temps are. "They are all Jews ..?" <
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